Study of 1 Samuel
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    In the period of transition from the judges to the kings, Samuel had the tremendous task of rebuilding the religious unity of the COI. Samuel seemed to have many roles: prophet, priest, judge & king. The basic message is that God rules in the lives of men and nations. In judgement and in blessing God works toward his goal---the preparation of a people for the coming Messiah.


I. The life and ministry of Samuel...............................1:1-7:17
 A. The birth and childhood of Samuel......................1:1-4:1a
 B. The capture and return of the ark........................4:1b-7:1
 C. The victory over the Phillistines............................7:2-17

II. The life and ministry of Saul...................................8:1-14:52
 A. Israel's request for a king.......................................8:1-22
 B. Political life of Saul..................................................9:1-12:25
 C. War of independence............................................13:1-14:52

III. The life and early ministry of David.................15:1-31:13
 A. Saul rejected by Samuel....................................15:1-35
 B. David anointed to be king.................................16:1-13
 C. David in the court of Saul.................................16:14-19:17
 D. David in exile........................................................19:18-31:13

Chapter 1(top)
1. What is the name of the man and his two wives that we are intoduced to?
2. What was the difference between the two wives?
3. Where did Elkanah go every year? why? who was there?
4. How did Elkanah feel about his wives?
5. Who was Hannah's adversary?
6. What vow did Hannah make? Who was watching?
7. What did Eli accuse Hannah of? why?
8. Did the Lord answer Hannah's prayer? What did she name her son? why?
9. What was Hannah waiting for ?
10. What did she take with her when she went to Shiloh?

Chapter 2(top)

11. Who did Samuel stay with?
12. What does it mean when it says Eli's sons were of Belial?
13. What were they doing wrong?
14. What did Hannah make Samuel each year?
15. What did the Lord do for Hannah?
16. What other evil things were Eli's sons doing?
17. What did Eli say to Hophni and Phineas?
18. Who is being referred to when the man of God talks about Eli's father?
19. What did the man of God prophesy?
20. Who is going to be the Lord's priest?

Chapter 3(top)

21. What does it mean the word of the Lord was precious in those days?
22. What had happened to Eli? what verse just prophesied this?
23. How many times did the Lord call Samuel? What did Eli tell him before the last  time?
24. What insight does vs 13 tell us about Eli's fathering abilities?
25. Did Samuel tell Eli his vision? 26.  What does vs. 19 mean when it said that none of Samuel's words fell to the  ground?
27. What did all of the COI realize?

Chapter 4(top)

28. Who did the COI go to war against?
29.  Who won the first battle? How many died?
30. What was the COI's plan?
31.  How did this affect the Phillistines?
32. Who won the second battle? How many casulaties? Who was among them? What  was captured?
33. How old was Eli? What happened when he heard about the ark? How long had he  judged Israel?
34. What was the name of Phineas's son?

Chapter 5(top)

35. What was the name of the Phillistine idol?
36. What happened to the idol?
37. What happened the second night?
38. What were the Phillistines smitten with?
39. What happened to every city that the ark came into?
40. What did they finally do with the ark?

Chapter 6(top)

41. How long did the Phillistines have the ark?
42. What was the trespass offerings that the Phillistines made and sent to the COI?
43. What did the Phillistines do with the ark and the offerings? why?
44. What did the Levites do when they saw it?
45. What did the Lord do to the people of Bethshemesh? why? how many?

Chapter 7(top)

46. Where was the ark taken? For how long?
47. What did Samuel tell the people?
48. What did God do to the Phillistines?
49. What does Ebenezer mean?
50. What was Samuel?

Chapter 8(top)

51. Who were Joel and Abiah? How did they act?
52. In verse 5 what does the COI demand? why?
53. What did Samuel warn them about?
54. Why did the COI want a king?

Chapter 9(top)

55. What is the name of the Benjamite introduced in verse 1?
56. Who is his son?
57. What were some of his characteristics?
58. What had Kish lost?
59. After looking for a while what became Saul's concern?
60. What did the servant say in response?
61. What did they decide to give to the man of God?
62. What did prophets used to be called?
63. Who was the seer in the city?
64. What did the Lord say about Saul?
65. How did Samuel treat Saul?

Chapter 10(top)

66. After they sent the servant ahead what did Samuel do and say to Saul?
67. What three signs did Samuel prophecy would happen to Saul?
68. Did Saul tell his uncle everything that had happened to him?
69. Where did Samuel gather the COI?
70. What did he say to them?
71. What tribe did he select? What family was taken? What man was taken?
72. Where was Saul?
73. What do we know about Saul's stature?
74. What did the people shout?

Chapter 11(top)

75. Who came up against the COI?
76. What did the COI ask for?
77. What was Nahash's response?
78. What did the COI ask for? why?
79. What did Saul do when he heard about Nahash's threats? Why?
80. How many men total were there to fight the Ammonites?
81. How badly did they destroy the Ammonites?
82. Who did the people want to put to death? (10:27)

Chapter 12(top)

83. What did Samuel remind the COI of?
84.  What sign did Samuel ask God to show?
85. Need to put your life in perspective? Read verse 24!

Chapter 13(top)

86. After Saul had reigned 2 years, he chose how many men?
87. Saul led 2000 of them: Who led the other 1000? Who was he?
88. Who came to war against the COI?
89. What did Saul do that Samuel was upset about?
90. Because there was no smith found what did the COI have to fight with?

Chapter 14(top)

91. What did Jonathon do secretly?
92. What did Jonathon decide would be a sign to attack the Phillistines?
93. How many men did Jonathon and his armopr-bearer kill?
94. What were the Phillistines doing to themselves?
95. What had Saul commanded the people to not do?
96. Who disobeyed the commandment? why? what happened to him?
97. How did the COI sin when conquering the Phillistines?
98. What did Saul cast lots to determine?
99. Who saved Jonathon? why?
100. Draw Saul's family tree:

Chapter 15(top)

101. Who did Samuel tell Saul to attack? why?
102. What were the specific orders?
103. How many total did Saul take to battle?
104. What people were living among the Amalekites? What were they asked to do?
105. Did Saul obey God?
106. What was the name of the king of the Amalekites?
107. What did the Lord say to Samuel?
108. What does 'repenteth' mean in this verse?
109. What was the first thing that Saul said to Samuel?
110. What was Samuel's response?
111. How did Saul try to rationalize his disobedience?
112. Verse 22 tells us what God desires more than anything! What is it?
113. What was Saul's punishment?
114. Who did Samuel ask to be brought forth?
115. What was Agag's countenance?
116. What did Samuel say and do?

Chapter 16(top)

117. Who did the Lord tell Samuel to go see?
118. How many sons did Jesse have?
119. Who was the youngest? What did he look like? What did Samuel do to him?
120. Any thoughts on how an evil spirit could come from God?
121. Who did the people get to soothe Saul by playing the harp?
122. What did David become?

Chapter 17(top)

123. Who did the Israelites get ready to fight?
124. Who was the Phillistines champion?
125. How tall was Goliath?
126. What was Goliath's challenge?
127. What were the names of the three oldest sons of Jesse? What were they doing?
128. What was David doing?
129.  How long did Goliath continue his challenge?
130. What did Jesse send David to do?
131. What did David hear while he was talking to his brethren?
132. What three promises had Saul made to the slayer of Goliath?
133. Why was Eliab angry with David?
134. What did David tell Saul?
135. What was Saul's response?
136. What did David tell Saul to prove he could do it?
137. Why do you think God loved David so?
138. Why didn't David wear any armor?
139. Why did David take 5 stones instead of just 1. Was this lack of faith?
140. What did Goliath say to David?
141. From verse 45 who had the strongest weapon?
142. Where did David hit Goliath with the stone?
143. What did David then do to Goliath?
144. Where did David take the head of Goliath?
145. What did he do with Goliath's armor?
146. In what verse is the word 'giant' used to describe Goliath?

Chapter 18(top)

147. What relationship did David and Jonathon have?
148. What did Jonathon give to David? why?
149. As David worked his way up what did people begin to say?
150. How did Saul feel toward David?
151. How did Saul try to kill David?
152. Why was Saul afraid of David?
153. What did Saul promise David? If David did what?
154. What was Saul's hidden plan?
155. Did David receive Merab to wife?
156. Who loved David? What did Saul decide to do? why?
157. Did Saul want to be the Saul's son-in-law?
158. What is a dowry? What was David's?
159. What did David give Saul?

Chapter 19(top)

160. What did Saul ask his servants and Jonathon to do?
161. What did Jonathon tell David to do?
162. What did he tell Saul, his father?
163. What did Saul try to do again?
164. What did Saul send to David's house?
165. How did he escape?
166. How did Michal help David?
167. What happened to all of Saul's messengers?
168. What did Saul do also?

Chapter 20(top)

169. What did David and Jonathon have a discussion about?
170. What was the covenant that David made with Jonathon in vs 15?
171. What was Jonathon's signal to David?
172. What did Saul try to do to his own son, Jonathon?
173. What signal did Jonathon give David?

Chapter 21(top)

174. When David went to Nob he met the priest named_________________
175. Ahimelech gave David and his men what?
176. Who saw David?
177. What did David ask Ahimelech for?
178. What did Ahimelech give David?
179. What did David do because he feared Achish?

Chapter 22(top)

180. Where did David escape to next?
181. What kind of men came to follow David?
182. Where did David flee next?
183. Who told Saul where he saw David?
184. What did Saul tell Ahimelech?
185. Who did Saul first command to kill Ahimelech? who next?
186. How many priests were slain?
187. Who escaped and where did he go?

Chapter 23(top)

188. Who did David and his men save?
189. How many followers did David have now?
190. While David was hiding in the forest what group tried to help Saul?
191. Why did Saul stop chasing David?

Chapter 24(top)

192. How many men did Saul take to chase David?
193. Who was in the cave when Saul went in?
194. What did David do to Saul while in the cave?
195. How did David feel about this? What did he do?
196. After their conversation, what did David swear to Saul?

Chapter 25(top)

197. Who died?
198. What do we know about Nabal and Abigail?
199. What did David ask Nabal?
200. Did Nabal help?  What was Abigail informed about?
201. What did Abigail send to David?
202. Who killed Nabal?
203. What two women did David take as wives? What wife of David was given to  someone else?

Chapter 26(top)

204. What group stirred up Saul again?
205. Who snuck down to the camp of Saul? What did they take?
206. What was David yelling at Abner, the captain of the host?

Chapter 27(top)

207. Where did David escape to?
208. What city was given to David? How long was David there?
209. When David attacked the enemies of Israel who did he tell Achish that he attacked?

Chapter 28(top)

210. Who readied themselves for war against the COI?
211. Who did Saul consult? Who did he ask her to raise up?
212. Samuel said Saul's kingdom has ended because of which sin?
213. What did Samuel prophesy?

Chapter 29(top)

214. What did the phillistines tell Achish to do?
215. What did Achish tell David to do in the morning?

Chapter 30(top)

216. Who had attacked Ziklag while David was gone?
217. What did David do about this?
218. What were some of David's men complaining about?

Chapter 31(top)

219. Who won the battle between th Phillistines and the COI?
220. Who was killed and what happened to Saul?
221. What did Saul ask his armor-bearer to do? Did he?
222. What did Saul do? What did his armor-bearer do?
223. What did the Phillistimes do to Saul? What did the men of Jabesh-gilead do?