Study of 2 Samuel
  Introduction / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 21 / 22 23 / 24


I. David the King..........................1:1-20:26
 A. David, king at Hebron.......1:1-4:12
 B. David, king at Jerusalem....5:1-8:18
 C. Court life of David............9:1-20:26
II. The last days of David................21:1-24:25
 A. The famine.......................21:1-14
 B. Heroic exploits..................21:15-22
 C. David's psalm...................22:1-51
 D. David's testament..............23:1-7
 E. Heroic exploits.................23:8-39
 F. Census and plague............24:1-25

Chapter 1(top)

a. After his 3rd day back in Ziklag, who came to David?
b. What story did the man say to David?
c. What did David do?
d. What did David ask the man? What did David do to him? why?

Chapter 2(top)

e. Where did the Lord send David?
f. David was anointed king over what?
g. Who did David thank?
h. Who did Abner make king over Israel?
i. How old was he and how long did he rule Israel?
j. When Joab and Abner met what did Abner suggest?
k. What happened in the contest?
l. Who chased Abner? What did Abner do to him?

Chapter 3(top)

1. How many sons did David have in Hebron?
2. Whose side was Abner working for?
3. What did Ishbosheth accuse Abner of doing?
4. Abner told David what?
5. What did David ask Abner to do? Why wasn't she with David?
6. When Abner came to David what did David prepare for them?
7. What did Joab accuse Abner of doing?
8. What did Joab do to Abner? why?
9. Did this make David happy?
10. What did the people understand?

Chapter 4(top)

11. How old was Jonathon's son when Jonathon was killed?
12. What happened to him?
13. What was his name?
14. What happened to Saul's son, the king, Ishbosheth?
15. What did the murderers take to David?
16. What story did David first tell the murderers? (I Sam 1:15)
17. What did David do to the murderers?

Chapter 5(top)

18. What happened to David next? What two cities and how long was he king?
19. What was the city of David?
20. Who built David a house?
21. How many sons did David have in Jerusalem?
22. Who attacked David? Both times who was actually fighting?

Chapter 6(top)

23. What did David go to get to bring to Jerusalem? Where was it?
24. Why was it there? (I Sam. 7)
25. Who touched the ark and what happened to him?
26. Where did they leave the ark?
27. For how long?
28.  When they got the ark to Jerusalem what did Michal see David doing?
29. What happened to Michal because she complained against her husband?

Chapter 7(top)

30. What did David want to do?
31. What did God say to David through Nathan the prophet?

Chapter 8(top)

32. In ch 8. David extends his kingdom. Who was David's chief host?

Chapter 9(top)

33. What did David ask? Who was left?
34. What did David do for Mephibosheth?

Chapter 10(top)

35. Who died? What did David do? How did they respond?

Chapter 11(top)

36. Who did David send to fight the Ammonites and the Syrians?
37. When David was up on his roof, who did he see?
38. What did he do? What happened to her?
39. Who did David call back from Joab's army?
40. David sent Uriah back to Joab with a letter that said what? Did this happen?
41. Why did some of Joab's men die? What did Joab tell the servant to tell David to  pacify him?
42. David took Bathsheba as his wife but was the Lord pleased?

Chapter 12(top)

43. What was the story that Nathan told David?
44. What did David say should be done to the man?
45. What did Nathan say?
46. Who is this person that Nathan prophesies about?
47. David was spared but who did the Lord strike?
48. Why were the people scared to tell David the child died?
49. Why did David stop mourning?
50. What was the name of Bathsheba' second son? What did Nathba call him?

Chapter 13(top)

51. Who is Amnon and what did he desire?
52. What was Jonadab's plan?
53. What did Amnon say to Tamar?  How did she respond?
54. What did Amnon do?
55. How were king's daughters that were virgins dressed?
56. What did Absalom do to Amnon?
57. How long did Absalom flee?

Chapter 14(top)

58. How did Joab trick David.
59. How is Absalom described?
60. What did Absalom do every year? How much did it weigh?
61. How many children did Absalom have?
62. What did Absalom do to Joab's field?
63. Did Absalom get what he wanted?

Chapter 15(top)

64. What did Absalom start to do?
65. Where did Absalom go?
66. When David left Jerusalem who did he leave in charge? Who was David's spy?

Chapter 16(top)

67. What did Mephibosheth's servant, Ziba, tell David?
68. Why was Shimei cursing David?

Chapter 17(top)

69. What did Ahithophel counsel Absalom to do?
70. What prophecy did this fulfill?(2 Sam 12:11)
71. What did Ahithophel ask Absalom to do?
72. What did Hushai answer to Ahithophel idea?
73. Whose advice did Absalom take?
74. What did Ahithophel do when his advice was not taken?

Chapter 18(top)

75. What did David command his captains to do with Absalom?
76. What happened to Absalom?
77. How did Joab kill Absalom?
78. What did David do when he heard Absalom was dead?

Chapter 19(top)

79. What did Joab chide David about?
80. Who came and apologized to David?
81. Who also came down to talk to David?
82. Who had deceived Mephibosheth?
83. What did David tell Mephibosheth? How did he respond?

Chapter 20(top)

84. What did Sheba do?
85. What did David do to the ten concubines?
86. How was Sheba killed?

Chapter 21(top)

87. Why was there a three year famine?
88. How did David appease the Gibeonites and the Lord?
89. Who did David spare and why?
90. Who fought with Israel?
91. How many giants were killed by David's men? Who was their famous brother?
92. Does this shed any light on why David may have taken 5 stones when he fought  Goliath?

Chapter 22(top)
Chapter 23(top)
Chapter 24(top)

93. What did David want to do? Did this make God happy?
94. What was the count?
95. What three punishments did God offer?
96. Which one did David choose?
97. How many people died?
98. What did David buy from Araunah?
99. How much did it cost?
100. I don't have another question. I just wanted to end on 100!