William Hensley Radio Broadcasts

      For many years, brother William Hensley, an evangelist from the churches of Christ, undertook the good work of spreading the Gospel over the radio throughout the Midwest. The radio broadcasts included in this collection were recorded from 1986-1996. It is our hope to build on this work by publishing them here on the web for the future edification of the church and evangelizing to searching souls. To quote brother Hensley in one of these first radio sermons,

      "This is brought to you not as a substitution for church attendance but is brought to you as a spiritual assistant and by that we simply mean that it will come to help you and your family know the Word of God better as the time goes on."

      We are also indebted to brother Hensley's son Craig who has preserved these sermons for us. May God be glorified, the church edified and seeking souls be saved.

-From your friendly neighborhood churches of Christ

Precious Passages (The listener should take note that there is a 10-15 second pause before the audio begins.)
1 Genesis_49_10
2 Psalms_23
3 Psalms_1
4 Isaiah_2_1-2
5 Romans_10_17
6 Joshua_1_8
7 Joshua_24_15
8 Galatians_6_9
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