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Collection 013 / Album 1-14: James Baysinger (26 Sermons)
Charismatic Churches (Baysinger, James)
Chosen Generation (Baysinger, James)
Custodial Care (Baysinger, James)
Deterioration of the American Family (Baysinger, James)
Diversity vs. Conformity of Doctorine (Baysinger, James)
Divine Hatred (Baysinger, James)
Earnestly Contend (Baysinger, James)
Gambling (Baysinger, James)
How Much Ignorance Will God Wink At? (Baysinger, James)
Limiting God (Baysinger, James)
Lovers of Pleasure (Baysinger, James)
Majoring in Minors (Baysinger, James)
Non-Verbal Communication (Baysinger, James)
Not My Cup of Tea (Baysinger, James)
Odyssey of Satan (Baysinger, James)
Paradoxical Christians (Baysinger, James)
Parents Too Strict (Baysinger, James)
Procrastination - A Quick Ticket to Hell (Baysinger, James)
Proper Training and Duties of an Evangelist (Baysinger, James)
Rapture, Millennium, and Armageddon (Baysinger, James)
Responsibilities Our Courts Have Taken Away (Baysinger, James)
The Devil Made Me Do It (Baysinger, James)
The Failure of Success (Baysinger, James)
What Are Riches? (Baysinger, James)
Willful Sin (Baysinger, James)
Words Not Spoken (Baysinger, James)