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Collection 002 / Album 1-23: Other Sermons Pre-2007
Be Ye Steadfast (Graham, Jay)
David`s New Cart (Grantham, Don)
Do differences make a difference? (Dennis, Tom)
Do We Expect Too Much? (Grantham, Don)
Every Joint Supplieth (Turner, Ray)
Give of Your Best To the Master (Wright, Steve)
Going To Church Can Be Dangerous (Hensley, William)
He Restraineth Not (Kirby, Mike)
Homosexuality (Garbi, Louis)
How Does a Christian Deal with Anger? (Kirby, Mike)
Keeping the Lord`s Day (Garbi, Louis)
Marriage and Divorce (Part 1) (Proudfit, Duane)
Marriage and Divorce (Part 2) (Proudfit, Duane)
Minoring in Majors (Short, Melvin)
Our Sinful Nature (Wright, Lee)
Personal Evangelism (Graham, Jay)
Quality vs. Quantity (Proudfit, Duane)
Remember Moses (Wright, Steve)
Reproving Sin (Wright, Steve)
Returning Good for Evil (Kirby, Mike)
Seeking the Old Paths (Short, Melvin)
Should the Church of Christ examine other faiths? (Dennis, Tom)
The Blessings of Mutual Ministry (Short, Melvin)
The Sin of Sodom (Thompson, Kenneth)
To Conquer We Must Surrender (Short, Melvin)
Whatever Is Not From Faith (Wright, Steve)
Why Marry a Christian (Proudfit, Duane)