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Collection 002 / Album 1-39: Pleasant Hill Jan-Mar, 2008
Either_Or.mp3 by Tom Dennis (Upload Date: 2008-03-23)
Full Time Christian by Dean Hayes (Upload Date: 2008-01-06)
Giving by Rodney Ingle (Upload Date: 2008-02-24)
Good Pride by Randy Ingle (Upload Date: 2008-01-27)
Hope by Mike Brady (Upload Date: 2008-01-13)
Hopes and Fruits by Troy Brand (Upload Date: 2008-02-03)
How is Your Life? by Mike Warner (Upload Date: 2008-03-16)
I Am the Vine by Tim Casey (Upload Date: 2008-02-10)
Is God Enough For You? by Bob Flack (Upload Date: 2008-03-23)
Nehushtan by Marty Williamson (Upload Date: 2008-03-30)
Re-Baptism by Steve Thompson (Upload Date: 2008-02-24)
Seven Things about the Cross by David Fetters (Upload Date: 2008-01-20)
Shepherding Part 1 by Steve Wright (Upload Date: 2008-03-09)
Shepherding Part 2 by Steve Wright (Upload Date: 2008-03-09)
Walking in Love by Steve Wright (Upload Date: 2008-03-09)
Where Do You Come From? by David Ingle (Upload Date: 2008-03-02)