Luke 9

What directions did Jesus give the disciples and what did He send them out to do?

What was Herod concerned about?

About how many small groups of people were there?

What did Jesus do before He fed the people?

Was anybody still hungry?

How much was leftover?

Who did Peter confess that Jesus was?

What is the kingdom of God in verse 27?

What happened to Jesus, who appeared with Him and what were they discussing?

What did God say about his Son?

Who did Jesus heal and why couldn't the disciples do it?

What did Jesus tell his disciples would happen to Him?

How did Jesus end the argument about who was the greatest?

Who gave the man power to cast out demons?

Why did the Samaritans not welcome them?

What did James and John ("The Sons of Thunder") want to do?

What were some of the excuses men had for not following Jesus?