Acts 24-25

Who went to Caesarea to accuse Paul?

How did Tertullus flatter the governor?

How did Paul answer?

What hope did he say he shared with his accusers?

Who did Paul say should be at this trial?

What thing had Paul said that he felt he was being tried for?

When did Felix say he would make a judgement?

What did Felix order the centurion to do?

What was the name of Felix's wife?

Why did Felix call for Paul often to hear from him?

How many years was Paul in prison in Caesarea?

Who was governor after Felix?

What is the first thing Festus does in Jerusalem?

What did Festus ask Paul and why?

Who did Paul appeal his case to?

Who showed up at Festus's palace a few days later?

What did King Agrippa ask?

Why did Festus announce he was having Paul speak before Agrippa?