Hebrews 7

Who was Melchizedek? (Read Gen. 14:18-20)

What does his name mean?

How was Melchizedek unusual?

How much did Abraham give Melchizedek?

How is Melchizedek different from the Levite priests?

How can it be said that Levi paid the tenth to Melchizedek?

Because the Levitical priesthood could not offer salvation a future high priest like who had to come and who was this high priest?

If a new priesthood is established what must happen to the law?

What tribe is Jesus from?

Who made an oath that the law would change and that Jesus would be the new high priest?

Why is Jesus a permanent priest?

How is Jesus different than the high priests of the old law?

Why are sacrifices no longer offered?

Hebrews 8

What is the true tabernacle?

Why did God give specific directions to Moses about how to make the tabernacle?

What was wrong with the old covenant that required a new one?

The writer says that the old law will soon do what?