Study of Daniel
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Ezekiel and Daniel were written in the Exile, that period in which the Jews of the Judean kingdom were displaced from their country after the destruction of their temple, capital city, and commonwealth by Nebuchadnezzar. The destruction came in three stages: First, in 605 B.C. Neb. brought Jehoakim to his knees and carried off hostages, among them Daniel and his three associates (Dan. 1:1-6). Later, 597 B.C. on another expedition to Palestine, after certain rebellious acts of the Judean kings Jehoakim and Jehoachin made punishment necessary, Neb. again made Jerusalem submit.  He carried off 10,000 captives, among them king Jehoiachin and the young prophet Ezekiel. (Ez. 1:1-3) Finally, in 587 B.C. after a long siege, Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the city and the Temple and broke up the entire Jewish community. Restoration to the land began in 536 B.C. when the victorious Cyrus, king of the new Medo-Persian empire and conqueror of Babylon, decreeed the Jews might return. Jeremiah's prophecy of "seventy years" related to the period of servitude to Babylon 606-538. Cultural and religious changes thrust upon the Jews by their exile were: the rise of synagogue worship in lieu of temple worship, and a beginning toward adoption of a second language--Aramaic (Syriac or Chaldee). Evidences lead to the conclusion that Abram's language was originally Aramaic.


I. The historical introduction......................................................1;1-2:4a
II. The nations of earth-their character, relations, succession, and destiny..2:4b-7:28
 A. Neb. dream of a great image:  prophecy of "the times of the Gentiles."..........................2:1-49
 B. Neb. trial of the confessors' faith:  lesson in steadfast faith..............................................3:1-30
 C. Neb. vision of the high tree:  lesson in humility.....................................................4:1-37
 D. Belshazzar's feast:  lesson in sin and its punishment....................................5:1-31
 E. Darius the Mede in the role of religious persecutor:  lesson in faith and         prayer............................................6:1-28
 F. A vision of four beasts, the Ancient of Days, and the Son of Man: The conflict of Christ with Antichrist........7:1-28
III. The Hebrew nation, its relation to Gentile dominion, and its future
 in the plan of God................................................................8:1-12:13
 A. A ram, a goat, and a little horn: Israel in conflict with the
  the Old Testament Antichrist...........................................8:1-27
 B. The prophecy of seventy weeks: Israel's future
  in the plan of God.......................................................9:1-27
 C. Final vision: Israel through the centuries and at the
  consummation in the hands of enemies and in the hands of God..10:1-12:13

Chapter 1(top)

1. How are chapters 1-6 different from chapters 7-12?
2. What time span is Daniel?
3. What are the dates for the three major assaults on Judea?
4. In what captivities were Daniel and Ezekiel taken in?
5. What other prophet was around during this time?
6. What is the approximate age of Daniel when taken into captivity?
7. Who were the two prominent Babylonian kings?
8. What did the king say to Ashpenaz to get?
9. What can we speculate about Daniel and his three friends?
10. What were the characteristics of these certain Jews?
11. What did the king appoint to them? why did he do this?
12. What were the Hebrew names of the 4 Jews?
13. What were the Chaldean names of the 4 Jews?
14. What are some prefixes that mean God?
15. What do the 4 Hebrew names mean?
16. What do the 4 Chaldean names mean?
17.  Why is verse 8 very important? (The Great Decision)
18. How was Daniel like Ezra? ( Read Ez. 7:10) How can you really find  out about your character?
19. What was the prince of the eunuchs fear?
20. How many days did Daniel ask for to prove his point?
21. What kind of man was Nebuchadnezzar? What had he done to  Zedekiah?
22. What happened after the ten day trial run?
23. What is pulse?
24. What did God do for these 4 children?
25. How much better were these 4 children than the rest of the people?
26. How long did Daniel continue to be courageous?
27. How old was Josiah when he began to reign?
28. What were the 4 elements of Josiah's revival?
29. Where had the Jews lost the word of God?
30. How did this revival probably affect Daniel's later life?
31. Was Josiah's revival a success?
32. The lesson of chapter one is to "Just say______!

Chapter 2(top)

1. What year does this chapter start?
2. What was bothering Nebuchadnezzar?
3. Who did Nebuchadnezzar call before him?
4. Where did Daniel write from and where did Ezekiel write from?
5. What empire was ruling when Daniel died?
6. What two languages is Daniel written in? which chapters?
7. What pagan ruler is given the most "press" in the Bible?
8. How many of the 70 years of captivity were under Nebuchadnezzar?
9. What did Neb. ask his wisemen?
10. What was Neb's threat?
11. What did the wise men ask a 2nd time?
12. What did Neb accuse them of doing?
13. How did they respond?
14. What was Neb's decree?
15. Who was Arioch and what was he supposed to do?
16. What did Daniel ask the king?
17. Who did Daniel ask to help him pray?
18. What was the first thing Daniel did after he received the night vision?
19. Who did Daniel give the credit to for the dream interpretation?
20. What was the image which Neb. saw in his dream?
21. What was unusual about the stone?
22. What did it do to the image?
23. What happened to the stone?
24. Verse 38 says the head of gold represented who? In otherwords which empire?
25. What years did this empire exist?
26. What empire was represented by the silver?  What years?
27. What empire was represented by the brass? What years?
28. What empire was represented by the iron? What years?
29. What is the 5th kingdom?
30. What does without hands mean?
31. All 4 world empires would eventually succub to God?
32. About what year was this prophecy being given?
33. What does it mean by the devolution of empires or types of material?
34. What might the clay mean that is intermixed in the Roman empire?
35. How did Neb reward Daniel and his 3 friends?
36. Is God's kingdom a democracy? what is it?

Chapter 3(top)

1. App. how many years after ch 2 did ch 3. occur?
2. How had Neb. changed since ch 2?
3. What did Neb. construct? What was it's dimensions?
4. What is a herald?
5. What did the herald say?
6. Who did some or the Chaldeans tattle -tale on?
7. What did Neb. do because he was so full of fury?
8. How hot was the fire?
9. What was the one thing that burned up in the furnace?
10. What does this represent?
11. What were three things that surprised Neb?
12. What was Neb's new decree? Have we heard this before?
13. How does Neb represent man?

Chapter 4(top)

1. What is the Septuagint?
2. What's the difference between pre-millenialism,
  a-millenialism, and post-millenialism?
3. Who wrote chapter 4?
4. Is he an inspired writer?
5. What was Neb's problem?
6. Who did Neb. ask to solve the problem?
7. Who was the last to come in?
8. What is the conflict between verse 8 and verse 2?
9. What was Neb's dream?
10. What is a watcher?
11. What did the watcher say?
12. What phrase show up three different times in this chapter?
13. How many times does the word "I" appear in this chapter?
14. What's a probable reason that the wise men came to see Jesus? (2:48)
15. What was troubling Daniel?
16. What does it mean in verse 25? seven "times"
17. What were 5 signs of mercy did God give Neb?
18. How long did Neb have until this dream came to pass?
19. Describe Neb's condition in vs. 33?
20. What is "Lycanthropy"?
21. When Neb got his kingdom back what do we hear  from him for the third time?

Chapter 5(top)

1. How many years pass between ch. 4 & 5
2. Who is king of Babylon now?
3. How is he related to Neb?
4. What did Belshazzar do in verse 1?
5. What were some things they were doing that probably upset God?
6. What happens in verse 5?
7. How scared was Belshazzar in verse 6?
8. Read Jeremiah 51: 36] How does this relate to how Cyrus overtook Babylon?
9. Who did the queen recommend Belshazzar talk to?
10. What did Daniel say Belshazzar had done wrong in verse 22?
11. What was the phrase written on the wall?
12. What does Mene mean?
13. What does Tekel mean?
14. What does Upharsin (peres)
15. What did Belshazzar do for Daniel?
16. What happened that night?

Chapter 6(top)

1. Who was king at this time?
2. What empire is ruling?
3. What did it please Darius to do?
4. What was Daniel's position?
5. What did the princes and the other two presidents do?
6. What did they ask Darius?
7. How many times a day did Daniel pray?
8. Which way did he face?
9. How did Darius feel when he found about Daniel?
10. What did the princes remid the king?
11. What did Darius say to Daniel?
12. What did they put in front of the den?
13. What did Darius experience that night?
14. What had shut the lions' mouths?
15. Why was no hurt found on Daniel?
16. What happened to all of Daniel's accusers? How many people may this have been?
17. What did Darius do that Neb and Belshazzar had done also?
18. Whose reign did Daniel live through?

Chapter 7(top)

1. During what year did this chapter probably occur?
2. What king have we gone back to talk about again?
3. Who had the dream this time?
4. What was striving on the great sea and how many were there?
5. What do winds possibly represent ?
6. What does the sea represent?
7. How many beasts came up from the sea?
8. Describe each of the four beasts:
9. What does wings usually stand for?
10. What did the Lion represent?
11. What happened to the wings?
12. What does that mean?
13. What did the Bear stand for?
14. What does it mean it raised itself up on one side?
15. What was in it's mouth?
16. What do these three ribs stand for?
17. What was the Leopard?
18. What were the four heads? Who were they? Which two were the strongest?
19. Who was the leader of Egypt and who was the leader of Syria?
20. How is the fourth beast described?
21. What was the fourth beast?
22. What are the ten horns?
23. What was the little horn in reference to?
24. What happened in 1792 A.D. that broke the military and political power of the RC  church?
25. Why might have God raised up the Greek empire? (Hellinize)
26. Why might have God raised up the Roman empire?
27. Who is the Ancient of Days?
28. Who was with God?
29. What  did the little horn do to the saints?
30. How long is a time, times and a dividing of time?
31. How long is it according to the day/ year theory?
32. When was the beginning and the end of the strict papal system?
33. What were the three kings subdued by the little horn or Catholic Church?

Chapter 8(top)

1. What year is it now?
2. Where was the palace of the area located?
3. What was the first animal seen in the vision?
4. What does this animal represent?
5. How many horns did it have? What was unusual about them?
6. What did that represent?
7. What animal came up next?
8. What does this animal represent?
9. What does "touched not the ground" mean?
10. What did the goat have between his eyes?
11.  What does this horn represent?
12. What did the goat do to the ram?
13. What happened to the horn? What does this mean?
14. What came up in place of the notable horn?
15. Who are these? (they were in ch 7 also)
16. Who was the little horn this time?
17. Why can't this be the same little horn mentioned in ch. 7?
18. Out of which of the 4 horns did Antiochus Epiphanes arise?
19. Where did the Seleucids have to go through to get to the Ptolemies?
20. What did Antiochus Epiphanes do to the temple and sacrifice there? what year?
21. God used these empires but verse 4 says what about these kings?
22. What is the "place of sanctuary"?
23. What did the one saint ask the other saint?
24. What was the answer? What's the Hebrew word for days?
25. How many years is 2300 days?
26. What happened when Antiochus Epiphanes tried to attack Egypt?
27. On his return who did he take his frustrations out on? what year?
28. How long did this desecration of the temple last?
29. What family regained possession of the temple?
30. What angel explained the dream to Daniel?
31.  What does it mean in vs. 25 "broken without hand"?
32. What was Daniel to do with this dream?

Chapter 9(top)

1. What year of which king does this chapter take place?
2. Daniel understood what?
3. Why were they in captivity for 70 years?
4. What does Daniel do in the first 19 verses?
5. What angel came to Daniel again?
6. In verse 24 what three things are to happen?
7. How long is this 70 weeks according to the day/year theory?
8. How long is it from the rebuilding Jerusalem to coming of Messiah in years?
9. When was the decree to build Jerusalem given? (see Neh 2:5)
10. What does it mean the Messiah will be "cut off"?
11. What year was Jesus born app.?
12. How old would he be when he was baptized or began his ministry?
13. What does it mean to confirm the covenant?
14. How long did Jesus do this?
15. What happened in "the midst of the week"?
16. How long of a ministry does this give Jesus?

Chapter 10(top)

1. What year and who was reigning?
2. What was Daniel doing?
3. Describe the figure that Daniel saw? What's a christopheny?
4. What happened to those with Daniel?
5. What is the prince of the kingdom of Persia?
6. It withstood Gabriel how many days?
7. Who helped Gabriel?
8. What happened to Daniel?
9. What does the latter days refer to in verse 14?
10. Who will Gabriel and Michael fight with after the prince of Persia?

Chapter 11(top)

1. Who is ruling and what year is it?
2. How many more kings of Persia were there?
3. What are their names?
4. Who was married to the 4th king?
5. What does Xerxes do? How does this explain Esther 2:1?
6. Who is the mighty king in vs. 3?
7. What does posterity mean?
8. Who inherited the kingdom from Alexander the Great?
9. Who was the king of the south?
10. Ch. 11 is about what 2 groups fighting?
11. Why did the Seleucids and the Ptolemies unite?
12. Who is the king of the south?
13. Who is his daughter?
14. Who was the king of the north who married Bernice?
15. What did Antiochus Theus do to Bernice?
16. What did Antiochus Theus's wife do to him and eventually Bernice?
17. Who is this that stood up? and what did he do?
18. What did Bernice's brother take back to Egypt?
19.  In verse 17 the same event occurred. Antiochus the Great gave Ptolemy Epiphanes
 his daughter to marry but what happened?
20. Who was the raiser of taxes? (Antiochus the Great's son)
21. Who is the vile person in verse 21? (brother of the taxer)
22. What does Antiochus Epiphanes try to do in verse 29?
23. What is another term for the ships of Chittim?
24. What does he do on his way home because he was mad?
25. Who does it probably refer to who stood up against AE?
26.     What is the major trait of Antiochus Epiphanes?
27. What happened to him when he tried to squash some uprisings in the east?

Chapter 12(top)

1. What does ch. 12 prophesy about?
2. What does it mean when they sealed up the words?
3. What will happen to knowledge?
4. What is the vision Daniel sees?
5. Where have we seen this man in linen before. (See 10:5)
6.  What did one of the men ask?
7. How long was the answer? What period of history did this refer to again?
8. At the end of this time what happens to the power of the holy people?
9. What might have occurred at the end of this 1335 years?
10. What is Daniel's reward?
Babylon Medo-Persia Greece Roman


Ch 2
Ch 2


Ch 2


Ch 2

Ch. 7
(eagle wings) 
(stand as a man)
(man's heart)

Ch. 7
Bear(5)                                    (raised on one side)
(3 ribs in mouth)
(Devour much flesh)
Ch. 7
(4 wings, 4 heads) 
Ch. 7
(10 horns,iron teeth)

(2 horns) 
(Medes 1st) 
(Persia 2nd becomes greatest)


(notable horn)
(Alex the Great)
(4 horns=4 generals)


70 weeks prophecy
Command to rebuild Jerusalem (Neh. 2:1-8) ------455 B.C.

      (49 days)  (7 wks)

Wall finished     ------406 B.C.

      (434 days)  (62 wks)   (70 wks:490 days)

Christ baptized    ------29 A.D.

      (3.5 days)

Christ died (cut off)     ---   (1 wk)

      (3.5 days)

Conversion of Gentiles   ------36 A.D.