Daniel Test (7-12)
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Chapter 7(top)

1.) What does the lion represent in vs.4?
2.) What does the bear represent in vs. 5?
3.) What does raising itself up on one side mean?
4.) What does the leopard represent in vs. 6?
5.) What does its four heads mean? Can you name 2 of them?
6.) What was the fourth beast?
7.) What does the little horn represent that came out of the 4th beast?
8.) Verse 25 says the little horn  shall wear out the saints for a time, times
  and a half time. How long is this and what is this period of history called?

Chapter 8(top)

1.) What does the ram represent in vs. 3?
2.) What is meant by one horn is taller than the other in vs. 3?
3.) What does the he-goat represent in vs. 5?
4.) What does the notable horn represent in vs. 5?
5.) What does it mean the horn was broken and 4 came up in its place?
6.) Who is the little horn in verse 9?
7.) Out of which big horn did the little horn come?
8.) What does vs 11 refer to?
9.) Who cleansed the temple in vs. 14?

Chapter 9(top)

1.) How long is the 70 weeks mentioned in vs. 24?
2.) What marks the end of the first 7 weeks?
3.) What marks the end of the next 62 weeks?
4.) What marks the end of the last week?
5.) What does it mean in vs. 26, that the Messiah will be cut off?
6.) What does it mean in vs. 27, that the sacrifice will cease?

Chapter 10(top)

1.) What two angels helped Daniel?

Chapter 11(top)

1.) Who is the 4th king in vs. 2?
2.) Who was his 1st and 2nd wife?
3.) Who is the mighty king in vs. 3?
4.) What does it mean in vs. 4 not to his posterity?
5.) What two groups does this chapter describe?
6.) Why are only these two groups talked about?
7.) What was the name of the king' daughter in vs. 6?
8.) What was the name of the daughter of women in vs. 17?
9.) Who is the vile person mentioned in vs. 21?
10.) What does the ships of Chittim refer to in vs. 30?
11.) Who are the good people that do exploits in vs. 32?
12.) What does the phrase, "nor the desire of women" in vs. 37 tell us  about this vile person?

Chapter 12(top)

1.) What does chapter 12 refer to once again?