Study of Judges
  Introduction / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 21
Name of Judge Verses Reign (yrs) Oppressors Details
Othniel 3:9 40 years Mesopotamia Caleb's nephew

    Judges receives its name from the leaders who delivered Israel from foreign oppressions between the death of Joshua and the beginnings of the monarcy (Kings). The central theme of Judges is that God always raised up a "man of the hour". Whenever the suffering was worst, and the people cried out in despair, God called forth a "judge" or deliverer to throw off the yoke of the oppressor. The message of Judges also stresses the theme that God raises up the weak to confound the strong (Gideon), and that no weapons can destroy the people that puts its faith in God. Faith in God is stronger than a thousand armies. The final lesson is that only by obedience to the law and love of God can man ever find the happiness for which God made him!

I. Introduction............................................1:1-2:5
 A. Political background......................1:1-36
 B. Religious background.....................2:1-5
II. History of the Judges...............................2:6-16:31
 A. Inferior Hebrew soldiers.................2:6-3:6
 B  The oppressors and the de-
      liverers of Israel............................3:7-16:31
  1.  Judge Othniel Victorious 3:8-11
  2.  Ehud whips Eglon..........3:12-30
  3.  Israel delivered from the
       Phillistines by Shamgar..3:31
  4.  Deborah and Barak........4:1-5:31
  5.  Gideon..........................6:1-8:32
  6.  Usurper Abimelech........9:1-57
  7.  Tola's Judgeship............10:1,2
  8.  Judge Jair.....................10:3-5
  9.  Jephthah.......................10:6-11:40
  10.War between the Gile-
       adites and the
  11. Judge Ibzan..................12:8-10
  12. Judge Elon...................12:11,12
  13. Judge Abdon................12:13-15
  14. Strong Man Samson......13:1-16:31
III.  Lawless Conditions during the
       period of the Judges......................17:1-21:25
 A. The idolatry of Micah and
      the Danite Migration..............17:1-18:31
 B. The crime at Gibeah and the
      war against Benjamin.............19:1-21:25

Chapter 1(top)

1. Judges begins after the death of who?
2. What is the Israelites concern?
3. What two tribes went to fight first?
4. What was the name of the leader of the Canaanites?
5. What did the Israelites do to him and why?
6. Who was Caleb?
7. What was Othniel and Achsah's relationship before being married?
8. Who did Benjamin not drive out of Jerusalem?
9. What was Jersusalem originally called when the Israelites first arrived from Egypt  (Josh 18:28)
10. Instead of driving out the Canaanites the Israelites did what?
11. What is the theme of the end of the 1st chapter?

Chapter 2(top)

12. What is the prophecy mentioned in 2:1-5?
13. How old was Joshua when he died
14 Who did the Israelites start serving?
15. What system did God set up in verse 16
16. The end of chapter 2 is an excellent summary of what Judges is all about. What  qualities of the Lord do we see here?

Chapter 3(top)

17. List the Gentiles that were used by God to test Israel throughout the Judges?
18. What was the first group that God gave the COI to? for how many years?
19. Who is the first Judge? How many years?
20. What was the second group God gave the COI to? for how many years?
21. Who was the second judge? for how many years?
22. Paraphrase the story of Ehud and Eglon?
23. How many Moabites were killed?
24. What was the third group that God gave the COI to?
25. Who was the 3rd judge and how did he deliver the COI?

Chapter 4(top)

26. Who were the COI delivered to next? Their king's name? For how long?
27. What was the captain of the army's name?
28. Who was the fourth judge?
29. Who was the captain of the Israelite army?
30. What did Deborah tell Barak to do?
31. What was her prophecy?
32. Sisera fled away from Barak to whose tent?
33. What did Jael do to Sisera?

Chapter 5(top)

34. How long did Deborah reign as judge?

Chapter 6(top)

35. What group oppressed the COI next? For how long?
36. Who was the next delivering judge?
37. What does Gideon mean by being the least in his father's house?
38. What sign did the angel show Gideon?
39. What did the Lord tell Gideon to do?
40. How does Joash respond to the call for Gideon's life?
41. Who is Jerubbaal?
42. What was the second sign that God showed Gideon?

Chapter 7(top)

43. What was God's concern before going against the midianites?
44. Approximately what % of the army went home scared?
45. What was God's test to make his army?
46. How many men were finally chosen?
47. What was the prophetic dream that the man had?
48. What did every man get to prepare for battle?
49. What slogan were they to yell?
50. How did the COI win without any weapons?
51. What tribe helped Gideon at the end of chapter 7?

Chapter 8(top)

52. How did Gideon smooth out relations with the Ephraimites?
53. What was Gideon's problem with the people from Succoth and Penuel?
54. What did Gideon tell his son Jether to do? Did he? Why?
55. What did Gideon ask of the COI? What did he make?
56. How many sons did Gideon have total?
57. How long did Gideon reign as judge?

Chapter 9(top)

58. Where did Abimelech go and what did he ask?
59. What terrible thing did Abimelech do?
60. Who escaped?
61. Who is the bramble?
62. What did Jotham prophesy?
63. How long did Abimelech reign as (technically) the first king of Israel?
64. What did God send between Abimilech and the Shechemites?
65. Who won the war between the Shechemites and Abimelech?
66. What happened to Abimelech?

Chapter 10(top)

67. Who was the judge after the Abimelech interruption? How long?
68. Who was the next judge? How long?
69. What was unusual about him?
70. What did the COI do?
71.  How did God punish them?
72. How long was Israel oppressed?
73. What does verse 16 tell us about God?
74. What question was being asked at the end of chapter 10?

Chapter 11(top)

75. What was Jepthah's father's name?
76. What was Jepthah's mother?
77. What  did Jepthah's stepbrothers do and why?
78. What did Jepthah do?
79. After war broke out what did the Gileadites do?
80. What did Jepthah make the people promise?
81. What did Jepthah ask the king of Ammon?
82. What was his response?
83. What did Jepthah say?
84. What promise did Jepthah give to God?
85. How did Jepthah's vow backfire?
86. What did Jepthah's daughter ask to do?

Chapter 12(top)

87. Who did the men of Ephraim descend from?
88. What was their complaint?
89. What areas did the Gileadites capture?
90. What was the secret password to get across Jordan?
91. How many Ephraimites were killed?
92. How long did Jepthah judge Israel?
93. Who was the next judge? For how long?
94. Next judge? How long?
95. Next judge? How long?

Chapter 13(top)

96. Who were the COI oppressed by this time? For how long?
97. Who was Manoah? What tribe was he from?
98. What did the angel say to Manoah's wife?
99. What were some of the rules of her pregnancy?
100. What is a Nazarite?(see Num 6:2)
101. Verse 16 tells us what about worshiping things beside God?
102. What happened when Manoah offered his sacrifice?
103. What was the name of Manoah's son?

Chapter 14(top)

104. What did Samson want?
105. What was his parents concern?
106. What was the hidden agenda?
107. What happened to Samson on the way to Timnath?
108. What had happened to the lion he killed?
109. What was Samson's riddle? and what did he promise?
110. What did the people at the feast say to Samson's phillistine wife?
111. How did she get the answer out of Samson?
112. Who was Samson's heifer?
113.  How did he pay off his debt to those that solved Samson's riddle?

Chapter 15(top)

114. What happened to Samson's wife?
115.  What did her father offer Samson instread?
116. What did Samson catch? what did he do with them?
117. What did the Phillistines do to Samson's wife and father in law?
118.  How does this tie in with verse 3
119. What did the men of Judah do to Samson?
120. What did Samson do to the Phillistines?
121. What did God do when Samson prayed for drink?
122. How long did Samson judge Israel?

Chapter 16(top)

123. What did Samson do when the Gazites tried to kill him?
124. Who did Samson fall in love with?
125. What did the Phillistines bribe Delilah with to find out Samson's strength?
126. What four ways did Samson tell Delilah would take his strength? Which was true?
127. What did the Phillistines do to him?
128.  What began happeneing?
129. Who was the Phillistines god?
130  What did Samson ask the child to do?
131. What did Samson pray for?
132. How many did he kill?

Chapter 17(top)

133. What had Micah done?
134. What did his mother want to use the money for?
135. What is an ephod?
136. Who did Micah hire and for what did he hire him?
137. What did he pay him?
138. Why did Micah think it important to have a Levite be his priest?

Chapter 18(top)

139. What was the tribe of Dan's problem?
140. How many Danites readied themselves for war?
141. What did the Danites do when they came to the house of Micah?
142. Who did the Danites smite?
143. What did they rename Laish?

Chapter 19(top)

144. In Ch. 19 after the Levite and goes and gets his concubine from this father-in-law's house, what city did they stay in one their return? Who owned this city?
145. What did the devil men want? What did they get?

Chapter 20(top)

146. What did the Levite do with his concubine after she died?
147. What did the COI ask the Benjamites?
148.  Did they comply?
149. How many Benjamites were there?  What was special about some of them?
150. How many COI were there?
151. How many COI were killed in the first two battles with the Benjamites?
152. How many Benjamites died in the 3rd battle?
153. What was the COI sign after they drew the Benjamites out of their city?
154. What did the COI swear to do?

Chapter 21(top)

155. Where did they get wives for the tribe of Benjamin?