Study of Minor Prophets
  Intro/ Hosea / Joel / Amos / Obadiah / Jonah / Micah / Nahum / Habakkuk / Zephaniah / Haggai / Zechariah / Malachi


   930  Split between Israel and Judah
   800  (or toward the close of the 9th century) Joel
   760  Amos
   750-25 Hosea
   750  Nahum
   734-2  First attack of Israel by Assyria
   725-15 Micah
   722  Downfall of Israel to Assyria
   700  Obadiah
   700-600 Jonah
   625  Zephaniah
   621  Discovery of Book of Law
   612  Destruction of Ninevah
   603  Habakkuk
   597  1st captivity
   586  final downfall of Jerusalem
   536  1st wave return
   520  Haggai
   520-16 Zechariah
   516  Dedication of 2nd temple
   458  Return of Ezra
   445  1st return of Nehemiah
   444  The law read and expounded by Ezra
   432  Second return of Nehemiah
   445-32 Malachi
   333  Alexander the Great
   167-164 Maccabean Uprising


1.) What kings did Hosea prophesy during?
2.) Who did Hosea marry?
3.) What were the names of their children?
4.) What does the 1st part of 8:7 mean?
5.) What is the analogy and prophecy that Hosea makes?


1.) What infested Judah?
2.) What might this be predicting?
3.) How many years was there of Bab. captivity? Why? Why are locusts a good representation of the Babylonians?
4.) Who in the New Testament quotes 2:28-32?


1.) What was Amos's profession?
2.) What kings were reigning during his time?
3.) What cities/lands does Amos predict judgement on?
4.) In ch 7 what three things in order was God going to send.
5.) What does the third thing do?
6.) What does verse 17 predict?
7.) What did God show Amos in ch 8
8.) What does this mean?
9.) What does songs of the temple turn into howlings mean?
10.) What does the end of chapter 9 predict?


1.) What are the five one-chapter books in the Bible?
2.) Who were the two sons of Isaac?
3.) What nation came out of each of these sons?
4.) What nation does Obadiah prophecy against?
5.) In verse 3 what does clefts of rock and high habitation mean?


1.) Where is Jonah sent?
2.) Where did Jonah go instead? why?
3.) What happened on the sea?
4.) What did Jonah suggest the sailors do to calm the sea?
5.) What swallowed Jonah?
6.) How long was he in the fish?
7.) What did God ask Jonah again?
8.) What did Jonah prophecy to Ninevah?
9.) What did the people of Ninevah do?
10.) So what did God do?
11.) Why was Jonah angry?
12.) What did God give Jonah for shade?
13.) What did God have happen to the gourd?
14.) What was the purpose of this display?


1.) Who reigned during the time of Micah?
2.) What does the book of Micah predict?
3.) Ch 4 refers to the coming of Christ's Church.
     Does verse 3 mean Christians should'nt fight? (see John 18:36)


1.) What city does Nahum predict will be destroyed?
2.) What empire was this the capitol of?
3.) Does this explain why Jonah was scared to go there?
4.) Who destroys Ninevah in 612 B.C.


1.) What is Habakkuk's complaint?
2.) Who is prophecied is coming to take captive?
3.) What New Testament phrase is used in Habakkuk?


1.) Who was ruling during the time of Zephaniah?
2.) What was this king noted for?
3.) What does Zephaniah prophesy?


1.) Who was king during the time of Haggai?
2.) Who does Haggai speak to?
3.) Who is Zerubbabel?
4.) What is Haggai's message to the return captives?


1.) Who was king in the time of Zechariah?
2.) What are the four horns in 1:18
3.) What do the carpenters represent?
4.) Why is this a good time to be talking about carpenters.
5.) Who does 3:8 refer to when it says the BRANCH?
6.) What is 3:9 referring to? see Eph 2:20 & 1 Pet. 2:5)
7.) What was the vision in ch 4?
8.) What do the two olive trees that give light represent?
9.) What is the vision at the beginning of ch 5?
10.)What is the vision at the end of ch 5? what does it mean?
11.) What does the end of ch.6 predict?
12.) What does the end of ch. 9 predict?


1.) What verse do we know that is similar to 3:6?
2.) What is Malachi's warning? (ch.4)