Children's Curriculum

Sunday A.M. and P.M.

May 6th
Eli & His Wicked Sons
I Sam. 2:12-21; 3:1-20
May 13th
The Capture & Return of the Ark
I Sam. 4 & 5
May 20th
Ark of Covenant
I Sam. 6:1 - I Sam. 7:1
May 27th
Men of Kiriath Jearim
I Sam. 7
Jun 3rd
Israel Asks for a King
I Sam. 8
Jun 10th
Saul is Made King of Israel
I Sam. 9 - 10
Jun 17th
Prepare for VBS Questions
Jun 24th
Saul Rescues City of Jabesh
1 Sam. 11

Wednesday P.M.

May 9th
Birth of John the Baptist
Luke 1
May 16th
Birth of Jesus
Luke 2:1-21
May 23rd
Visit to Jerusalem
Luke 2:22-39; Matt. 2:1-12
May 30th
This Wednesday night will be Song Night
Jun 6th
Flee to Egypt
Matt. 2:13-23; Luke 2:40-52
Jun 13th
Dismiss to Dean Ave.
Jun 20th
This is Wednesday Night of VBS
Jun 27th
This Wednesday night will be Song Night