Children's Curriculum Study Questions

  Oct 27th:  The Woman at the Well (John 4:1-42)

1.) What land did Jesus travel through?
2.) Where did he stop?
3.) Who came out to the well and what did Jesus ask her?
4.) Where had his disciples gone?
5.) What observation did the woman make?
6.) How did Jesus respond?
7.) She asked him if He was greater than who?
8.) What kind of water was Jesus talking about?
9.) What did she ask for?
10.) Who did he tell her to go get?
11.) What did she say?
12.) What did Jesus say about her?
13.) What did the woman realize about him?
14.) Where did the Samaritans worship?
15.) Where did the Jews worship?
16.) How will true worshippers worship God?
17.) Who did the woman say was coming?
18.) Who did Jesus say he was?
19.) Who then returned and what were they surprised about?
20.) Where did the woman go and what did she tell them?
21.) What did the disciples ask Jesus to do?
22.) What did Jesus say was his food?
23.) Did the Samaritans believe?
24.) How long did Jesus stay there?
25.) Who did the Samaritans say Jesus was?

  Nov 10th:  Through the Roof (Mark 2:1-12)

1.) Where did Jesus call home?
2.) What was wrong with a man that some men brought to Jesus?
3.) How did they get him to Jesus?
4.) What did Jesus see about these men who were helping this man?
5.) What did he say to the man?
6.) What did some of the teachers think about what Jesus said?
7.) When Jesus knew what they were thinking what did He ask them?
8.) What did Jesus do then?
9.) What was the man able to do?

  Nov 24th:  House on the Rock (Matt. 7:24-29; Luke 6:46-49)

1.) Where do wise men build their houses?
2.) What did Jesus say wise men are like?
3.) Why doesn't the wise man's house fall down in bad weather?
4.) Where do foolish men build their houses?
5.) What did Jesus say foolish men are like?
6.) What happens to foolish men's houses when bad weather strikes?

  Dec 8th:  Jesus heals on the Sabbath (Matt. 12:1- 14)

1.) What did Jesus disciples do on the Sabbath?
2.) What did the Pharisees complain about?
3.) What did Jesus remind them of?
4.) Is Jesus greater than David and the priests?
5.) What words of God did Jesus say the Pharisees should understand?
6.) What is Jesus Lord of?
7.) What was wrong with the man in the synagogue?
8.) What did they accuse Jesus of even before He did it?
9.) What did He remind them about the old law?
10.) Is an animal more important than a human being?
11.) What is it lawful to do on the Sabbath?
12.) What did Jesus do for the man?
13.) What did the Pharisees plot to do?

  Dec 22nd:  The Son of the Widow of Nain (Luke 7:11-18)

1.) What town did Jesus go to?
2.) As he came to the gate what did they see?
3.) How did Jesus feel about the widow?
4.) What did He say to her?
5.) What did Jesus touch and what did He say?
6.) What happened to the young man?
7.) What did the people all start saying?

  Jan 5th:  Parable of the Sower (Luke 8:4-15)

1.) Where did the first seed fall and what happened to it?
2.) Where did the next seed fall and what happened to it?
3.) Where did the next seed fall and what happened to it?
4.) Where did the next seed fall and what happened to it?
5.) What did the seed represent?
6.) The seed on the path were like what kind of people?
7.) The seed on the rocks were like what kind of people?
8.) The seed in the thorns were like what kind of people?
9.) The seed in the good soil were like what kind of people?

  Jan 19th:  The Demon Possessed Man (Mark 5:1-20)

1.) Where did Jesus and his disciples go?
2.) Who did they see?
3.) How had the people tried to restrain the man?
4.) What would he do night and day?
5.) What did the man do and say when he saw Jesus?
6.) What was the demon's name?
7.) What was nearby that Legion asked to go into?
8.) Did Jesus let them?
9.) How many pigs were there?
10.) What did the pigs do?
11.) What did the people watching the pigs run and do?
12.) What did the people ask Jesus to do because they were afraid?
13.) What did Jesus tell the man to do as he was leaving in the boat?

  Feb 2nd:  The Daughter of Jairus (Luke 8:40-56)

1.) Who came to talk to Jesus?
2.) What was he asking for?
3.) While they were on their way who touched Jesus and why?
4.) What happened to her?
5.) What did Jesus ask?
6.) What did Peter say to Jesus?
7.) What did Jesus say about his power?
8.) What did the woman finally say?
9.) What did Jesus say healed her?
10.) What did the messenger from Jairus' house say?
11.) What did Jesus tell Jairus?
12.) Who did Jesus take with him into the house to see the daughter?
13.) When Jesus told them she was not dead but just sleeping what did the people do?
14.) What did Jesus do next that amazed everyone?

  Feb 16th:  Jesus Walks on the Water (Mark 6:45-52 Matt. 14:22-33; John 6:15-21)

1.) What did Jesus tell the disciples to do?
2.) What did He go to do?
3.) How did Jesus get out to the boat?
4.) What did the disciples think He was?
5.) What did Jesus say to them?
6.) What did Peter try to do?
7.) Did Peter walk on the water?
8.) For how long?
9.) When Jesus got into the boat what happened to the wind?
10.) Who did the disciples then say that Jesus was?

  Nov 3rd:  Fishers of Men (Luke 5:1-11)

1.) How did Jesus get a little ways away from the crowd?
2.) What did he tell Peter to do after he finished teaching the people?
3.) What did Peter tell him?
4.) Did they catch any fish?
5.) Who did they signal?
6.) What began happening to the boats?
7.) What did Peter say?
8.) Jesus said to not be afraid and they were now going to be fishers of what?

  Nov 17th:  Rejection at Nazareth (John 4:43-54; Mark 6:1-6;)

1.) Where was Jesus and what was He doing?
2.) What were the people amazed by?
3.) How many brothers did Jesus have?
4.) Were they younger or older than Jesus?
5.) Did Jesus have any sisters?
6.) What did Jesus say about a prophet in his hometown?
7.) What was Jesus amazed by?
1.) What other town did He visit in Galilee?
2.) A man came from Capernaum with what request?
3.) What did Jesus say about the people?
4.) What did he tell the man about his son?
5.) When the man was going home, his servants met him with what news?
6.) What did the man figure out?

  Dec 1st:  The Pool at Bethesda (John 5:1-18)

1.) Where did Jesus go?
2.) What was by the sheep gate?
3.) What kind of people would hang out there?
4.) There was a man that couldn't walk for how long?
5.) What did Jesus ask him?
6.) What was the man's reply?
7.) What did Jesus tell the man to do?
8.) What day of the week did Jesus heal the man?
9.) What did the Jews tell the man?
10.) What did the man say to the Jews?
11.) Did the man tell the Jews who it was that healed him?
12.) Later Jesus found the man again where?
13.) What did Jesus tell the man to stop doing?
14.) What did the man go tell the Jews?
15.) How did Jesus respond?
16.) What did the Jews want to do to Jesus?
17.) What were the two reasons given why they wanted to kill him?

  Dec 15th:  The Centurion's Servant (Luke 7:1-10; Matt. 8:5-13)

1.) Where did Jesus go?
2.) What was wrong with a centurion's servant?
3.) What is a centurion and would he be a Jew or not?
4.) Why did the centurion send some Jews to Jesus?
5.) What did the Jews say to persuade Jesus to come?
6.) What did the centurion send his friends out to say to Jesus?
7.) Did this impress Jesus?
8.) What did Jesus say about the faith of this Gentile?
9.) When the men went back in what condition did they find the servant?
10.) Did Jesus say that only Jews would be saved?

  Dec 29th:  Anointing Jesus' Feet (Luke 7:36-50)

1.) Who invited Jesus to dinner?
2.) How had the woman lived?
3.) What did she bring to the house?
4.) What did she wash and dry Jesus's feet with?
5.) What did the Pharisee say in his head?
6.) Jesus turned to the Pharisee named Simon and told him a parable about what?
7.) How did Simon answer and did he get it right?
8.) What three things did the woman give that Simon had not?
9.) What did Jesus say to the woman?
10.) What did the other guests say about Jesus?

  Jan 12th:  Jesus Calms a Storm (Matt 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41)

1.) What did Jesus and his disciples get into?
2.) What all of a sudden happened?
3.) What was Jesus doing?
4.) What did the disciples do?
5.) What did Jesus say to them?
6.) What miracle did Jesus perform?
7.) What did the disciples ask among themselves?

  Jan 26th:  Parable of Wheat & Tares (Matt. 13:24-30; 36-43)

1.) What is the kingdom of heaven like?
2.) What did the enemy do while the farmer was sleeping?
3.) When the servants noticed it and told the farmer who did he say did it?
4.) What did the servants ask to do?
5.) What did the farmer say to do instead?
6.) Who was the farmer in this parable?
7.) What was the field in the parable?
8.) What was the good seed?
9.) What were the weeds?
10.) Who was the enemy?
11.) What is the harvest?
12.) Who are the harvesters?
13.) What will happen to the weeds (evil people)?
14.) Who will Jesus send out to gather everyone up?
15.) What will happen to the righteous people?

  Feb 9th:  Feeding the 5,000 (John 6:1-14; Matt. 14: 13-21; Mark 6:30-44)

1.) Where did Jesus go?
2.) Who followed him?
3.) What did he ask Philip?
4.) What was Philip's response?
5.) What did Peter say?
6.) How many men were there?
7.) How much was left over?

  Feb 23rd:  The Transfiguration (Matt. 17:1-13)

1.) What three disciples did Jesus take with Him up the mountain?
2.) What happened to Jesus' appearance?
3.) Who also appeared?
4.) What did Peter want to do?
5.) Who interrupted Peter and what did HE say?
6.) How did the disciples react?
7.) What did Jesus tell them not to do?
8.) What did they ask Jesus?
9.) Who was the Elijah that Jesus was talking about?