Children's Curriculum Study Questions

Aug 26th:  The Ark Returns (2 Sam. 6)

1.) How many men did David take with him to get the ark?
2.) What did they set the ark upon?
3.) Who touched the ark and died?
4.) Where did the ark stay and for how long?
5.) Did they transport the ark correctly the second time?
6.) What did David do when they walked 6 steps?
7.) What was David doing to celebrate?
8.) Who saw him through the window and how did she feel?
9.) What gift did David give to every man and woman?
10.) Who yelled at David when he got home?
11.) What was Michael's punishment?

Sep 9th:  God's Covenant with David (2 Sam. 7)

1.) What did David tell Nathan that he wanted to do for God?
2.) What did God promise David would happen?
3.) What other future kingdom is God also telling David about?

Sep 23rd:  David & Bathsheba (2 Sam. 11-12:25)

1.) Where did David send all his men?
2.) What did David see when he went up on his roof?
3.) What sin did David committ?
4.) What happened to Bathsheba?
5.) Who did David call to the palace?
6.) When David sent him home to Bathsheba did he go to her?
7.) Why did Uriah say he didn't go home?
8.) When David tried again did Uriah go home?
9.) What did David write in the letter to Joab?
10.) What happened to Uriah?
11.) What happened to Bathsheba?
12.) Was the Lord pleased about all of this?
13.) Who did God send to talk to David?
14.) What parable did Nathan tell David?
15.) When David got angry at the man in the parable, what did Nathan say?
16.) What did Nathan tell David that God said?
17.) What was going to be the punishment for David?
18.) Until the child died what did David do?
19.) Once the child died what did David do?
20.) What did David say when the people asked him about this?
21.) What was the name of David and Bathsheba's next son?
22.) What did the Lord name him and why?

Oct 7th:  Splitting the Baby (1 Kings 3; 4:21-34)

1.) Who did Solomon marry?
2.) How many offererings did Solomon offer at Gibeon?
3.) What did God ask Solomon?
4.) What wise thing did Solomon ask for?
5.) What else did God give him?
6.) What problem did the two women have?
7.) What was Solomon's solution?
8.) How did Solomon figure out who the mother was?
9.) What were some of the things that Solomon understood?
10.) How many proverbs and how many songs did he write?

Oct 21st:  The Dedication of the Temple (1 Kings 8)

1.) What did they bring up to the temple?
2.) How many sacrifices did they make?
3.) What was in the ark?
4.) What went into the Holy Place when the priests left?
5.) What did Solomon do first at the dedication of the temple?
6.) How many cattle did he sacrifice?
7.) How many sheep and goats did he sacrifice?
8.) How many days did they celebrate?

Sep 2nd:  ()

Labor Day Meeting
Sep 16th:  Mephibosheth (2 Sam. 4:4; 9)

1.) Jonathan had a son named who?
2.) When he was how many years old what happened to him?
3.) What did David ask?
4.) What was the name of Saul's servant that answered the question?
5.) What did Jonathan's son do when he came to David?
6.) What good news did David tell Mephibosheth?
7.) What did Mephibosheth say to David?
8.) What did David tell Ziba to do from now on?
9.) How many sons and how many servants did Ziba have?
10.) What was the name of Mephibosheth's son?

Sep 30th:  Solomon is Made King (1Kings 1:28 - 53; 2:10-12)

1.) What did David promise Bathsheba?
2.) What were David's three chief men supposed to do?
3.) What did the people shout?
4.) What did the people go tell Adonijah, who was trying to be king?
5.) What did Adonijah's followers do?
6.) What did Adonijah do?
7.) Did Solomon kill him or spare him?
8.) What happened to David?
9.) How long had he reigned?

Oct 14th:  Solomon Builds the Temple (1 Kings 6:1-38)

1.) What did Solomon begin to build for God?
2.) What were the temple's dimensions?
3.) How big was the porch?
4.) What tools did they use at the building site?
5.) What was the inner santuary called?
6.) What type of wood was used?
7.) What metal did he put over all of the wood?
8.) What two things did he make for the inner sanctuary?
9.) How long did it take Solomon to build the temple?

Oct 28th:  Solomon Turns from the Lord (1 Kings 11:1-13, 41-43)

1.) What was Solomon's problem?
2.) How many women did Solomon have?
3.) As Solomon got older what did these women from other countries do?
4.) What did he do for his wives?
5.) What was Solomon's punishment for acting evil?
6.) When would this happen?
7.) How long did Solomon reign?
8.) Who took over as king?