Children's Class Study Questions

Dec 24th:  The Transjordan Tribes (Numbers 32)

1.) This story is about which two tribes?
2.) What did they own a lot of?
3.) Who did they go talk to and what did they ask?
4.) What did Moses warn them about not doing?
5.) What did the two tribes offer as a plan?
6.) What did Moses say?
7.) What other half tribe was part of this group?
8.) The two and a half tribes received the land of what two kings?

Jan 7th:  Be Strong & Courageous (Joshua 1)

1.) After Moses died who did God speak to?
2.) What did God tell Joshua to be?
3.) Who will be with Joshua everywhere he goes?
4.) What did God tell Joshua to obey?
5.) How often should it be meditated upon?
6.) What did God promise to the Israelites?
7.) Which tribes did Joshua speak to?
8.) Who must go to battle?
9.) After the battle is won where can they go?
10.) Did the Israelites promise to follow Joshua like they did Moses?
11.) What will happen to those who disobey Joshua's command?

Jan 21st:  Crossing the Jordan River (Joshua 3 - 4)

1.) What did the officers tell the camp to watch for?
2.) Once they see it what should they do?
3.) What did the Lord tell Joshua He was going to do for him?
4.) Who carried the ark of covenant?
5.) What river were they going to?
6.) When the priests reached the Jordan what happened?
7.) Where did the priests stand with the ark?
8.) How many men did God tell Joshua to gather?
9.) What did these men set up in Gilgal?
10.) How would the Israelites remember crossing the Jordan?
11.) How many men were ready to battle Jericho?
12.) What would all the people on the earth know about God?

Feb 4th:  The Gibeonites Trick Joshua (Joshua 9)

1.) What did the kings of Jordan come together to do?
2.) What did the people of Gibeon do instead?
3.) The Israelites sampled the provisions but did not seek counsel from who?
4.) Where did the men say they lived?
5.) Did Joshua make a treaty of peace or war against the Gibeonites?
6.) Three days later who surrounded their camp?
7.) Why did Israel not attack?
8.) Why did these men deceive Joshua and the Israelites?
9.) What jobs did Joshua assign these men?

Feb 18th:  Othniel, Shamgar, Ehud (Judges 3:7-31)

1.) What did the Israelites do?
2.) How long and to what people were the Israelites captive?
3.) Who was the first judge and for how long?
4.) What did the Israelites do again?
5.) What people and king captured them and for how long?
6.) Who was the next judge and was he left or right handed?
7.) What did Ehud hide in his clothing?
8.) Describe Eglon
9.) What did Ehud say and do to Eglon?
10.) How did Ehud have time to get away?
11.) How many Moabites were killed in battle?
12.) How long did Ehud rule?
13.) Who was the next judge?
14.) How many Philistines did he kill and with what?

Dec 31st:  Moses Dies (Numbers 27:12-23; Deut. 34)

1.) Who did God tell Moses to choose as his successor?
2.) What mountain did Moses climb?
3.) Did God allow Moses to see the Promised Land?
4.) Did God allow Moses to enter the Promised Land? Why Not?
5.) Who buried Moses? Does anyone else know where Moses was buried?
6.) How old was Moses when he died?
7.) How long did the Israelites mourn?
8.) At the time of this writing had there been a prophet greater than Moses?
9.) Who replaced Moses as the leader of the Israelites?

Jan 14th:  Rahab & the Spies (Joshua 2)

1.) How many spies did Joshua send out and where did they go?
2.) The King of Jericho sent what message to who?
3.) What did Rahab do with the spies?
4.) Where did she hide them?
5.) What did she tell the men who came looking for the spies?
6.) What did Rahab ask the spies as repayment for her kindness?
7.) How did the spies escape?
8.) What did Rahab put in the window for their return?
9.) Who should be waiting in her home?
10.) Who is in the lineage of Rahab?

Jan 28th:  The Battle of Jericho (Joshua 5:13-15; 6)

1.) How many times and how many days did the men march around Jericho?
2.) What time of day did they march?
3.) Where would they go after they marched 1 time around the city?
4.) On the last day how many times did they march around the city?
5.) Who would blow the trumpets?
6.) How many were there?
7.) What should happen when they heard that sound?
8.) What happened to the city wall?
9.) Who was spared? Why were they kept safe?
10.) Who rescued Rahab and all her household?
11.) What did they take from the city?
12.) What did they do to the city?
13.) Whose fame spread throughout the land?

Feb 11th:  Sun Stands Still (Joshua 10:1-27)

1.) Why was the king of Jerusalem concerned?
2.) How many kings did he ask to go to war with him against Gibeon?
3.) When the Gibeonites were attacked who did they ask help from?
4.) Did Joshua come to Gibeon’s rescue?
5.) What did God tell Joshua?
6.) How long did Israel march?
7.) What happened to the enemies?
8.) What did God send when they were running away on the road?
9.) Joshua said to the Lord that what would stand still?
10.) How long did the sun shine?
11.) Has there ever been a day like this?
12.) Who was fighting for Israel?
13.) Where did the kings hide?
14.) Were the kings captured by the Israelites?
15.) What did Joshua do to the kings?
16.) After they were taken down from the poles where were they buried?

Feb 25th:  Deborah (Judges 4)

1.) What king captured Israel this time?
2.) Who was commander of his army?
3.) How many iron chariots did he have?
4.) How long had he cruelly oppressed the Israelites?
5.) Who was the new judge?
6.) What was her husband's name?
7.) Who was the commander of her army?
8.) How many men did she command Barak to take?
9.) How did Barak reply?
10.) Because of this what did Deborah prophesy?
11.) How many of Sisera's troops survived the battle?
12.) Where did Sisera run?
13.) What did Jael give to him?
14.) What did Sisera tell Jael to do?
15.) While he was sleeping, what did Jael do?
16.) Who did the battle actually belong to?