Children's Curriculum Study Questions

Feb 24th:  Hezekiah (2 Chron. 29:1-26)

1.) Who became king of Jerusalem?
2.) How old was he?
3.) What did Hezekiah try to do?
4.) How many days total did it take them to clean and consecrate the temple?
5.) What did they offer for sacrifices?

Mar 10th:  Josiah (2 Kings 23:1-30)

1.) What did Josiah read to the people?
2.) What did Josiah do concerning worship?
3.) What did Josiah do with human bones?
4.) Whose bones did they not disturb?
5.) What feast did Josiah start again?
6.) What was different about Josiah than any other king?
7.) Did God change his will about punishing Judah?
8.) What happened to Josiah when he faught the king of Egypt?
9.) Who became king after Josiah?

Mar 24th:  Rebuilding of Temple (Ezra 1- 3:13)

1.) What happened when Cyrus became king of Persia?
2.) What prophet had foretold this?
3.) What did Cyrus decide to do?
4.) How many pieces of gold and silver did he send back to Jerusalem?
5.) How many people returned to Jerusalem?
6.) In the seventh month back, what did Zerubbabel build?
7.) Who was assigned to rebuild the temple?
8.) How did different people react to the laying of the foundation?

Apr 7th:  Esther Becomes Queen (Esther 1-2:18)

1.) Who was the king of Persia?
2.) What did he do?
3.) How long did the celebration last?
4.) How long did the banquet last?
5.) On the seventh day, what did Xerxes command Vashti to do?
6.) What happened?
7.) What was her punishment?
8.) What notice was sent out to all household leaders?
9.) Who did they start a search for?
10.) Who are we introduced to and what was the name of his cousin?
11.) What was her Persian name?
12.) What did Hegai think of Esther?
13.) Who was Esther's father's name?
14.) What did Xerxes proclaim about Esther?

Apr 21st:  Esther Pleads for Her People (Esther 4-5:8)

1.) What did Mordecai do when he heard about the plan?
2.) What did Mordecai ask Esther to do?
3.) What was the law of seeing the king?
4.) How long had it been since she saw Xerxes?
5.) What did he say to Esther to encourage her to do the right thing?
6.) What did she ask Mordecai and the Jews to do?
7.) What famous words did Esther say?
8.) Did Xerxes extend the scepter to Esther?
9.) What did Xerxes offer her?
10.) What did Esther request?
11.) What did Esther request again for the next day?

Mar 3rd:  The Book of the Law is Found (2 Kings 22)

1.) Who became the new king?
2.) How old was he?
3.) How long did he reign?
4.) What did Josiah send Shaphan to do?
5.) What did Hilkiah the high priest say that he found?
6.) What did Josiah realize when he read the Word of God?
7.) What did the prophetess say would happen?
8.) What was Josiah's reward since he humbled himself?

Mar 17th:  Judah is Lead into Captivity (2 Kings 25:1-21)

1.) How was king of Judah?
2.) Who attacked Jerusalem?
3.) How many years was Jerusalem under siege?
4.) What did the Judah army do at night?
5.) What did the Babylonians do to Zedekiah and his sons?
6.) What did the Babylonians do to the buildings in Jerusalem?
7.) Did Nebuzaradan leave any people? why?
8.) What other things did the Babylonians take?
9.) What did they do to the important leaders of Judah?

Mar 31st:  Ezra Reads the Law (Nehemiah 8:1-12)

1.) What did Ezra do from morning until noon?
2.) Where did he stand to do this?
3.) What were the people doing as Ezra read?
4.) Who was the governor?
5.) How did they feel when they understood the Word of God?

Apr 14th:  Mordecai and Haman (Esther 2:19-3:15)

1.) Did Esther tell anyone that she was a Jew?
2.) Where was Mordecai sitting?
3.) What plan did Mordecai overhear?
4.) What did he do about it?
5.) What happened to the two men?
6.) Who did the king promote to the highest honor?
7.) Who wouldn't bow down to Haman?
8.) What did Mordecai tell them about himself and why he wouldn't bow down?
9.) What did Haman decide to do to the Jews?
10.) What did Haman ask Xerxes to do?
11.) When was the massacre of the Jews supposed to happen?

Apr 28th:  Haman Hanged (Esther 5:9-6:14)

1.) How was Haman feeling and why?
2.) What did Haman boast about when he got home?
3.) What did Haman complain about?
4.) What did his wife and friends suggest he build?
5.) When the king could not sleep what did he do?
6.) What was he reminded of?
7.) When Haman arrived what did the king ask him?
8.) How did Haman reply and why?
9.) Who did the king tell Haman to give the honor to?
10.) How did this make Haman feel?
11.) What did his wife and friends warn him about?
12.) Where did the king's servants take Haman?