Children's Curriculum Study Questions

Dec 23rd:  Elijah is Taken to Heaven (2 Kings 2:1-18)

1.) Where was Elijah going and what did he tell Elisha to do?
2.) What did the prophets at Bethel tell Elisha?
3.) How did Elisha respond?
4.) Where did Elijah say he was going and what did he tell Elisha to do?
5.) What did the prophets at Jericho tell Elisha?
6.) How did Elisha respond?
7.) Where did Elijah say he was going and what did he tell Elisha to do?
8.) How many prophets came to the Jordan to watch?
9.) What did Elijah do with his cloak?
10.) What did Elijah ask Elisha?
11.) What did Elisha ask for?
12.) How did Elijah respond?
13.) What showed up and took Elijah to heaven?
14.) What did Elisha yell and do to his clothes?
15.) What did Elisha pick up?
16.) What did he do with it?
17.) What did the 50 prophets want to do?
18.) How long did they look for Elijah?

Jan 6th:  Elisha and the Shunammite Woman (2 Kings 4:1-17)

1.) What did the woman tell Elisha?
2.) What did Elisha ask her?
3.) What did she have?
4.) What did he tell her to do?
5.) What miracle occurred?
6.) What did Elisha tell her to do with the oil?
7.) Where did Elisha go next?
8.) What did the woman there do for Elisha?
9.) What did Elisha ask the woman?
10.) What did Elisha do for the woman?

Jan 20th:  Naaman's Leprosy (2 Kings 5:1-14)

1.) Who was the commander of the Syrian army?
2.) What was his problem?
3.) Who worked for Naaman's wife?
4.) What did the servant girl recommend?
5.) What did the king of Syria do?
6.) What did Naaman take with him?
7.) How did this make the king of Israel feel?
8.) What did Elisha tell the king?
9.) What did Elisha have his servant tell Naaman to do?
10.) Why was Naaman so angry?
11.) What did Naaman's servants tell him?
12.) What happened to him?

Feb 3rd:  The Floating Ax Head (2 Kings 6:1-7)

1.) What did the company of prophets want to do?
2.) What were they doing?
3.) What happened?
4.) What miracle did Elijah perform?

Feb 17th:  Joash Repairs the Temple (2 Kings 12:)

1.) Who became the king of Judah?
2.) How long was he king?
3.) Was he good or bad?
4.) Who was his instructor?
5.) What did Joash decide to do?
6.) What did Jehoida make and where did he put it?
7.) What was the money used for?
8.) What qualifications did the men have who were appointed to pay the workers?
9.) Who was going to attack Jerusalem?
10.) Why didn't he?
11.) What happened to Joash?
12.) Who was king next?

Dec 30th:  The Two Bears (2 Kings 2:19-25)

1.) What did the men of the city complain about?
2.) What did he tell them to bring him?
3.) What did he do with it and what did he say?
4.) Where did Elisha go next?
5.) What did the young men yell at Elisha?
6.) What did they mean by this?
7.) What did Elisha call down upon them?
8.) How many young men were hurt?

Jan 13th:  Elisha Raises the Dead (2 Kings 4:18-36)

1.) What did the child yell out?
2.) What happened to the boy?
3.) Where did his mother leave him?
4.) Where did the woman go?
5.) What did Elisha tell his servant to do?
6.) What did she tell the servant?
7.) What did she do when she got to Elisha?
8.) What did Elisha tell Gehazi to do?
9.) What did Elisha do when he came to the boy?
10.) What did the boy do and how many times?

Jan 27th:  Elisha's Greedy Servant (2 Kings 5:15-27)

1.) What did Naaman acknowledge?
2.) What did Naaman try to give Elisha?
3.) What did Naaman ask to take and why?
4.) What did Gehazi try to do?
5.) What did Gehazi ask from Naaman?
6.) What did Gehazi do with the silver?
7.) What did Elisha ask Gehazi?
8.) What happened to Gehazi because of his greed?

Feb 10th:  The Lord's Army (2 Kings 6:8-23)

1.) Who went to war with Israel?
2.) Who kept warning the king of Israel?
3.) Why was the king of Syria angry?
4.) Where did they go to capture Elisha?
5.) What did Elisha's servant fear?
6.) What did Elisha say to his servant?
7.) When the servant's eyes were opened what did he see?
8.) What did Elisha pray to have happen?
9.) Where did Elisha lead them?
10.) What did the king of Israel ask to do to them?
11.) What did Elisha tell them to do instead?

Feb 24th:  Hezekiah (2 Chron. 29:1-26)

1.) Who became king of Jerusalem?
2.) How old was he?
3.) What did Hezekiah try to do?
4.) How many days total did it take them to clean and consecrate the temple?
5.) What did they offer for sacrifices?