Children's Class Study Questions

May 6th:  Eli & His Wicked Sons (I Sam. 2:12-21; 3:1-20)

1.) What were the names of Eli's two sons?
2.) What were they doing?
3.) What did Hannah bring to Samuel each year?
4.) What would Eli say to Elkanah and Hannah?
5.) When the Lord called Samuel who did he think it was?
6.) The third time what did Eli tell Samuel to do?
7.) Who did the Lord tell Samuel he was going to punish and why?
8.) Did Samuel tell Eli about this?
9.) What did everyone end up knowing about Samuel?

May 20th:  Ark of Covenant (I Sam. 6:1 - I Sam. 7:1)

1.) How long was the ark with the Philistines?
2.) What did their priests say to do with the ark?
3.) What did they make as offerings to send with the ark?
4.) How did they send the ark back?
5.) Which way did the cows go?
6.) What did the Israelites of Beth Shemesh do when they saw the ark?
7.) Why had they made five images of the tumors and 5 of the rats?
8.) What happened to the Israelites because they had looked into the ark?
9.) How many of them died?
10.) Who did Beth Shemesh send messengers to so they would come and get the ark?

Jun 3rd:  Israel Asks for a King (I Sam. 8)

1.) Who were Samuel's sons?
2.) Were they good judges?
3.) What did the people want like all of the other nations?
4.) Why did this make Samuel upset?
5.) What did Samuel say a king would do to the people?
6.) Did they still want a king?
7.) Did the Lord allow them to have a king?

Jun 17th:  ()

Prepare for VBS Questions
May 13th:  The Capture & Return of the Ark (I Sam. 4 & 5)

1.) Who did the Israelites do battle against?
2.) Did they win or lose?
3.) How many Israelites died?
4.) What did the people decide to do to try to defeat their enemies?
5.) Who came with the ark?
6.) What did the Israelites do when the ark came into the camp?
7.) How did this make the Philistines feel?
8.) Who won the battle the second time?
9.) Who died?
10.) What happened to the ark?
11.) What did the messenger tell Eli?
12.) How old was Eli and what was wrong with him?
13.) What happened to Eli when he heard the news about the ark?
14.) How long had Eli judged?
15.) What was the name of Eli's grandson that was born?
16.) What was the meaning of his name?
17.) Where did the Philistines put the ark?
18.) What happened to the Philistine idol god?
19.) What happened to the Philistine people?
20.) Where did they send the ark?
21.) Where did they send the ark the second time?
22.) Where did they finally decide to send the ark?

May 27th:  Men of Kiriath Jearim (I Sam. 7)

1.) Where did the men of Kirjath Jearim take the ark?
2.) Who was consecrated to keep the ark?
3.) How long did the ark stay there?
4.) What did the Lord tell the people?
5.) Did the people obey him?
6.) Where did Samuel tell the people to gather?
7.) Who wanted to come attack Israel again?
8.) What did Samuel offer to the Lord?
9.) What did the Lord do to confuse the Philistines?
10.) What was the name of the stone that Samuel set up and what does it mean?
11.) Where was Samuel's home?

Jun 10th:  Saul is Made King of Israel (I Sam. 9 - 10)

1.) There was a man of Benjamin named....?
2.) What was the name of his son?
3.) What was his description?
4.) What did Saul go to look for?
5.) When they couldn't find them what did Saul say to his servant?
6.) Who did the servant say they should ask?
7.) How much did the servant have to pay the Seer?
8.) When they arrived at the town who did they ask about the Seer?
9.) Where did they say he would be?
10.) What had the Lord already told Samuel?
11.) When Samuel saw Saul what did the Lord say?
12.) What did Samuel tell Saul?
13.) How many people were at the banquet?
14.) What did Samuel tell the cook?
15.) Samuel sent the servant away so that he could announce to Saul what?
16.) What did Samuel do to Saul?
17.) What did Samuel prophesy would happen?
18.) What is the second thing that would happen?
19.) What is the third thing that would happen?
20.) How long would Saul have to wait for Samuel to come offer the sacrifices?
21.) Did the signs come to pass?
22.) When Samuel called Saul where did they find him?
23.) What did the people shout when they saw Saul?
24.) Did everyone like Saul?

Jun 24th:  Saul Rescues City of Jabesh (1 Sam. 11)

1.) Who encamped against Jabesh Gilead?
2.) What did the men of Jabesh Gilead ask for?
3.) What did Nahash say he would do?
4.) How many days did they ask for to find someone to rescue them?
5.) When Saul heard this how did he feel?
6.) What warning did he send throughout the land?
7.) How many from Israel and Judah went to battle?
8.) Into how many companies did Saul divide his men?
9.) Did they win?
10.) Where did Samuel take the people to renew the kingdom?