Children's Class Study Questions

Feb 18th:  Othniel, Shamgar, Ehud (Judges 3:7-31)

1.) What did the Israelites do?
2.) How long and to what people were the Israelites captive?
3.) Who was the first judge and for how long?
4.) What did the Israelites do again?
5.) What people and king captured them and for how long?
6.) Who was the next judge and was he left or right handed?
7.) What did Ehud hide in his clothing?
8.) Describe Eglon
9.) What did Ehud say and do to Eglon?
10.) How did Ehud have time to get away?
11.) How many Moabites were killed in battle?
12.) How long did Ehud rule?
13.) Who was the next judge?
14.) How many Philistines did he kill and with what?

Mar 4th:  The Calling of Gideon (Judges 6)

1.) Who did God turn the Israelites over to this time?
2.) For how long?
3.) What was the angel sitting under?
4.) Who is our next judge?
5.) Where and what was Gideon doing?
6.) What did the angel tell Gideon that he would do?
7.) How did Gideon respond?
8.) What did Gideon prepare for the angel?
9.) What miracle did the angel perform for Gideon?
10.) What did the angel tell Gideon to do?
11.) How many men did he take and when did he do it?
12.) What did the men want to do to Gideon?
13.) What did Gideon's father say about it?
14.) What became Gideon's other name?
15.) What sign did Gideon ask for?
16.) What was the second sign that Gideon asked for?

Mar 18th:  Samson is Born (Judges 13)

1.) Who did God turn the Israelites over to this time?
2.) What was the name of the new judge?
3.) What was the name of Samson's father and from what tribe was he?
4.) What did the angel say to Manoah's wife and later also to Manoah?
5.) What was the angel's name?
6.) When they offered a sacrifice what did the angel do?
7.) What did Manoah think would happen to them?
8.) How did Manoah's wife respond?
9.) What was the name of their child?

Apr 1st:  Ruth Chooses to Stay With Naomi (Ruth 1)

1.) What were the names of the Israelite family?
2.) Where did they move to and why?
3.) What happened to the father?
4.) What were the name of the Moabite girls that the sons married?
5.) What happened to the two sons?
6.) What did Naomi decide to do and who went with her?
7.) What town did they arrive in?
8.) What did Naomi tell people to call her and why?
9.) What time of the year was it when they returned to Israel?

Apr 15th:  Ruth and Boaz at Threshing Floor (Ruth 3)

1.) What directions did Naomi give to Ruth?
2.) What did Ruth ask Boaz to do and why Boaz?
3.) Did Boaz want to marry her?
4.) What did Boaz say had to happen first?
5.) In the morning what did Boaz tell Ruth and give to her?
6.) What did Naomi tell Ruth when she got home?

Apr 29th:  Hannah has a son (I Samuel 1)

1.) What was the name of the man and his two wives in our story?
2.) What was the difference between the women?
3.) Each year, where would Elkanah go?
4.) Who were the priests?
5.) Which wife did Elkanah love the most?
6.) Who would make fun of Hannah?
7.) What did this make Hannah do?
8.) What did Hannah do when they arrived in Shiloh?
9.) What did she ask for and promise?
10.) Who was watching and what did he accuse her?
11.) What was Hannah's response?
12.) What did Eli say to her?
13.) What did Hannah name her son?
14.) What does Samuel mean?
15.) Who did she give Samuel to?

Feb 25th:  Deborah (Judges 4)

1.) What king captured Israel this time?
2.) Who was commander of his army?
3.) How many iron chariots did he have?
4.) How long had he cruelly oppressed the Israelites?
5.) Who was the new judge?
6.) What was her husband's name?
7.) Who was the commander of her army?
8.) How many men did she command Barak to take?
9.) How did Barak reply?
10.) Because of this what did Deborah prophesy?
11.) How many of Sisera's troops survived the battle?
12.) Where did Sisera run?
13.) What did Jael give to him?
14.) What did Sisera tell Jael to do?
15.) While he was sleeping, what did Jael do?
16.) Who did the battle actually belong to?

Mar 11th:  Gideon's 300 (Judges 7)

1.) How many fighting men were in Gideon's army?
2.) What did God say about this?
3.) How many were afraid and left?
4.) What was the test to see who God would take?
5.) How many men did not bow to their knees to take a drink?
6.) God told Gideon if he was afraid he could do what?
7.) What did Gideon overhear?
8.) How did Gideon divide the men and what did he give them?
9.) What did they yell and what did they do?
10.) How did the Midianites die?
11.) What were the names of the two Midianite princes that were killed?

Mar 25th:  Samson and Delilah (Judges 16:4-31)

1.) Samson loved a woman named who?
2.) What did the Phillistines ask Delilah to find out?
3.) How much did they offer to pay her?
4.) How did Samson tell her he could be defeated?
5.) What did he say the other two times?
6.) What did she say to him after these three times?
7.) What did Samson finally tell her?
8.) What did the Phillistines do to him?
9.) Over time, what began happening to Samson's hair?
10.) What was the name of the Phillistine god?
11.) What did Samson do to the house?
12.) How long was Samson judge?

Apr 8th:  Ruth Gleans in the Fields (Ruth 2)

1.) What did Ruth do to provide food for her and Naomi?
2.) Whose field did she work in?
3.) When Boaz showed up who did he ask about?
4.) What did the servant say about her?
5.) What did Boaz say to Ruth?
6.) Why was Boaz so good to Ruth?
7.) What did Boaz invited Ruth to do?
8.) What did Boaz tell his servants to do?
9.) How much barley did Ruth collect?
10.) What did Naomi tell Ruth about Boaz?

Apr 22nd:  Boaz Redeems Ruth (Ruth 4)

1.) Where did Boaz go?
2.) How many city elders did Boaz convene?
3.) What did he ask the kinsman if he wanted to redeem?
4.) Did the kinsman want it?
5.) Then what did Boaz tell the kinsman he would also need to do?
6.) Did the kinsman want to do that?
7.) What did the kinsman offer Boaz to seal the deal?
8.) What blessing did the elders give to Ruth and Boaz?
9.) What is significant about them saying, "May you be famous in Bethlehem."?
10.) Once Ruth and Boaz were married, they had a son named?
11.) What was the name of their great grandson?