Children's Curriculum Study Questions

Oct 21st:  The Dedication of the Temple (1 Kings 8)

1.) What did they bring up to the temple?
2.) How many sacrifices did they make?
3.) What was in the ark?
4.) What went into the Holy Place when the priests left?
5.) What did Solomon do first at the dedication of the temple?
6.) How many cattle did he sacrifice?
7.) How many sheep and goats did he sacrifice?
8.) How many days did they celebrate?

Nov 4th:  The Kingdom is Divided (1 Kings 11; 12:1-24)

1.) Who was the young man that Solomon put in charge of labor?
2.) What did the prophet Ahijah do with his new cloak?
3.) What did he tell Jeroboam?
4.) What did Solomon try to do to Jeroboam?
5.) Where did Jeroboam flee?
6.) How long was Solomon king?
7.) Who became king after Solomon?
8.) When Jeroboam came back, what did he ask Rehoboam?
9.) What advice did the old men give?
10.) What advice did his young friends give?
11.) Whose advice did he accept?
12.) Who did the Israelites make king over them?
13.) What tribes was Rehoboam still king over?
14.) How many men did Rehoboam get to fight Israel?
15.) What did God say about this?

Nov 18th:  Ravens Bring Food to Elijah (1 Kings 16:29-34; 17:1-6)

1.) Who became king of Israel?
2.) How long did he reign?
3.) How evil was he?
4.) Who did he marry?
5.) What gods did he worship?
6.) What did Elijah tell Ahab?
7.) What did God tell Elijah to go do?
8.) How did God provide for Elijah?

Dec 2nd:  Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:19-46)

1.) Where did Elijah tell Ahab to meet him and who to bring?
2.) What did Elijah tell the people?
3.) What was the competition that Elijah set up?
4.) Did Baal answer the false prophets prayers?
5.) How did Elijah make fun of them?
6.) What did Elijah rebuild the altar with?
7.) What did he dig around it?
8.) How many large jars of water did he pour on the altar?
9.) Did God answer when Elijah prayed?
10.) What did the fire burn?
11.) What did the people yell?
12.) What did Elijah do to the prophets of Baal?
13.) What did Elijah tell Ahab would happen?
14.) How many times did Elijah tell his servant to look to the sea from Mt. Carmel?
15.) What did the servant see the 7th time?
16.) Where did Elijah tell his servant to quickly go?
17.) What did the power of the Lord enable Elijah to do?

Dec 16th:  Ahaziah and Elijah (2 Kings 1)

1.) What happened to Ahaziah?
2.) What false god did he try to inquire of?
3.) What did Elijah tell the messengers?
4.) What did Ahaziah ask the messengers?
5.) How did the messengers describe Elijah?
6.) How many men did the king send to Elijah?
7.) What happened to them?
8.) What did the king send again?
9.) What happened to them?
10.) How did the third captain act differently?
11.) What did the angel tell Elijah to do?
12.) What did Elijah tell Ahaziah to his face?
13.) Who became the new king of Israel?

Oct 28th:  Solomon Turns from the Lord (1 Kings 11:1-13, 41-43)

1.) What was Solomon's problem?
2.) How many women did Solomon have?
3.) As Solomon got older what did these women from other countries do?
4.) What did he do for his wives?
5.) What was Solomon's punishment for acting evil?
6.) When would this happen?
7.) How long did Solomon reign?
8.) Who took over as king?

Nov 11th:  Jeroboam's Rebellion (1 Kings 12:25-13:6)

1.) What was Jeroboam worried about?
2.) What did he make and where did he put them?
3.) What other bad things did Jeroboam do?
4.) What did the a man of God yell at the altar?
5.) What sign did he say would happen?
6.) What did Jeroboam do and yell?
7.) What happened to Jeroboam's hand?
8.) What happened to the altar?
9.) What did Jeroboam ask the man of God to do?
10.) Did God heal Jeroboam?

Nov 25th:  Elijah Helps a Poor Widow (1 Kings 17:7-24)

1.) What happened to the brook Elijah was drinking out of?
2.) Where did God send him?
3.) When he saw the widow what was she doing?
4.) What did he ask her?
5.) How did she respond?
6.) What miracle did Elijah perform for her?
7.) What happened to the widow's son?
8.) What did Elijah do over the boy as he was praying?
9.) What did God do to the boy?

Dec 9th:  The Still Small Voice (1 Kings 19)

1.) What did Ahab tell Jezebel?
2.) What message did Jezebel send to Elijah?
3.) Where did Elijah run and what did he pray?
4.) What did the angel provide?
5.) What did the angel say the second time?
6.) Where did Elijah go and how long did it take him?
7.) What did God tell Elijah to do?
8.) What three powerful things did Elijah see?
9.) What fourth thing did Elijah hear?
10.) Where did God tell Elijah to go and do?
11.) How many people had not bowed down to Baal?
12.) Who did Elijah meet?
13.) What was he doing?
14.) What did Elisha do with his oxen and plowing equipment?

Dec 23rd:  Elijah is Taken to Heaven (2 Kings 2:1-18)

1.) Where was Elijah going and what did he tell Elisha to do?
2.) What did the prophets at Bethel tell Elisha?
3.) How did Elisha respond?
4.) Where did Elijah say he was going and what did he tell Elisha to do?
5.) What did the prophets at Jericho tell Elisha?
6.) How did Elisha respond?
7.) Where did Elijah say he was going and what did he tell Elisha to do?
8.) How many prophets came to the Jordan to watch?
9.) What did Elijah do with his cloak?
10.) What did Elijah ask Elisha?
11.) What did Elisha ask for?
12.) How did Elijah respond?
13.) What showed up and took Elijah to heaven?
14.) What did Elisha yell and do to his clothes?
15.) What did Elisha pick up?
16.) What did he do with it?
17.) What did the 50 prophets want to do?
18.) How long did they look for Elijah?