Children's Curriculum
   Lesson #001: Creation (Genesis 1:1-25)
1.) What did the earth look like when God first formed it?
2.) What did God create on the 1st day and why is this really amazing?
3.) The 2nd day?
4.) What all did God do on the 3rd day?
5.) How did God create things so that He didn't have to continually recreate things?
6.) The 4th day?
7.) The 5th day?
8.) The 6th day?
   Lesson #002: Garden of Eden (Genesis 1:26 - 3:24)
1.) What did God mean when He said "us"? John 1:1
2.) What did they make and why was it different than everything else?
3.) What did God make man out of?
4.) What did God make woman out of?
5.) What did God provide for all life to eat?
6.) How did the vegetation get water?
7.) Where did the man and woman live?
8.) What were the names of two of the trees?
9.) What were the names of the four rivers?
10.) What did God do on the 7th day?
11.) What did He call this day and what was man supposed to do?
12.) What was God's law in the garden?
13.) What was Adam's job told to do to the animals?
14.) What did the snake ask Eve?
15.) What lie did the snake tell?
16.) Who did she also give the food to?
17.) When they realized they were naked what did they make?
18.) Who did Adam blame? Who did Eve blame?
19.) What was the punishment of the snake, the Devil?
20.) Punishent of the woman?
21.) Punishment of the man?
22.) They were taken from dust and now what will be their end?
23.) What did Adam name his wife?
24.) What did God make for Adam and Eve?
25.) What was no longer allowed to happen?
   Lesson #003: Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:1-17)
1.) What was the name of the first male child?
2.) What was the name of the second male child?
3.) What were their jobs?
4.) What did they both do?
5.) How did they know what to do? Rom. 10:17
6.) Whose sacrifice was God displeased with?
7.) What did God ask Cain?
8.) What did God warn Cain about?
9.) What did Cain do to his brother?
10.) What did God say to Cain?
11.) What curse did God put upon Cain?
12.) What did God put on Cain?
13.) What would happen if someone killed Cain?
14.) Where did Cain live?
15.) What was the name of Cain's son and the city he built?
   Lesson #004: Noah's Ark (Genesis 5:28 - 6:22)
1.) Who was Noah's father?
2.) How old was Noah when he had his sons?
3.) Who were Noah's sons?
4.) When the descendents of Abel married the descendents of Cain, what kind of people were they?
5.) What did God decide to do?
6.) Who found favor in the eyes of the Lord?
7.) What did God tell Noah to build?
8.) What were the dimensions of the ark?
9.) How many people would be on the ark?
10.) How many of each kind of animal was Noah supposed to take? (Trick Question: 7:2)
   Lesson #005: The Flood (Genesis 7 - 9:17)
1.) How many of each type of unclean and clean animal was Noah supposed to take?
2.) How old was Noah when the flood came?
3.) What was the date when it started raining?
4.) How long did it rain?
5.) Who shut the door?
6.) How high did the water get?
7.) What happened to everything NOT on the ark?
8.) How long was the earth covered with water?
9.) Where did the ark land and on what date?
10.) When could they see the tops of the mountains?
11.) What two birds did Noah send out? What did they each do?
12.) When he sent the dove out a second time what happened?
13.) On what date did they exit the ark? How long had they been on the ark?
14.) What did Noah offer God?
15.) How did God change the animals? What were they now used for?
16.) What did God say would happen if an animal or person killed a person?
17.) What did God promise?
18.) What sign has God given us of his promise?
   Lesson #006: The Tower of Babel (Genesis 10:8-10; 11:1-9)
1.) Who was a mighty hunter before the Lord?
2.) What city did he build?
3.) What did the people decide to do?
4.) Who did they want to make a name for?
5.) What did God do?
6.) What did the people do?
7.) What was the place called?
   Lesson #007: God calls Abram (Genesis 11:26-12:9)
1.) What were the names of Abram's father, wife and nephew?
2.) What was Sarai's problem?
3.) What did the Lord tell Abram He would do?
4.) Where did they go?
5.) How old was Abram?
6.) What did Abram build for the Lord?
   Lesson #008: Abraham (Gen. 12:10-20; Acts 7:2-5; Heb. 11:8-10)
1.) What happened in the land?
2.) Where did Abram go?
3.) What did Abram tell Sarai to say when they got to Egypt?
4.) What did Pharaoh give Abram?
5.) What did God do to Pharaoh?
6.) What did Pharaoh say to Abram?
   Lesson #009: Lot (Genesis 13 - 14)
1.) What was the problem between Abram and Lot?
2.) What did Abram suggest?
3.) Which direction did Lot choose?
4.) What did God tell Abram would be his?
5.) Where did Abram go and build an altar?
6.) What happened to Lot as a result of the war between the kings?
7.) How many servants were in Abram's army?
8.) Was Abram victorious?
9.) Who did Abram meet and what did he do?
10.) What did Melchizedek offer Abram?
11.) What was Abram's response?
   Lesson #010: Promise to Abraham (Genesis 15; 17:1-19)
1.) What did God say he was for Abram?
2.) Who was Abram's heir?
3.) What did God tell Abram to count?
4.) Did Abram believe God?
5.) What animals did God tell Abram to get?
6.) What did God foretell in a vision?
7.) What moved between the animal pieces?
8.) How old was Abram?
9.) What did God change his name to?
10.) What did the name mean?
11.) What was the sign of the covenant?
12.) What was Sarai's name changed to?
13.) How old were Abraham and Sarah?
14.) What was Sarah's name supposed to be?
   Lesson #011: Hagar and Ishmael (Genesis 16)
1.) Who was Sarai's maidservant and where was she from?
2.) What did she have Hagar do?
3.) Because Sarai treated her harshly what did Hagar do?
4.) What did an angel tell Hagar?
5.) What was she supposed to name her son?
6.) How old was Abram when Ishmael was born?
   Lesson #012: Father of the Faithful (Genesis 18:1-15;)
1.) Who did Abram see?
2.) What did Abram offer them?
3.) What did they ask?
4.) What did they say would happen to Sarah?
5.) What did Sarah do when she heard this?
6.) Did the Lord hear her?
7.) Did she deny it?
   Lesson #013: Abraham Bargains with God (Genesis 18:16-33)
1.) What was God planning to do to Sodom?
2.) How many righteous people did Abraham start with when he bargained with God?
3.) By how many people did he decrease each time and what number did he get to?
   Lesson #014: Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:1-30)
1.) Who came to Sodom?
2.) Where did they want to stay?
3.) Where did they stay instead?
4.) When the men in the city tried to break in Lot's house, how did the angels save Lot?
5.) What did the angels tell Lot and his family to do?
6.) Who did Lot try to convince to come with them?
7.) Instead of the long journey into the mountains, Lot asked to go to what small city?
8.) What did God begin to rain down?
9.) Who looked back and what happened to her?
10.) Who also saw what had happened?
11.) Where did Lot and his two daughters live?
   Lesson #015: Isaac is Born & Hagar Leaves (Genesis 21:1-21)
1.) Was God true to His promise to Sarah?
2.) What did they name their son?
3.) How old was Abraham & Sarah?
4.) Who did Sarah see making fun of her?
5.) What did Sarah ask Abraham to do?
6.) Was this hard for Abraham?
7.) What did God say to do?
8.) What did Abraham do?
9.) What happened to them in the wilderness?
10.) What did God say would become of Ishmael?
11.) What did Ishmael become?
   Lesson #016: Abraham offers Isaac (Genesis 22:1-18)
1.) What does God ask Abraham to do and where?
2.) Did Abraham question God's command?
3.) On the 3rd day what did he tell the two young men with him?
4.) What all did he take up the mountain?
5.) What does Isaac ask his father?
6.) How does Abraham reply?
7.) Was Abraham going to be obedient to God?
8.) What did God say when He stopped him?
9.) Did God provide a substitute sacrifice to Abraham?
10.) Did God provide a substitute sacrifice to save the rest of the world also?
11.) What did Abraham call the place and what does it mean?
12.) What would be Abraham's reward?
13.) What does, "Through your offspring, ALL the nations of the earth will be blessed!"
   Lesson #017: A Bride for Isaac (Genesis 24)
1.) Before Abraham died what did he want for his son Isaac?
2.) The servant asked what?
3.) What did Abraham say about this?
4.) What did the servant take with him?
5.) What did the servant do so that he would be successful?
6.) How was the servant going to know if he found the right girl for Isaac?
7.) Who came out to the well?
8.) When he asked her for a drink what was her response?
9.) What presents did he give her?
10.) Who was Rebekah's brother?
11.) What did the servant tell Rebekah's family?
12.) Did Laban and Bethuel say that she could go?
13.) What other gifts did the servant give to the family?
14.) What did Laban and Rebekah's mother ask the servant?
15.) Did the servant want that to happen?
16.) Who did they ask to decide?
17.) Did Isaac accept Rebekah as his wife?
18.) How did he feel about her?
   Lesson #018: Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25:19-34)
1.) How old was Isaac when he married Rebekah?
2.) What did Isaac pray for?
3.) When she asked the Lord about her pregnancy what did the Lord tell her?
4.) Describe the oldest child and what was his name?
5.) What did the second born child do and what was his name?
6.) How were they different as they grew up?
7.) Which parent loved which child the best? Is this a good idea?
8.) What did Jacob cook?
9.) What was Esau's other name and what did he ask Jacob for?
10.) What did Jacob ask for?
11.) Did Esau give it to Jacob?
12.) How did Esau feel about this later?
   Lesson #019: Isaac Blesses Jacob (Gen. 27:1-46)
1.) Before Isaac died who did he call and what did he ask him to do?
2.) Who was listening?
3.) What was Rebekah's plan?
4.) How did Jacob think the plan wouldn't work?
5.) What did they do?
6.) Was Isaac skeptical that it was really Esau?
7.) What things did he do to test him?
8.) What convinced him that it was Esau?
9.) As soon as the blessing was given and Jacob left, who showed up?
10.) How did this make Isaac and Esau feel?
11.) Did Isaac bless Esau as well?
12.) What did Esau plan to do in his heart?
13.) Where did Rebekah send Jacob?
   Lesson #020: Jacob's Dream (Gen. 28:10-22)
1.) Where did Jacob start to go?
2.) What did Jacob dream about?
3.) What did the Lord say in the vision?
4.) What did he name the place and what does it mean?
5.) What had the city been called?
   Lesson #021: Leah & Rachel (Gen 29:1-30)
1.) Who did Jacob meet at the well?
2.) How did Jacob try to get rid of the people at the well?
3.) What did Jacob do for Rachel?
4.) What did Jacob do to Rachel?
5.) What did he tell Rachel?
6.) How long did Jacob stay with Laban's family?
7.) How many daughters did Laban have?
8.) What did Jacob offer Laban to marry Rachel?
9.) Did the seven years seem like a long time?
10.) How did Laban trick Jacob?
11.) How many more years did Jacob have to work for Rachel?
   Lesson #022: The Sons of Jacob (Gen 29:31-30:24; 35:16-26)
1.) What were the names of Leah's first four children?
2.) What were the names of the two sons of Bilhah?
3.) What were the names of the two sons of Zilpah?
4.) What were the names of Leah's next two sons?
5.) What was the name of Leah's daughter?
6.) What was the name of Rachel's first son?
7.) What had Rachel named her second son?
8.) What did Jacob name him instead?
9. What happened to Rachel while giving birth to Benjamin?
10.) Where was Rachel buried?
   Lesson #023: Your Name Shall be Israel (Gen. 32:22-32)
1.) Where did Jacob send his family?
2.) Who wrestled with Jacob?
3.) What did the man of God touch?
4.) Did Jacob let him go?
5.) What did the man of God rename Jacob and what does it mean?
6.) What did Jacob name the place?
   Lesson #024: Joseph Sold by Brothers (Gen. 37:3-36)
1.) How did Jacob feel about Joseph?
2.) What did he make for him?
3.) How did the brothers feel about this?
4.) What was Joseph's first dream and what did it mean?
5.) What was Joseph's second dream and what did it mean?
6.) How did Jacob react to the dream?
7.) Where did Jacob send Joseph?
8.) Where did Joseph find his brothers?
9.) What did the brothers conspire to do?
10.) What did Reuben say to do so that he could save Joseph's life?
11.) What did they do to Joseph?
12.) What was Judah's idea?
13.) How much did they sell Joseph for?
14.) Where did they take Joseph?
15.) What did the brothers do to Joseph's coat?
16.) What did Jacob think happened to Joseph?
17.) Who bought Joseph as a slave?
   Lesson #025: Joseph & Potiphar (Genesis 39:1-23)
1.) Who owned Joseph as a slave?
2.) Was Joseph successful?
3.) What did Potiphar put Joseph in charge of?
4.) What did Potiphar's wife try to do to Joseph?
5.) Was Joseph willing to do this?
6.) When Potiphar's wife grabbed onto his garment what did Joseph do?
7.) What lie did the woman tell her husband?
8.) What did Potiphar do to Joseph?
9.) How did the warden of the prison treat Joseph? Why?
10.) Who was continually with Joseph?
   Lesson #026: Joseph in Prison (Genesis 40:1-41:57)
1.) Who did Pharaoh become angry with?
2.) Where did he send them?
3.) When Joseph asked them why they were sad what did they say?
4.) What was the butler's dream?
5.) What did his dream mean?
6.) What did he tell the butler to remember?
7.) What was the baker's dream?
8.) What did it mean?
9.) What event was it on the 3rd day?
10.) What did Pharaoh do?
11.) Did the butler remember Joseph?
12.) How long was Joseph in prison?
13.) What was Pharaoh's two dreams?
14.) Could anyone interpret Pharaoh's dreams?
15.) Who finally remembered Joseph?
16.) When Pharaoh said that he heard Joseph could interpret dreams who did Joseph give credit to?
17.) What was the interpretation of Pharaoh's dreams?
18.) What did Joseph suggest?
19.) How much should the person in charge collect during the first seven years?
20.) Who did Pharaoh put in charge?
21.) What gifts did he give to Joseph?
22.) What did Pharaoh rename Joseph?
23.) Who did Joseph marry?
24.) What were the names of Joseph's two boys?
25.) During the famine where did people go to buy food?
   Lesson #027: Joseph Tests his Brothers (Gen. 42-44)
1.) Where did Jacob send his sons?
2.) Who did he not send?
3.) How was Joseph's dream fulfilled?
4.) Did he recognize his brothers?
5.) What did Joseph accuse them of?
6.) He said they needed to bring who to Egypt?
7.) How long did he put them in jail?
8.) What did Joseph say he would allow for them to do?
9.) What did the brothers think they were being punished for?
10.) Which brother did Joseph make stay in Egypt?
11.) What did he put back in each man's sack?
12.) Did Jacob let them go back to Egypt?
13.) Once all their grain was gone what did Jacob tell the brothers to do?
14.) What did Judah remind Jacob?
15.) What did Jacob tell the brothers to take with them?
16.) What did Joseph prepare for his brothers?
17.) Who did Joseph ask about?
18.) How did Joseph react to seeing Benjamin?
19.) Would Egyptians eat with Hebrews?
20.) How much larger was Benjamin's meal? 21.) What did Joseph put back in their sacks this time?
22.) What did Joseph tell his steward to say to the brothers?
23.) What did the brothers do when the cup was found in Benjamin's sack?
24.) Joseph said that only who would be his slave?
25.) What did Judah say would happen to Jacob?
26.) What did Judah offer?
   Lesson #028: Joseph United with Family (Gen. 45:1-16)
1.) What did Joseph cry out?
2.) What did Joseph tell them?
3.) Did Joseph forgive them?
4.) According to Joseph why had God planned all of this out?
5.) What did Joseph tell his brothers to do?
6.) Where would they live?
7.) How did Pharaoh feel about Joseph's family?
   Lesson #029: Jacob Moves To Egypt (Gen 45:17-50:26)
1.) What did Pharaoh let the brothers use to make the move to Egypt?
2.) What did Joseph give his brothers and Benjamin?
3.) What did Joseph tell his brothers not to do on their journey home?
4.) How did Jacob respond to the news?
5.) What did God say to Jacob?
6.) How many members of Jacob's family were there?
7.) What did Jacob say when he saw Joseph?
8.) How old was Jacob when he went before Pharaoh?
9.) What did Joseph take instead of money for the food?
10.) How much did Pharaoh tax the people?
11.) How long did Jacob live in Egypt and how old was he when he died?
12.) Who did Jacob claim as his sons?
13.) Who did Jacob bless as the firstborn?
14.) Who did Jacob bless
curse before he died?
15.) Where did Jacob want to be buried?
16.) What did Joseph have done to Jacob's body?
17.) What lie about Jacob did the brothers tell Joseph to protect themselves?
18.) How old was Jospeh when he died?
19.) What future did Joseph predict?
20.) What instructions did he leave concerning his body?
   Lesson #030: Slavery of the Israelites (Exodus 1)
1.) How many descendents of Jacob were in Egypt?
2.) What was the worry of the new Pharaoh of Egypt?
3.) What did he do to the Israelites?
4.) What cities did they build as slaves?
5.) What did he command the midwives to do?
6.) Did they do it? What was their excuse?
7.) What decree did the Pharaoh make?
   Lesson #031: Moses is Born (Exodus 2:1-10)
1.) A husband and wife from what tribe had a child?
2.) How long did she hide him?
3.) What did she do then?
4.) Who stood by and watched him?
5.) Who found him?
6.) What did the child's sister say to Pharaoh's daughter?
7.) Who did the sister go and get?
8.) Once the child grew older where did he go to live?
9.) What did she name him?
   Lesson #032: Moses Flees to Midian (Exodus 2:11-22)
1.) What did Moses see happening one day?
2.) What did Moses do about it?
3.) What did he see the next day?
4.) How did they respond?
5.) What did Pharaoh want to do when he found out?
6.) Where did Moses flee to?
7.) Who did Moses help?
8.) What the priest of Midian's name(s)?
9.) Who did Moses marry?
10.) What was the name of Moses's son?
   Lesson #033: The Burning Bush (Exodus 3:1-4:17)
1.) What mountain did Moses go to?
2.) What did he see?
3.) What did God tell Moses?
4.) What did God say He wanted to do for His people?
5.) What did Moses question?
6.) What did God say His name was?
7.) What did God predict He would do to Pharaoh and Egypt?
8.) What would they take when they left Egypt?
9.) When Moses questioned God again what 3 signs did He give Moses?
10.) What did God say when Moses complained about his speaking ability?
11.) What did Moses say the 4th time?
12.) Who did God say would help Moses?
13.) What would Moses use to perform signs?
   Lesson #034: Bricks Without Straw (Exodus 5-7:13)
1.) What did Moses and Aaron ask Pharaoh?
2.) What did the Pharaoh take away from the people?
3.) What happened to the officers of the children of Israel?
4.) What did they say to Moses and Aaron?
5.) What did Moses tell God?
6.) Who was Moses's spokesperson?
7.) How old were Moses and Aaron when they spoke to Pharaoh?
8.) What sign did Aaron perform?
9.) Could the Egyptian tricksters do the same thing?
10.) What did Aaron's rod do to the other rods?
   Lesson #035: The 10 Plagues (Exo. 7:14 - 11:10)
1.) What was the first plague?
2.) Could the tricksters change it back?
3.) How did the Egyptians get water to drink?
4.) What was the second plague?
5.) What was the third plague?
6.) What did the tricksters tell Pharaoh?
7.) What was the fourth plague?
8.) What was the fifth plague?
9.) What was the sixth plague?
10.) What was the seventh plague?
11.) What was the eighth plague?
12.) What was the ninth plague? How dark was it?
13.) What was the tenth plague?
   Lesson #036: Passover (Exodus 12:1-30)
1.) What new calendar began with the 10th plague?
2.) What were they supposed to do on the 10th day of the month?
3.) How was the lamb supposed to be?
4.) What day and what time were they supposed to kill it?
5.) What were they to do with the blood?
6.) What did they eat for the meal?
7.) Could they keep any leftovers?
8.) How were they supposed to eat it?
9.) What would happen that night?
10.) How would they be safe?
11.) What feast would follow the passover?
12.) What did they eat and what had to be removed from their houses?
13.) What did they use to brush on the blood to the doorposts?
14.) What time did God strike down the firstborns?
15.) What was this feast celebration called and why?
   Lesson #037: The Exodus (Exodus 12:31 - 13:16)
1.) What did Pharaoh tell Moses and Aaron to do?
2.) What did the people take with them?
3.) Where did they travel to?
4.) How many men?
5.) Why was their bread unleavened?
6.) How long had they been in Egypt?
7.) Who couldn't eat the Passover?
8.) What couldn't happen to the bones?
9.) Who did the firstborn belong to?
10.) What was the first month of their new calendar?
11.) What was supposed to be redeemed? Why?
   Lesson #038: Manna & Water from the Rock (Exodus 16:1- 17:8)
1.) Where did the children of Israel arrive?
2.) What did the children of Israel complain about?
3.) What did God provide from heaven?
4.) How much would they gather on the 6th day and why?
5.) What appeared in the cloud?
6.) What would they eat in the morning and what at night?
7.) What was the bread from heaven called?
8.) How much per person were they to gather?
9.) What happened if they left the manna until morning?
10.) When could they keep extra manna?
11.) What did the bread taste like?
12.) Where did they put a jar of manna?
13.) How long did the children of Israel eat manna?
14.) What did the children of Israel complain about next?
15.) What was Moses supposed to do?
   Lesson #039: The Ten Commandments (Exodus 18 - 20)
1.) What were the names of Moses's first two sons?
2.) What advice did Jethro give Moses if God agreed?
3.) When they came to Mount Sinai what were they not supposed to do?
4.) What frightened the people?
5.) What did God tell Moses to warn the people?
6.) What did the first four commandments have in common?
7.) What did the last six commandments have in common?
8.) Which command came with a promise?
   Lesson #040: The Golden Calf (Exodus 32)
1.) What did the people convince Aaron to do?
2.) What did Aaron make and which commandment was broken?
3.) What did God tell Moses he was going to do?
4.) Who was God going to raise up as a great nation?
5.) What did Moses tell God?
6.) Did God change His mind after listening to Moses?
7.) What was Moses carrying down the mountain?
8.) What did Joshua think was happening in the camp?
9.) What did Moses do the calf and make the people do?
10.) What lie did Aaron tell Moses?
11.) What did Moses tell the Levites to do?
12.) How many people died?
   Lesson #041: Moses Talks with God (Exodus 33-34)
1.) What did God say He would do to the people in the Promised Land?
2.) What did Moses set up outside the camp?
3.) What happened when Moses would go into the tent?
4.) Who always stayed in the tent?
5.) What did God show Moses?
6.) Did Moses see God's face?
7.) Why not?
8.) What did Moses have to remake?
9.) What did God warn Moses about not doing with the people in the Promised Land?
10.) How many feasts were there each year?
11.) How long was Moses on the mountain and what did he eat and drink?
12.) How did Moses look when he came down?
13.) What did Moses put over his face?
   Lesson #042: The Tabernacle (Exodus 35-40)
1.) What day was no work supposed to be done? Why?
2.) What offerings could the people give?
3.) What two skilled people were filled with the Holy Spirit to build the tabernacle?
4.) Did the people give a large enough offering?
5.) What were various things that were part of the tabernacle?
6.) How many lamps were on the lampstand?
7.) How much gold was the lampstand made out of?
8.) What colors were the priestly garments made of?
9.) What was inscribed on the gold plate on the head gear?
10.) What was above the tabernacle by day and by night?
   Lesson #043: The Twelve Spies (Numbers 13:1-14:9)
1.) What did God tell Moses to do?
2.) How many men were to spy?
3.) Who was the spy from Judah?
4.) Who was the spy from Ephraim?
5.) How long did they spy out the land?
6.) What was the majority report?
7.) Who got up and said they should go conquer the land?
8.) What did the other spies say that they looked like compared to the giants in the land?
9.) What did the people want to do?
10.) What two spies spoke up?
   Lesson #044: Wandering in the Wilderness (Numbers 14)
1.) What did the people want to do to Joshua and Caleb?
2.) What did God want to do to the people again?
3.) What did Moses say to God?
4.) How many times had the people rebelled against God?
5.) Which 2 spies did God commend?
6.) How many of the people would die in the wilderness and not go into Canaan's land?
7.) How long would they wander and why that amount of time?
8.) What happened to the bad 10 spies?
9.) What did the people want to do then?
10.) What happened to them when they attacked?
   Lesson #045: Korah's Rebellion (Numbers 16 - 17)
1.) Who rose up against Moses?
2.) How many leaders did he have with him?
3.) What did Korah say to Moses?
4.) What did Moses tell Korah and his rebellion to bring on the next day?
5.) What did God say to Moses and Aaron when they all came together?
6) How did Moses and Aaron respond?
7.) What did God tell the children of Israel to seperate from?
8.) What did Moses predict about how the rebellious people were going to die?
9.) What happened to the other 250 leaders?
10.) What did they do with the 250 censors?
11.) Only descendents of who, could be the high priest?
12.) What did God start sending through the people?
13.) What did Moses tell Aaron to do?
14.) How many died in the plague?
15.) What did the Lord tell Moses to collect from each tribe?
16.) Whose rod was from the tribe of Levi?
17.) What did Aaron's rod end up doing?
18.) Where was Aaron's rod kept?
   Lesson #046: Moses Disobeys God (Num. 20:1-13, 22-29)
1.) Who died?
2.) What did the people complain about again?
3.) What did God tell Moses to do this time? What was different from last time?
4.) What did Moses do instead of what God told him to do?
5.) What was Moses's and Aaron's punishment for this?
6.) Who was Moses supposed to take to the top of Mount Hor?
7.) What was taken off of Aaron and put on Eliezer?
8.) What happened to Aaron?
9.) How long did they mourn for Aaron?
   Lesson #047: The Bronze Serpent (Num. 20:14-21; 21:4-9, 21-35)
1.) What country did Moses ask to travel through?
2.) What was their response and what did Moses do?
3.) What mountain did they travel from?
4.) What did the people start complaining about?
5.) What did God send on the people to punish them?
6.) What did God tell Moses to build to save the people?
7.) Who did Moses ask if they could travel through the second time?
8.) What was their answer?
9.) What did Moses do this time?
   Lesson #048: Balaam (Numbers 22-24)
1.) Who was worried when he saw the children of Israel?
2.) Who did they go see?
3.) What did they ask Balaam to do?
4.) What did God tell Balaam?
5.) What did Balak say the second time?
6.) What did God say this time to Balaam to do IF the men called on him?
7.) How did it make God feel when Balaam eagerly left with the men?
8.) What did Balaam's donkey see and then do?
9.) What did the donkey do the second time?
10.) What did the donkey do the third time?
11.) What did the donkey and Balaam discuss?
12.) What did the angel say to Balaam?
13.) In the morning what did Balaam ask Balak to prepare?
14.) What did God make Balaam say instead of what Balak wanted him to say?
15.) How many times did this happen?
16.) Before Balaam went home what did he warn Balak would happen?
   Lesson #049: The Transjordan Tribes (Numbers 32)
1.) This story is about which two tribes?
2.) What did they own a lot of?
3.) Who did they go talk to and what did they ask?
4.) What did Moses warn them about not doing?
5.) What did the two tribes offer as a plan?
6.) What did Moses say?
7.) What other half tribe was part of this group?
8.) The two and a half tribes received the land of what two kings?
   Lesson #050: Moses Dies (Numbers 27:12-23; Deut. 34)
1.) Who did God tell Moses to choose as his successor?
2.) What mountain did Moses climb?
3.) Did God allow Moses to see the Promised Land?
4.) Did God allow Moses to enter the Promised Land? Why Not?
5.) Who buried Moses? Does anyone else know where Moses was buried?
6.) How old was Moses when he died?
7.) How long did the Israelites mourn?
8.) At the time of this writing had there been a prophet greater than Moses?
9.) Who replaced Moses as the leader of the Israelites?
   Lesson #051: Be Strong & Courageous (Joshua 1)
1.) After Moses died who did God speak to?
2.) What did God tell Joshua to be?
3.) Who will be with Joshua everywhere he goes?
4.) What did God tell Joshua to obey?
5.) How often should it be meditated upon?
6.) What did God promise to the Israelites?
7.) Which tribes did Joshua speak to?
8.) Who must go to battle?
9.) After the battle is won where can they go?
10.) Did the Israelites promise to follow Joshua like they did Moses?
11.) What will happen to those who disobey Joshua's command?
   Lesson #052: Rahab & the Spies (Joshua 2)
1.) How many spies did Joshua send out and where did they go?
2.) The King of Jericho sent what message to who?
3.) What did Rahab do with the spies?
4.) Where did she hide them?
5.) What did she tell the men who came looking for the spies?
6.) What did Rahab ask the spies as repayment for her kindness?
7.) How did the spies escape?
8.) What did Rahab put in the window for their return?
9.) Who should be waiting in her home?
10.) Who is in the lineage of Rahab?
   Lesson #053: Crossing the Jordan River (Joshua 3 - 4)
1.) What did the officers tell the camp to watch for?
2.) Once they see it what should they do?
3.) What did the Lord tell Joshua He was going to do for him?
4.) Who carried the ark of covenant?
5.) What river were they going to?
6.) When the priests reached the Jordan what happened?
7.) Where did the priests stand with the ark?
8.) How many men did God tell Joshua to gather?
9.) What did these men set up in Gilgal?
10.) How would the Israelites remember crossing the Jordan?
11.) How many men were ready to battle Jericho?
12.) What would all the people on the earth know about God?
   Lesson #054: The Battle of Jericho (Joshua 5:13-15; 6)
1.) How many times and how many days did the men march around Jericho?
2.) What time of day did they march?
3.) Where would they go after they marched 1 time around the city?
4.) On the last day how many times did they march around the city?
5.) Who would blow the trumpets?
6.) How many were there?
7.) What should happen when they heard that sound?
8.) What happened to the city wall?
9.) Who was spared? Why were they kept safe?
10.) Who rescued Rahab and all her household?
11.) What did they take from the city?
12.) What did they do to the city?
13.) Whose fame spread throughout the land?
   Lesson #055: The Gibeonites Trick Joshua (Joshua 9)
1.) What did the kings of Jordan come together to do?
2.) What did the people of Gibeon do instead?
3.) The Israelites sampled the provisions but did not seek counsel from who?
4.) Where did the men say they lived?
5.) Did Joshua make a treaty of peace or war against the Gibeonites?
6.) Three days later who surrounded their camp?
7.) Why did Israel not attack?
8.) Why did these men deceive Joshua and the Israelites?
9.) What jobs did Joshua assign these men?
   Lesson #056: Sun Stands Still (Joshua 10:1-27)
1.) Why was the king of Jerusalem concerned?
2.) How many kings did he ask to go to war with him against Gibeon?
3.) When the Gibeonites were attacked who did they ask help from?
4.) Did Joshua come to Gibeon’s rescue?
5.) What did God tell Joshua?
6.) How long did Israel march?
7.) What happened to the enemies?
8.) What did God send when they were running away on the road?
9.) Joshua said to the Lord that what would stand still?
10.) How long did the sun shine?
11.) Has there ever been a day like this?
12.) Who was fighting for Israel?
13.) Where did the kings hide?
14.) Were the kings captured by the Israelites?
15.) What did Joshua do to the kings?
16.) After they were taken down from the poles where were they buried?
   Lesson #057: Othniel, Shamgar, Ehud (Judges 3:7-31)
1.) What did the Israelites do?
2.) How long and to what people were the Israelites captive?
3.) Who was the first judge and for how long?
4.) What did the Israelites do again?
5.) What people and king captured them and for how long?
6.) Who was the next judge and was he left or right handed?
7.) What did Ehud hide in his clothing?
8.) Describe Eglon
9.) What did Ehud say and do to Eglon?
10.) How did Ehud have time to get away?
11.) How many Moabites were killed in battle?
12.) How long did Ehud rule?
13.) Who was the next judge?
14.) How many Philistines did he kill and with what?
   Lesson #058: Deborah (Judges 4)
1.) What king captured Israel this time?
2.) Who was commander of his army?
3.) How many iron chariots did he have?
4.) How long had he cruelly oppressed the Israelites?
5.) Who was the new judge?
6.) What was her husband's name?
7.) Who was the commander of her army?
8.) How many men did she command Barak to take?
9.) How did Barak reply?
10.) Because of this what did Deborah prophesy?
11.) How many of Sisera's troops survived the battle?
12.) Where did Sisera run?
13.) What did Jael give to him?
14.) What did Sisera tell Jael to do?
15.) While he was sleeping, what did Jael do?
16.) Who did the battle actually belong to?
   Lesson #059: The Calling of Gideon (Judges 6)
1.) Who did God turn the Israelites over to this time?
2.) For how long?
3.) What was the angel sitting under?
4.) Who is our next judge?
5.) Where and what was Gideon doing?
6.) What did the angel tell Gideon that he would do?
7.) How did Gideon respond?
8.) What did Gideon prepare for the angel?
9.) What miracle did the angel perform for Gideon?
10.) What did the angel tell Gideon to do?
11.) How many men did he take and when did he do it?
12.) What did the men want to do to Gideon?
13.) What did Gideon's father say about it?
14.) What became Gideon's other name?
15.) What sign did Gideon ask for?
16.) What was the second sign that Gideon asked for?
   Lesson #060: Gideon's 300 (Judges 7)
1.) How many fighting men were in Gideon's army?
2.) What did God say about this?
3.) How many were afraid and left?
4.) What was the test to see who God would take?
5.) How many men did not bow to their knees to take a drink?
6.) God told Gideon if he was afraid he could do what?
7.) What did Gideon overhear?
8.) How did Gideon divide the men and what did he give them?
9.) What did they yell and what did they do?
10.) How did the Midianites die?
11.) What were the names of the two Midianite princes that were killed?
   Lesson #061: Samson is Born (Judges 13)
1.) Who did God turn the Israelites over to this time?
2.) What was the name of the new judge?
3.) What was the name of Samson's father and from what tribe was he?
4.) What did the angel say to Manoah's wife and later also to Manoah?
5.) What was the angel's name?
6.) When they offered a sacrifice what did the angel do?
7.) What did Manoah think would happen to them?
8.) How did Manoah's wife respond?
9.) What was the name of their child?
   Lesson #062: Samson and Delilah (Judges 16:4-31)
1.) Samson loved a woman named who?
2.) What did the Phillistines ask Delilah to find out?
3.) How much did they offer to pay her?
4.) How did Samson tell her he could be defeated?
5.) What did he say the other two times?
6.) What did she say to him after these three times?
7.) What did Samson finally tell her?
8.) What did the Phillistines do to him?
9.) Over time, what began happening to Samson's hair?
10.) What was the name of the Phillistine god?
11.) What did Samson do to the house?
12.) How long was Samson judge?
   Lesson #063: Ruth Chooses Naomi (Ruth 1)
1.) What were the names of the Israelite family?
2.) Where did they move to and why?
3.) What happened to the father?
4.) What were the name of the Moabite girls that the sons married?
5.) What happened to the two sons?
6.) What did Naomi decide to do and who went with her?
7.) What town did they arrive in?
8.) What did Naomi tell people to call her and why?
9.) What time of the year was it when they returned to Israel?
   Lesson #064: Ruth Gleans (Ruth 2)
1.) What did Ruth do to provide food for her and Naomi?
2.) Whose field did she work in?
3.) When Boaz showed up who did he ask about?
4.) What did the servant say about her?
5.) What did Boaz say to Ruth?
6.) Why was Boaz so good to Ruth?
7.) What did Boaz invited Ruth to do?
8.) What did Boaz tell his servants to do?
9.) How much barley did Ruth collect?
10.) What did Naomi tell Ruth about Boaz?
   Lesson #065: Ruth and Boaz (Ruth 3)
1.) What directions did Naomi give to Ruth?
2.) What did Ruth ask Boaz to do and why Boaz?
3.) Did Boaz want to marry her?
4.) What did Boaz say had to happen first?
5.) In the morning what did Boaz tell Ruth and give to her?
6.) What did Naomi tell Ruth when she got home?
   Lesson #066: Boaz Redeems Ruth (Ruth 4)
1.) Where did Boaz go?
2.) How many city elders did Boaz convene?
3.) What did he ask the kinsman if he wanted to redeem?
4.) Did the kinsman want it?
5.) Then what did Boaz tell the kinsman he would also need to do?
6.) Did the kinsman want to do that?
7.) What did the kinsman offer Boaz to seal the deal?
8.) What blessing did the elders give to Ruth and Boaz?
9.) What is significant about them saying, "May you be famous in Bethlehem."?
10.) Once Ruth and Boaz were married, they had a son named?
11.) What was the name of their great grandson?
   Lesson #067: Hannah has a son (I Samuel 1)
1.) What was the name of the man and his two wives in our story?
2.) What was the difference between the women?
3.) Each year, where would Elkanah go?
4.) Who were the priests?
5.) Which wife did Elkanah love the most?
6.) Who would make fun of Hannah?
7.) What did this make Hannah do?
8.) What did Hannah do when they arrived in Shiloh?
9.) What did she ask for and promise?
10.) Who was watching and what did he accuse her?
11.) What was Hannah's response?
12.) What did Eli say to her?
13.) What did Hannah name her son?
14.) What does Samuel mean?
15.) Who did she give Samuel to?
   Lesson #068: Eli & His Wicked Sons (1 Sa. 2:12-21; 3:1-20)
1.) What were the names of Eli's two sons?
2.) What were they doing?
3.) What did Hannah bring to Samuel each year?
4.) What would Eli say to Elkanah and Hannah?
5.) When the Lord called Samuel who did he think it was?
6.) The third time what did Eli tell Samuel to do?
7.) Who did the Lord tell Samuel he was going to punish and why?
8.) Did Samuel tell Eli about this?
9.) What did everyone end up knowing about Samuel?
   Lesson #069: Ark Capture & Return (1 Samuel 4-5)
1.) Who did the Israelites do battle against?
2.) Did they win or lose?
3.) How many Israelites died?
4.) What did the people decide to do to try to defeat their enemies?
5.) Who came with the ark?
6.) What did the Israelites do when the ark came into the camp?
7.) How did this make the Philistines feel?
8.) Who won the battle the second time?
9.) Who died?
10.) What happened to the ark?
11.) What did the messenger tell Eli?
12.) How old was Eli and what was wrong with him?
13.) What happened to Eli when he heard the news about the ark?
14.) How long had Eli judged?
15.) What was the name of Eli's grandson that was born?
16.) What was the meaning of his name?
17.) Where did the Philistines put the ark?
18.) What happened to the Philistine idol god?
19.) What happened to the Philistine people?
20.) Where did they send the ark?
21.) Where did they send the ark the second time?
22.) Where did they finally decide to send the ark?
   Lesson #070: Ark of Covenant (1 Sa. 6:1 - 1 Sa. 7:1)
1.) How long was the ark with the Philistines?
2.) What did their priests say to do with the ark?
3.) What did they make as offerings to send with the ark?
4.) How did they send the ark back?
5.) Which way did the cows go?
6.) What did the Israelites of Beth Shemesh do when they saw the ark?
7.) Why had they made five images of the tumors and 5 of the rats?
8.) What happened to the Israelites because they had looked into the ark?
9.) How many of them died?
10.) Who did Beth Shemesh send messengers to so they would come and get the ark?
   Lesson #071: Men of Kiriath Jearim (1 Samuel 7)
1.) Where did the men of Kirjath Jearim take the ark?
2.) Who was consecrated to keep the ark?
3.) How long did the ark stay there?
4.) What did the Lord tell the people?
5.) Did the people obey him?
6.) Where did Samuel tell the people to gather?
7.) Who wanted to come attack Israel again?
8.) What did Samuel offer to the Lord?
9.) What did the Lord do to confuse the Philistines?
10.) What was the name of the stone that Samuel set up and what does it mean?
11.) Where was Samuel's home?
   Lesson #072: Israel Asks for a King (1 Samuel 8)
1.) Who were Samuel's sons?
2.) Were they good judges?
3.) What did the people want like all of the other nations?
4.) Why did this make Samuel upset?
5.) What did Samuel say a king would do to the people?
6.) Did they still want a king?
7.) Did the Lord allow them to have a king?
   Lesson #073: Saul is King (1 Sa. 9 - 10)
1.) There was a man of Benjamin named....?
2.) What was the name of his son?
3.) What was his description?
4.) What did Saul go to look for?
5.) When they couldn't find them what did Saul say to his servant?
6.) Who did the servant say they should ask?
7.) How much did the servant have to pay the Seer?
8.) When they arrived at the town who did they ask about the Seer?
9.) Where did they say he would be?
10.) What had the Lord already told Samuel?
11.) When Samuel saw Saul what did the Lord say?
12.) What did Samuel tell Saul?
13.) How many people were at the banquet?
14.) What did Samuel tell the cook?
15.) Samuel sent the servant away so that he could announce to Saul what?
16.) What did Samuel do to Saul?
17.) What did Samuel prophesy would happen?
18.) What is the second thing that would happen?
19.) What is the third thing that would happen?
20.) How long would Saul have to wait for Samuel to come offer the sacrifices?
21.) Did the signs come to pass?
22.) When Samuel called Saul where did they find him?
23.) What did the people shout when they saw Saul?
24.) Did everyone like Saul?
   Lesson #074: Saul Rescues Jabesh (1 Sam. 11)
1.) Who encamped against Jabesh Gilead?
2.) What did the men of Jabesh Gilead ask for?
3.) What did Nahash say he would do?
4.) How many days did they ask for to find someone to rescue them?
5.) When Saul heard this how did he feel?
6.) What warning did he send throughout the land?
7.) How many from Israel and Judah went to battle?
8.) Into how many companies did Saul divide his men?
9.) Did they win?
10.) Where did Samuel take the people to renew the kingdom?

   Lesson #075: Jonathan's Fight & Saul's Oath (1 Sa. 14)
1.) What did Jonathan decide to do one day?
2.) How many people were with Saul?
3.) What did Jonathan tell his armor bearer?
4.) What test did they ask the Philistines?
5.) What did the Philistines say?
6.) How many men did they kill in how much space?
7.) Once the Philistines were afraid who else joined the fight?
8.) What oath had Saul made?
9.) Who violated the oath because he didn't know about it?
10.) What did he eat?
11.) What did Jonathan think about his father's oath?
12.) What did Saul build to the Lord?
13.) What did Saul find out Jonathan had done?
14.) Who rescued Jonathan?
   Lesson #076: Saul Rejected by God (1 Sa. 15)
1.) What directions did Samuel give to Saul?
2.) How many total soldiers did Saul have?
3.) What group of people did he forewarn?
4.) Who was the king of the Amelekites?
5.) Did Saul do as Samuel had commanded?
6.) Where had Saul gone and to do what?
7.) What did Saul tell Samuel he had done?
8.) What did Samuel say he heard?
9.) Who did Saul blame it on?
10.) What does Samuel say that the Lord delights in the most?
11.) What did Saul ask Samuel to do for him?
12.) When Samuel was leaving what did Saul do?
13.) What did Samuel say about what happened?
14.) What did Samuel do to Agag?
15.) Where did Samuel go and what did he do?
   Lesson #077: David Anointed King (1 Sa. 16:1-13)
1.) What did God tell Samuel to stop doing?
2.) To whom did God send Samuel and what did he take with him?
3.) What was Samuel worred about?
4.) What did God tell Samuel to do?
5.) What town did he go to and who did he invite to the sacrifice?
6.) Who was Jesse's oldest son and what did Samuel think about him?
7.) What does man look at? What does God look at?
8.) Who were the next two sons?
9.) How many sons did Samuel see?
10.) Where was David?
11.) What did he look like?
12.) What did God say when David came in?
13.) What came upon David when Samuel anointed him?
14.) Where did Samuel go?

   Lesson #078: David & Goliath (1 Sa. 17)
1.) What people came to fight Israel?
2.) What was the name of the Philistine giant?
3.) How tall was he?
4.) What did Goliath say to the Israelites?
5.) How many of Jesse's sons were soldiers in Saul's army?
6.) How many days did Goliath keep challenging the Israelites?
7.) What did Jesse ask David to do?
8.) What did Saul say he would do for the man that would kill Goliath?
9.) When David asked about Goliath who got mad at him?
10.) What did David say to Saul that he would do?
11.) What did Saul say about David?
12.) What did David say as proof that he could beat Goliath?
13.) What did Saul try to get David to wear?
14.) What did David take instead?
15.) What did Goliath say to David?
16.) Who did David say the battle belonged to?
17.) What did David kill Goliath with?
18.) What did David do with Goliath's sword?
19.) What did the Philistine army do when they saw this?
20.) What did the Israelites do?
21.) What did Saul ask David?

   Lesson #079: David & Jonathan (I Sam 20)
1.) What did David ask Jonathan?
2.) Did Jonathan believe him?
3.) What did David say back to Jonathan?
4.) What did David ask Jonathan to say at the feast?
5.) What promise did David make to Jonathan?
6.) What sign did Jonathan come up with to let David know if he was in danger?
7.) What did Saul think when David missed the first feast?
8.) The second night, how did Saul react to Jonathan's explanation?
9.) What did Saul try to do to Jonathan?
10.) What did Jonathan have to say to the boy to warn David?
11.) Were they sad to leave each other?
   Lesson #080: David Spares Saul's Life Twice (1 Sam. 23:14-29; 24; 26)
1.) Why was Saul searching for David?
2.) What did Jonathan say to encourage David?
3.) What people told Saul where David was?
4.) What did Saul ask the Ziphites to do?
5.) When Saul was almost ready to catch David what was told to Saul?
6.) Next time, Saul took how many men to chase David?
7.) What did Saul go into and who was hiding in there?
8.) What did David sneak up and do?
9.) How did David feel about what he did?
10.) When David came out of the cave what did he say to Saul?
11.) How did Saul respond?
12.) What did Saul make David promise?
13.) What did the Ziphites do again?
14.) Who was commander of Saul's army?
15.) What did David and Abishai do?
16.) What did Abishai want to do?
17.) What did David do instead?
18.) Why didn't anyone hear them?
19.) What did David yell at Abner?
20.) How did Saul respond to what David was saying?
   Lesson #081: Saul & His Sons Die (1 Sam. 31 - 2 Sam. 1; 1 Chron. 10)
1.) Who fought against the Israelites?
2.) What mountain were they fighting on?
3.) What happened to Saul's sons?
4.) What happened to Saul?
5.) What did Saul ask his armor bearer to do?
6.) What did Saul and his armor bearer both do?
7.) What did the Philistines do to Saul's body and his sons' bodies?
8.) What did the people of Jabesh Gilead do?
9.) What did the messenger tell David?
10.) What did the messenger lie about?
11.) What did David ask the Amelekite?
12.) What did David do to the Amelekite?
   Lesson #082: King David (2 Sam. 5:1-5; 1 Chron. 11:1-3)
1.) Where did all of the Israelites go?
2.) What did they do to David there?
3.) How old was David?
4.) How many years did he reign total? in Hebron? in Jerusalem?
   Lesson #083: The Ark Returns (2 Samuel 6)
1.) How many men did David take with him to get the ark?
2.) What did they set the ark upon?
3.) Who touched the ark and died?
4.) Where did the ark stay and for how long?
5.) Did they transport the ark correctly the second time?
6.) What did David do when they walked 6 steps?
7.) What was David doing to celebrate?
8.) Who saw him through the window and how did she feel?
9.) What gift did David give to every man and woman?
10.) Who yelled at David when he got home?
11.) What was Michael's punishment?
   Lesson #084: God's Covenant with David (2 Samuel 7)
1.) What did David tell Nathan that he wanted to do for God?
2.) What did God promise David would happen?
3.) What other future kingdom is God also telling David about?
   Lesson #085: Mephibosheth (2 Sam. 4:4; 9)
1.) Jonathan had a son named who?
2.) When he was how many years old what happened to him?
3.) What did David ask?
4.) What was the name of Saul's servant that answered the question?
5.) What did Jonathan's son do when he came to David?
6.) What good news did David tell Mephibosheth?
7.) What did Mephibosheth say to David?
8.) What did David tell Ziba to do from now on?
9.) How many sons and how many servants did Ziba have?
10.) What was the name of Mephibosheth's son?
   Lesson #086: David & Bathsheba (2 Sam. 11-12:25)
1.) Where did David send all his men?
2.) What did David see when he went up on his roof?
3.) What sin did David committ?
4.) What happened to Bathsheba?
5.) Who did David call to the palace?
6.) When David sent him home to Bathsheba did he go to her?
7.) Why did Uriah say he didn't go home?
8.) When David tried again did Uriah go home?
9.) What did David write in the letter to Joab?
10.) What happened to Uriah?
11.) What happened to Bathsheba?
12.) Was the Lord pleased about all of this?
13.) Who did God send to talk to David?
14.) What parable did Nathan tell David?
15.) When David got angry at the man in the parable, what did Nathan say?
16.) What did Nathan tell David that God said?
17.) What was going to be the punishment for David?
18.) Until the child died what did David do?
19.) Once the child died what did David do?
20.) What did David say when the people asked him about this?
21.) What was the name of David and Bathsheba's next son?
22.) What did the Lord name him and why?
   Lesson #087: Solomon is Made King (1Kings 1:28 - 53; 2:10-12)
1.) What did David promise Bathsheba?
2.) What were David's three chief men supposed to do?
3.) What did the people shout?
4.) What did the people go tell Adonijah, who was trying to be king?
5.) What did Adonijah's followers do?
6.) What did Adonijah do?
7.) Did Solomon kill him or spare him?
8.) What happened to David?
9.) How long had he reigned?
   Lesson #088: Splitting the Baby (1 Kings 3; 4:21-34)
1.) Who did Solomon marry?
2.) How many offererings did Solomon offer at Gibeon?
3.) What did God ask Solomon?
4.) What wise thing did Solomon ask for?
5.) What else did God give him?
6.) What problem did the two women have?
7.) What was Solomon's solution?
8.) How did Solomon figure out who the mother was?
9.) What were some of the things that Solomon understood?
10.) How many proverbs and how many songs did he write?
   Lesson #089: Solomon Builds the Temple (1 Kings 6:1-38)
1.) What did Solomon begin to build for God?
2.) What were the temple's dimensions?
3.) How big was the porch?
4.) What tools did they use at the building site?
5.) What was the inner santuary called?
6.) What type of wood was used?
7.) What metal did he put over all of the wood?
8.) What two things did he make for the inner sanctuary?
9.) How long did it take Solomon to build the temple?
   Lesson #090: The Dedication of the Temple (1 Kings 8)
1.) What did they bring up to the temple?
2.) How many sacrifices did they make?
3.) What was in the ark?
4.) What went into the Holy Place when the priests left?
5.) What did Solomon do first at the dedication of the temple?
6.) How many cattle did he sacrifice?
7.) How many sheep and goats did he sacrifice?
8.) How many days did they celebrate?
   Lesson #091: Solomon Turns from the Lord (1 Kings 11:1-13, 41-43)
1.) What was Solomon's problem?
2.) How many women did Solomon have?
3.) As Solomon got older what did these women from other countries do?
4.) What did he do for his wives?
5.) What was Solomon's punishment for acting evil?
6.) When would this happen?
7.) How long did Solomon reign?
8.) Who took over as king?
   Lesson #092: The Kingdom is Divided (1 Kings 11; 12:1-24)
1.) Who was the young man that Solomon put in charge of labor?
2.) What did the prophet Ahijah do with his new cloak?
3.) What did he tell Jeroboam?
4.) What did Solomon try to do to Jeroboam?
5.) Where did Jeroboam flee?
6.) How long was Solomon king?
7.) Who became king after Solomon?
8.) When Jeroboam came back, what did he ask Rehoboam?
9.) What advice did the old men give?
10.) What advice did his young friends give?
11.) Whose advice did he accept?
12.) Who did the Israelites make king over them?
13.) What tribes was Rehoboam still king over?
14.) How many men did Rehoboam get to fight Israel?
15.) What did God say about this?
   Lesson #093: Jeroboam's Rebellion (1 Kings 12:25-13:6)
1.) What was Jeroboam worried about?
2.) What did he make and where did he put them?
3.) What other bad things did Jeroboam do?
4.) What did the a man of God yell at the altar?
5.) What sign did he say would happen?
6.) What did Jeroboam do and yell?
7.) What happened to Jeroboam's hand?
8.) What happened to the altar?
9.) What did Jeroboam ask the man of God to do?
10.) Did God heal Jeroboam?
   Lesson #094: Ravens Bring Food to Elijah (1 Kings 16:29-34; 17:1-6)
1.) Who became king of Israel?
2.) How long did he reign?
3.) How evil was he?
4.) Who did he marry?
5.) What gods did he worship?
6.) What did Elijah tell Ahab?
7.) What did God tell Elijah to go do?
8.) How did God provide for Elijah?
   Lesson #095: Elijah Helps a Poor Widow (1 Kings 17:7-24)
1.) What happened to the brook Elijah was drinking out of?
2.) Where did God send him?
3.) When he saw the widow what was she doing?
4.) What did he ask her?
5.) How did she respond?
6.) What miracle did Elijah perform for her?
7.) What happened to the widow's son?
8.) What did Elijah do over the boy as he was praying?
9.) What did God do to the boy?
   Lesson #096: Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:19-46)
1.) Where did Elijah tell Ahab to meet him and who to bring?
2.) What did Elijah tell the people?
3.) What was the competition that Elijah set up?
4.) Did Baal answer the false prophets prayers?
5.) How did Elijah make fun of them?
6.) What did Elijah rebuild the altar with?
7.) What did he dig around it?
8.) How many large jars of water did he pour on the altar?
9.) Did God answer when Elijah prayed?
10.) What did the fire burn?
11.) What did the people yell?
12.) What did Elijah do to the prophets of Baal?
13.) What did Elijah tell Ahab would happen?
14.) How many times did Elijah tell his servant to look to the sea from Mt. Carmel?
15.) What did the servant see the 7th time?
16.) Where did Elijah tell his servant to quickly go?
17.) What did the power of the Lord enable Elijah to do?
   Lesson #097: The Still Small Voice (1 Kings 19)
1.) What did Ahab tell Jezebel?
2.) What message did Jezebel send to Elijah?
3.) Where did Elijah run and what did he pray?
4.) What did the angel provide?
5.) What did the angel say the second time?
6.) Where did Elijah go and how long did it take him?
7.) What did God tell Elijah to do?
8.) What three powerful things did Elijah see?
9.) What fourth thing did Elijah hear?
10.) Where did God tell Elijah to go and do?
11.) How many people had not bowed down to Baal?
12.) Who did Elijah meet?
13.) What was he doing?
14.) What did Elisha do with his oxen and plowing equipment?
   Lesson #098: Ahaziah and Elijah (2 Kings 1)
1.) What happened to Ahaziah?
2.) What false god did he try to inquire of?
3.) What did Elijah tell the messengers?
4.) What did Ahaziah ask the messengers?
5.) How did the messengers describe Elijah?
6.) How many men did the king send to Elijah?
7.) What happened to them?
8.) What did the king send again?
9.) What happened to them?
10.) How did the third captain act differently?
11.) What did the angel tell Elijah to do?
12.) What did Elijah tell Ahaziah to his face?
13.) Who became the new king of Israel?
   Lesson #099: Elijah is Taken to Heaven (2 Kings 2:1-18)
1.) Where was Elijah going and what did he tell Elisha to do?
2.) What did the prophets at Bethel tell Elisha?
3.) How did Elisha respond?
4.) Where did Elijah say he was going and what did he tell Elisha to do?
5.) What did the prophets at Jericho tell Elisha?
6.) How did Elisha respond?
7.) Where did Elijah say he was going and what did he tell Elisha to do?
8.) How many prophets came to the Jordan to watch?
9.) What did Elijah do with his cloak?
10.) What did Elijah ask Elisha?
11.) What did Elisha ask for?
12.) How did Elijah respond?
13.) What showed up and took Elijah to heaven?
14.) What did Elisha yell and do to his clothes?
15.) What did Elisha pick up?
16.) What did he do with it?
17.) What did the 50 prophets want to do?
18.) How long did they look for Elijah?
   Lesson #100: The Two Bears (2 Kings 2:19-25)
1.) What did the men of the city complain about?
2.) What did he tell them to bring him?
3.) What did he do with it and what did he say?
4.) Where did Elisha go next?
5.) What did the young men yell at Elisha?
6.) What did they mean by this?
7.) What did Elisha call down upon them?
8.) How many young men were hurt?
   Lesson #101: Elisha and the Shunammite Woman (2 Kings 4:1-17)
1.) What did the woman tell Elisha?
2.) What did Elisha ask her?
3.) What did she have?
4.) What did he tell her to do?
5.) What miracle occurred?
6.) What did Elisha tell her to do with the oil?
7.) Where did Elisha go next?
8.) What did the woman there do for Elisha?
9.) What did Elisha ask the woman?
10.) What did Elisha do for the woman?
   Lesson #102: Elisha Raises the Dead (2 Kings 4:18-36)
1.) What did the child yell out?
2.) What happened to the boy?
3.) Where did his mother leave him?
4.) Where did the woman go?
5.) What did Elisha tell his servant to do?
6.) What did she tell the servant?
7.) What did she do when she got to Elisha?
8.) What did Elisha tell Gehazi to do?
9.) What did Elisha do when he came to the boy?
10.) What did the boy do and how many times?

   Lesson #103: Naaman's Leprosy (2 Kings 5:1-14)
1.) Who was the commander of the Syrian army?
2.) What was his problem?
3.) Who worked for Naaman's wife?
4.) What did the servant girl recommend?
5.) What did the king of Syria do?
6.) What did Naaman take with him?
7.) How did this make the king of Israel feel?
8.) What did Elisha tell the king?
9.) What did Elisha have his servant tell Naaman to do?
10.) Why was Naaman so angry?
11.) What did Naaman's servants tell him?
12.) What happened to him?
   Lesson #104: Elisha's Greedy Servant (2 Kings 5:15-27)
1.) What did Naaman acknowledge?
2.) What did Naaman try to give Elisha?
3.) What did Naaman ask to take and why?
4.) What did Gehazi try to do?
5.) What did Gehazi ask from Naaman?
6.) What did Gehazi do with the silver?
7.) What did Elisha ask Gehazi?
8.) What happened to Gehazi because of his greed?
   Lesson #105: The Floating Ax Head (2 Kings 6:1-7)
1.) What did the company of prophets want to do?
2.) What were they doing?
3.) What happened?
4.) What miracle did Elijah perform?
   Lesson #106: The Lord's Army (2 Kings 6:8-23)
1.) Who went to war with Israel?
2.) Who kept warning the king of Israel?
3.) Why was the king of Syria angry?
4.) Where did they go to capture Elisha?
5.) What did Elisha's servant fear?
6.) What did Elisha say to his servant?
7.) When the servant's eyes were opened what did he see?
8.) What did Elisha pray to have happen?
9.) Where did Elisha lead them?
10.) What did the king of Israel ask to do to them?
11.) What did Elisha tell them to do instead?
   Lesson #107: Joash Repairs the Temple (2 Kings 12:)
1.) Who became the king of Judah?
2.) How long was he king?
3.) Was he good or bad?
4.) Who was his instructor?
5.) What did Joash decide to do?
6.) What did Jehoida make and where did he put it?
7.) What was the money used for?
8.) What qualifications did the men have who were appointed to pay the workers?
9.) Who was going to attack Jerusalem?
10.) Why didn't he?
11.) What happened to Joash?
12.) Who was king next?
   Lesson #108: Hezekiah (2 Chron. 29:1-26)
1.) Who became king of Jerusalem?
2.) How old was he?
3.) What did Hezekiah try to do?
4.) How many days total did it take them to clean and consecrate the temple?
5.) What did they offer for sacrifices?
   Lesson #109: The Book of the Law is Found (2 Kings 22)
1.) Who became the new king?
2.) How old was he?
3.) How long did he reign?
4.) What did Josiah send Shaphan to do?
5.) What did Hilkiah the high priest say that he found?
6.) What did Josiah realize when he read the Word of God?
7.) What did the prophetess say would happen?
8.) What was Josiah's reward since he humbled himself?
   Lesson #110: Josiah (2 Kings 23:1-30)
1.) What did Josiah read to the people?
2.) What did Josiah do concerning worship?
3.) What did Josiah do with human bones?
4.) Whose bones did they not disturb?
5.) What feast did Josiah start again?
6.) What was different about Josiah than any other king?
7.) Did God change his will about punishing Judah?
8.) What happened to Josiah when he faught the king of Egypt?
9.) Who became king after Josiah?
   Lesson #111: Judah is Lead into Captivity (2 Kings 25:1-21)
1.) How was king of Judah?
2.) Who attacked Jerusalem?
3.) How many years was Jerusalem under siege?
4.) What did the Judah army do at night?
5.) What did the Babylonians do to Zedekiah and his sons?
6.) What did the Babylonians do to the buildings in Jerusalem?
7.) Did Nebuzaradan leave any people? why?
8.) What other things did the Babylonians take?
9.) What did they do to the important leaders of Judah?
   Lesson #112: Rebuilding of Temple (Ezra 1- 3:13)
1.) What happened when Cyrus became king of Persia?
2.) What prophet had foretold this?
3.) What did Cyrus decide to do?
4.) How many pieces of gold and silver did he send back to Jerusalem?
5.) How many people returned to Jerusalem?
6.) In the seventh month back, what did Zerubbabel build?
7.) Who was assigned to rebuild the temple?
8.) How did different people react to the laying of the foundation?
   Lesson #113: Ezra Reads the Law (Nehemiah 8:1-12)
1.) What did Ezra do from morning until noon?
2.) Where did he stand to do this?
3.) What were the people doing as Ezra read?
4.) Who was the governor?
5.) How did they feel when they understood the Word of God?
   Lesson #114: Esther Becomes Queen (Esther 1-2:18)
1.) Who was the king of Persia?
2.) What did he do?
3.) How long did the celebration last?
4.) How long did the banquet last?
5.) On the seventh day, what did Xerxes command Vashti to do?
6.) What happened?
7.) What was her punishment?
8.) What notice was sent out to all household leaders?
9.) Who did they start a search for?
10.) Who are we introduced to and what was the name of his cousin?
11.) What was her Persian name?
12.) What did Hegai think of Esther?
13.) Who was Esther's father's name?
14.) What did Xerxes proclaim about Esther?
   Lesson #115: Mordecai and Haman (Esther 2:19-3:15)
1.) Did Esther tell anyone that she was a Jew?
2.) Where was Mordecai sitting?
3.) What plan did Mordecai overhear?
4.) What did he do about it?
5.) What happened to the two men?
6.) Who did the king promote to the highest honor?
7.) Who wouldn't bow down to Haman?
8.) What did Mordecai tell them about himself and why he wouldn't bow down?
9.) What did Haman decide to do to the Jews?
10.) What did Haman ask Xerxes to do?
11.) When was the massacre of the Jews supposed to happen?
   Lesson #116: Esther Pleads for Her People (Esther 4-5:8)
1.) What did Mordecai do when he heard about the plan?
2.) What did Mordecai ask Esther to do?
3.) What was the law of seeing the king?
4.) How long had it been since she saw Xerxes?
5.) What did he say to Esther to encourage her to do the right thing?
6.) What did she ask Mordecai and the Jews to do?
7.) What famous words did Esther say?
8.) Did Xerxes extend the scepter to Esther?
9.) What did Xerxes offer her?
10.) What did Esther request?
11.) What did Esther request again for the next day?
   Lesson #117: Haman Hanged (Esther 5:9-6:14)
1.) How was Haman feeling and why?
2.) What did Haman boast about when he got home?
3.) What did Haman complain about?
4.) What did his wife and friends suggest he build?
5.) When the king could not sleep what did he do?
6.) What was he reminded of?
7.) When Haman arrived what did the king ask him?
8.) How did Haman reply and why?
9.) Who did the king tell Haman to give the honor to?
10.) How did this make Haman feel?
11.) What did his wife and friends warn him about?
12.) Where did the king's servants take Haman?
   Lesson #118: Feast of Purim (Esther 7:1-8:17; 9:18-32)
1.) What did the king ask Esther at the banquet?
2.) What did Esther tell him?
3.) When the king asked who had done this thing what did Esther say?
4.) Since the king was mad where did he go?
5.) What did Haman do while the king was out of the room?
6.) What did one of the servants suggest be done with Haman?
7.) What did the king do with Haman's house?
8.) Who took Haman's place of power?
9.) What did Esther ask of the king?
10.) Since the law couldn't be overturned what new law did the king make?
11.) How did this make all of the people feel?
12.) Who became very great in the king's house?
13.) How many men did the Jews kill in the Shushan palace?
14.) How many sons did Haman have and what happened to them?
15.) What did Esther ask the king for?
16.) How many men did in the palace at Shushan the second day?
17.) How many people did the Jews kill on the second day in the Persian Empire?
18.) What month and days were the Feast of Purim on?
19.) Why was it called Purim?
   Lesson #119: Job's 1st Test (Job 1)
1.) Where did Job live?
2.) How many children and animals did Job have?
3.) What did Job do for his children?
4.) Why did Satan think Job was good?
5.) What did God tell Satan he could not do?
6.) What did Satan do to Job?
7.) What did Job say and how did he respond?
   Lesson #120: Job's 2nd Test (Job 2:1-10)
1.) Who came before the Lord again?
2.) What did God say to Satan?
3.) What did Satan say back to God?
4.) What did God say Satan could do and not do?
5.) What did Satan do to Job?
6.) What did Job's wife say to him?
7.) How did Job respond to her?
8.) Did Job do anything wrong?
   Lesson #121: Job and His Three Friends (Job 2-31)
1.) What were the names of Job's three friends?
2.) How did they feel when they saw Job?
3.) What did they do for one week?
4.) What do Job's friends try to convince him of in this book?
5.) Does Job agree with them?
   Lesson #122: Elihu Contradicts Job's Friends (Job 32-37)
1.) Why did the three friends stop answering Job?
2.) What is the name of the fourth person that speaks to Job?
3.) Why was Elihu upset with Job?
4.) Why was Elihu upset with the three friends?
5.) Why had Elihu waited to speak?
6.) What is the theme of Elihu's speech?
   Lesson #123: The LORD Speaks (Job 38-41)
1.) What are some science questions that God asks Job?
2.) What animals are mentioned in ch 39?
3.) How is the Behomoth described?
4.) What do you think the Behomoth was?
5.) How is the Leviathan described?
6.) What do you think the Leviathan is?
   Lesson #124: Job is Blessed (Job 42)
1.) What does Job say when he responds to the Lord?
2.) What does the Lord say to the three friends?
3.) What does he tell them to do?
4.) What did Job do for his three friends?
5.) How was Job rewarded after he and his three friends repented?
6.) All his family and friends gave him what?
7.) What were the names of Job's daughters?
8.) How much longer did Job live?
   Lesson #125: Four Hebrew Boys (Daniel 1:3-15)
1.) Who was king of Judah?
2.) What was king took over Jerusalem? Where was he from?
3.) What did King Nebuchadnezzar instruct Ashpenaz to get from Israel?
4.) What were these men's characteristics?
5.) How long were they to be trained?
6.) What were they taught?
7.) Who were the 4 men chosen from Judah?
8.) What were their names changed to?
9.) How long did Daniel ask permission to be tested for?
10.) After the 10 days were the men's countenance better or worse than the others?
11.) What ability did God bless Daniel with?
12.) When these men were presented to the king in every matter of wisdom and understanding how much better were these men than all the others in the kingdom?
13.) How long did Daniel stay?
   Lesson #126: Nebuchadnezzar's Dream (Daniel 2:1-49)
1.) Why could King Nebuchadnezzar not sleep?
2.) Who did he ask for help to interpret the dreams?
3.) If the wisemen could interpret the dream what would happen to them? If they could not what would the penalty be?
4.) What was the wisemen's reply?
5.) The king was so angry and furious that he ordered what to happen to all the wisemen of Babylon?
6.) Was Daniel and his friends to be put to death?
7.) When Daniel explained to his friends what was happening what did he urge them to do?
8.) That night what did God provide to Daniel?
9.) Who did Daniel go see and petition to?
10.) When Arioch delivered Daniel to the king who did Daniel give credit to?
11.) What was the metal representing the head, chest and arms, waist and thighs, legs and feet of the statue in King Nebuchadnezzar's dream?
12.) What did Daniel tell the king that this dream represented?
13.) True or False: "The great God has shown the king what will take place in the future. The dream is true and its interpretation is trustworthy."
14.) Was the king happy that Daniel could interpret his dream? Who did King Nebuchadnezzar give credit to?
15.) How did the king reward Daniel?
16.) At Daniel's request what did Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego become appointed to?
   Lesson #127: The Fiery Furnace (Daniel 3:1-30)
1.) What did King Nebuchadnezzar make?
2.) As soon as the people heard music what were they requried to do?
3.) Men told King Nebuchadnezzar that who was not bowing down to his idol?
4.) What was the king's response?
5.) Who was summonded before the king?
6.) The king told Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego they would be thrown into the fiery furnace for not worshipping his idol. What was their reply?
7.) This made the king so mad he ordered the furnace to be set how many times more hot than normal?
8.) What happened to the soldiers that threw Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into the fiery furnace?
9.) King Nebuchadnezzar leaped to his feet in amazement and said he saw what?
10.) Nebuchadnezzar then approached the opening of the blazing furnace and told the 3 men to do what?
11.) When Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego came out of the fiery furnace what was so amazing?
12.) Who did King Nebuchadnezzar praise for this miracle?
13.) What did the king decree to all the people?
14.) What did the king do to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to honor them and their God?
   Lesson #128: Nebuchadnezzar is Humbled (Daniel 4:28-37)
1.) Where was King Nebuchadnezzar walking?
2.) What great things did the king say he had done?
3.) While he was boasting where did a voice come from?
4.) What will happen to King Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom?
5.) Where will the king soon live and what will he eat?
6.) Did the king soon lose his power and live in the wild?
7.) What did the king's hair and nails grow like?
8.) At the end what did the King look up to?
9.) Who did Nebuchadnezzar praise?
10.) What was returned to Nebuchadnezzar?
   Lesson #129: The Writing on the Wall (Daniel 5:1-31)
1.) King Belshazzar gave a feast to how many of his nobles?
2.) What did the king order to be delivered to the banquet?
3.) Where had the vessels been taken from?
4.) While they drank which god(s) did they praise?
5.) To everyone's surprise what suddenly appeared?
6.) Who did King Belshazzar call for?
7.) Were these men able to interpret the writing on the wall?
8.) Who did the queen suggest the king call upon?
9.) What great traits did Daniel have?
10.) What did the king offer Daniel if he could help him?
11.) Did Daniel want to accept these gifts
? 12.) Was Daniel able to help the king?
13.) What did Daniel say like his father he did not do for God?
14.) What does Mene mean?
15.) What does Tekel mean?
16.) What does Parsin mean?
17.) How did King Belshazzar reward Daniel?
18.) What happened to the king that very night?
   Lesson #130: Daniel in the Lion's Den (Daniel 6:1-22)
1.) What did the king appoint at the beginning of the chapter?
2.) Since Daniel was so distinguished what did the king plan to give him rule over?
3.) Because of jealousy what did the men plot to do to Daniel?
4.) Did they find any wrong against Daniel?
5.) The men went to the king and asked for a law to be made that no one could pray to anyone but who for how many days?
6.) If any one did what would happen to them?
7.) Did King Darius put this into decree?
8.) When Daniel learned of the decree did he stop praying to his God?
9.) How often and how did Daniel pray?
10.) Who found Daniel praying?
11.) These men told the king that who does not show respect to him?
12.) When the king heard this about Daniel how did he feel?
13.) The men reminded the king that nothing could be changed with the decree so what did the king order to be done to Daniel?
14.) When the king saw Daniel what did he say to him?
15.) What was placed over the lion's den and what sealed it?
16.) That night did the king eat or sleep?
17.) At dawn who went to the lion's den?
18.) The king yelled in and asked, "Daniel, servant of the living God, has your God, whom you serve continually, been able to rescue you from the lions?" Was Daniel saved by God?
19.) Daniel said God sent what to protect him?
20.) Did the lions wound Daniel?
21.) The king was overjoyed so what did he order happen to Daniel?
22.) What happened to the men that falsely accused Daniel?
23.) What did the lions do to these men?
24.) King Darius wrote to all nations in all langages to revere who?
25.) Did Daniel prosper during the king's reign?
   Lesson #131: Jonah and the Great Fish (Jonah 1:1-2:10)
1.) Where was Jonah told to go?
2.) What was he to do there?
3.) Where did Jonah go instead?
4.) What did the Lord send that threatened the ship and those aboard?
5.) What did the men throw overboard to lighten the ship?
6.) Where was Jonah during the storm?
7.) The sailors cast lots and it fell on who?
8.) What did Jonah tell the men that he had done?
9.) Was the sea getting worse or better?
10.) Jonah said it was whose fault that the storm occured?
11.) What did Jonah tell the men to do to him?
12.) Instead of throwning Jonah overboard what did the men try to do?
13.) When that did not work what did they do?
14.) What did the Lord provide for Jonah when he was thrown overboard?
15.) How long was Jonah in the fish?
16.) What did Jonah do while he was inside of the fish?
17.) Who did Jonah say gives salvation?
18.) What did the Lord command the fish to do with Jonah?
19.) Where did Jonah get spit up on?
   Lesson #132: Nineveh Repents (Jonah 3 - 4)
1.) Where was Jonah told to go?
2.) Did Jonah obey this time?
3.) What did Jonah preach?
4.) In how many days would Ninevah be overthrown?
5.) Did the Ninevites believe him?
6.) When the message got to the king what did he do?
7.) Did the Ninevites repent?
8.) Was Jonah happy or angry?
9.) What did Jonah pray for God to do?
10.) Where did Jonah go?
11.) What did God provide for Jonah?
12.) What happened to the plant?
13.) When the sun rose what happened to Jonah?
14.) The Lord said Jonah had more love and compassion for the plant than who?
15.) God said Jonah should love what the most?
   Lesson #133: Birth of John the Baptist (Luke 1)
1.) Who did Luke write his book to?
2.) What was the name of the priest and his wife?
3.) Did they have children?
4.) What was his turn to do?
5.) Who appeared to Zacharias?
6.) What did the angel tell him?
7.) What should his son's name be?
8.) What were some interesting things about the boy?
9.) Who will the boy prepare the world for?
10.) What was the angel's name?
11.) What happened because he did not believe Gabriel?
12.) When Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant where did Gabriel go?
13.) Who did he talk to and what did he tell her?
14.) What would her son be called?
15.) Who would be the son's father?
16.) Who did Mary go visit?
17.) What did John do when Elizabeth heard Mary?
18.) What did Mary sing?
19.) How long did Mary stay with her?
20.) What did the people try to name John?
21.) What did Elizabeth say?
22.) What did Zacharias write?
23.) When Zacharias could speak what did he do?

   Lesson #134: Birth of Jesus (Luke 2:1-21)
1.) What did Augustus command?
2.) Where was Joseph and Mary living?
3.) Where did they go since they were in the lineage of David?
4.) What happened while they were there?
5.) Where did she have the baby?
6.) Who was out in the field?
7.) What did the angel tell them?
8.) What did the band of angels say?
9.) What did they name the boy?
   Lesson #135: Visit to Jerusalem (Luke 2:22-39; Matt. 2:1-12)
1.) Where did they take Jesus?
2.) What sacrifice did they need to offer?
3.) Who did they meet?
4.) What had the Holy Spirit told him?
5.) What did he tell Mary that the child would do?
6.) Who else did they meet?
7.) Approximately how old was she?
8.) What did she constantly do in the temple?
9.) Where did they return to?
10.) Who came to see Herod?
11.) What had they seen?
12.) What did Herod ask about?
13.) What was the answer?
14.) What did he tell the wisemen to do?
15.) Where did they find the child?
16.) What did they give him?
17.) What did the Lord warn the wisemen to do?

   Lesson #136: Flee to Egypt (Matt. 2:13-23; Luke 2:40-52)
1.) What did the Lord tell Joseph to do?
2.) How long did they stay there?
3.) What did Herod command have happen?
4.) After Herod died what did the Lord say to Joseph?
5.) Where did Joseph and Mary make their home?
6.) How did Jesus grow?
7.) Where did the family go every year for the Passover?
8.) How long did his family lose Jesus?
9.) What was he doing?
10.) What did Jesus tell his mother?
11.) Was Jesus obedient to them?
   Lesson #137: Jesus Baptized (Matt. 3)
1.) What was John the Baptist preaching?
2.) Who was he preparing the way for?
3.) Describe John.
4.) What was John doing to people in the Jordan River?
5.) Who does he chastise?
6.) Who does John say is coming?
7.) What does John say he will baptize with?
8.) Who came to be baptized?
9.) What does John say to him?
10.) Why did Jesus say he needed to be baptized?
11.) What happened when Jesus came out of the water?
12.) What did God say?
   Lesson #138: Temptation of Jesus (Matt. 4:1-11)
1.) Who led Jesus? where? and for what purpose?
2.) How long did Jesus fast?
3.) What did the Devil tempt him with first?
4.) How did Jesus answer?
5.) Where did the Devil take him?
6.) How did he tempt Him?
7.) How did Jesus answer?
8.) What was the third temptation?
9.) How did Jesus answer?
10.) When the Devil left who came to attend Jesus?
11.) What OT book did Jesus quote all three times after he was tempted?

   Lesson #139: Jesus Calls His Disciples (Matt. 4:18 -22; John 1:35-51)
1.) What two brothers did Jesus see?
2.) What did he ask them to do?
3.) What did he say he would make them?
4.) What two brothers did he call next?
5.) What did Jesus rename Simon?
6.) Phillip found who?
7.) What did Phillip tell Nathanael?
8.) What did Nathanael say?
9.) What did Jesus say about Nathanael?
10.) When Nathanael asked Jesus how he knew him what did Jesus say?
11.) What did Nathanael say when he heard this?
12.) What did Jesus say they would see?

   Lesson #140: Water into Wine at Cana (John 2:1-11)
1.) What event happened and where?
2.) What did Mary say to Jesus?
3.) How did Jesus respond?
4.) What did Jesus say to fill with water?
5.) What did the master of the banquet discover about the water?
6.) Why did the disciples then put their trust in Him?

   Lesson #141: Jesus Cleanses the Temple (John 2:13- 22)
1.) What celebration was approaching?
2.) Where did Jesus go?
3.) What did he find people doing there?
4.) What did he make and what did he do with it?
5.) What did he say to the people?
6.) What did they ask to see while questioning his authority?
7.) How did Jesus respond?
8.) How long had it taken to build the temple?
9.) What did Jesus mean by the temple?

   Lesson #142: The Woman at the Well (John 4:1-42)
1.) What land did Jesus travel through?
2.) Where did he stop?
3.) Who came out to the well and what did Jesus ask her?
4.) Where had his disciples gone?
5.) What observation did the woman make?
6.) How did Jesus respond?
7.) She asked him if He was greater than who?
8.) What kind of water was Jesus talking about?
9.) What did she ask for?
10.) Who did he tell her to go get?
11.) What did she say?
12.) What did Jesus say about her?
13.) What did the woman realize about him?
14.) Where did the Samaritans worship?
15.) Where did the Jews worship?
16.) How will true worshippers worship God?
17.) Who did the woman say was coming?
18.) Who did Jesus say he was?
19.) Who then returned and what were they surprised about?
20.) Where did the woman go and what did she tell them?
21.) What did the disciples ask Jesus to do?
22.) What did Jesus say was his food?
23.) Did the Samaritans believe?
24.) How long did Jesus stay there?
25.) Who did the Samaritans say Jesus was?

   Lesson #143: Fishers of Men (Luke 5:1-11)
1.) How did Jesus get a little ways away from the crowd?
2.) What did he tell Peter to do after he finished teaching the people?
3.) What did Peter tell him?
4.) Did they catch any fish?
5.) Who did they signal?
6.) What began happening to the boats?
7.) What did Peter say?
8.) Jesus said to not be afraid and they were now going to be fishers of what?

   Lesson #144: Through the Roof (Mark 2:1-12)
1.) Where did Jesus call home?
2.) What was wrong with a man that some men brought to Jesus?
3.) How did they get him to Jesus?
4.) What did Jesus see about these men who were helping this man?
5.) What did he say to the man?
6.) What did some of the teachers think about what Jesus said?
7.) When Jesus knew what they were thinking what did He ask them?
8.) What did Jesus do then?
9.) What was the man able to do?
   Lesson #145: Rejection at Nazareth (John 4:43-54; Mark 6:1-6;)
1.) Where was Jesus and what was He doing?
2.) What were the people amazed by?
3.) How many brothers did Jesus have?
4.) Were they younger or older than Jesus?
5.) Did Jesus have any sisters?
6.) What did Jesus say about a prophet in his hometown?
7.) What was Jesus amazed by?
1.) What other town did He visit in Galilee?
2.) A man came from Capernaum with what request?
3.) What did Jesus say about the people?
4.) What did he tell the man about his son?
5.) When the man was going home, his servants met him with what news?
6.) What did the man figure out?
   Lesson #146: House on the Rock (Matt. 7:24-29; Luke 6:46-49)
1.) Where do wise men build their houses?
2.) What did Jesus say wise men are like?
3.) Why doesn't the wise man's house fall down in bad weather?
4.) Where do foolish men build their houses?
5.) What did Jesus say foolish men are like?
6.) What happens to foolish men's houses when bad weather strikes?
   Lesson #147: The Pool at Bethesda (John 5:1-18)
1.) Where did Jesus go?
2.) What was by the sheep gate?
3.) What kind of people would hang out there?
4.) There was a man that couldn't walk for how long?
5.) What did Jesus ask him?
6.) What was the man's reply?
7.) What did Jesus tell the man to do?
8.) What day of the week did Jesus heal the man?
9.) What did the Jews tell the man?
10.) What did the man say to the Jews?
11.) Did the man tell the Jews who it was that healed him?
12.) Later Jesus found the man again where?
13.) What did Jesus tell the man to stop doing?
14.) What did the man go tell the Jews?
15.) How did Jesus respond?
16.) What did the Jews want to do to Jesus?
17.) What were the two reasons given why they wanted to kill him?
   Lesson #148: Jesus heals on the Sabbath (Matt. 12:1- 14)
1.) What did Jesus disciples do on the Sabbath?
2.) What did the Pharisees complain about?
3.) What did Jesus remind them of?
4.) Is Jesus greater than David and the priests?
5.) What words of God did Jesus say the Pharisees should understand?
6.) What is Jesus Lord of?
7.) What was wrong with the man in the synagogue?
8.) What did they accuse Jesus of even before He did it?
9.) What did He remind them about the old law?
10.) Is an animal more important than a human being?
11.) What is it lawful to do on the Sabbath?
12.) What did Jesus do for the man?
13.) What did the Pharisees plot to do?
   Lesson #149: The Centurion's Servant (Luke 7:1-10; Matt. 8:5-13)
1.) Where did Jesus go?
2.) What was wrong with a centurion's servant?
3.) What is a centurion and would he be a Jew or not?
4.) Why did the centurion send some Jews to Jesus?
5.) What did the Jews say to persuade Jesus to come?
6.) What did the centurion send his friends out to say to Jesus?
7.) Did this impress Jesus?
8.) What did Jesus say about the faith of this Gentile?
9.) When the men went back in what condition did they find the servant?
10.) Did Jesus say that only Jews would be saved?
   Lesson #150: The Son of the Widow of Nain (Luke 7:11-18)
1.) What town did Jesus go to?
2.) As he came to the gate what did they see?
3.) How did Jesus feel about the widow?
4.) What did He say to her?
5.) What did Jesus touch and what did He say?
6.) What happened to the young man?
7.) What did the people all start saying?
   Lesson #151: Anointing Jesus' Feet (Luke 7:36-50)
1.) Who invited Jesus to dinner?
2.) How had the woman lived?
3.) What did she bring to the house?
4.) What did she wash and dry Jesus's feet with?
5.) What did the Pharisee say in his head?
6.) Jesus turned to the Pharisee named Simon and told him a parable about what?
7.) How did Simon answer and did he get it right?
8.) What three things did the woman give that Simon had not?
9.) What did Jesus say to the woman?
10.) What did the other guests say about Jesus?
   Lesson #152: Parable of the Sower (Luke 8:4-15)
1.) Where did the first seed fall and what happened to it?
2.) Where did the next seed fall and what happened to it?
3.) Where did the next seed fall and what happened to it?
4.) Where did the next seed fall and what happened to it?
5.) What did the seed represent?
6.) The seed on the path were like what kind of people?
7.) The seed on the rocks were like what kind of people?
8.) The seed in the thorns were like what kind of people?
9.) The seed in the good soil were like what kind of people?
   Lesson #153: Jesus Calms a Storm (Matt 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41)
1.) What did Jesus and his disciples get into?
2.) What all of a sudden happened?
3.) What was Jesus doing?
4.) What did the disciples do?
5.) What did Jesus say to them?
6.) What miracle did Jesus perform?
7.) What did the disciples ask among themselves?
   Lesson #154: The Demon Possessed Man (Mark 5:1-20)
1.) Where did Jesus and his disciples go?
2.) Who did they see?
3.) How had the people tried to restrain the man?
4.) What would he do night and day?
5.) What did the man do and say when he saw Jesus?
6.) What was the demon's name?
7.) What was nearby that Legion asked to go into?
8.) Did Jesus let them?
9.) How many pigs were there?
10.) What did the pigs do?
11.) What did the people watching the pigs run and do?
12.) What did the people ask Jesus to do because they were afraid?
13.) What did Jesus tell the man to do as he was leaving in the boat?
   Lesson #155: Parable of Wheat & Tares (Matt 13:24-30; 13:36-43)
1.) What is the kingdom of heaven like?
2.) What did the enemy do while the farmer was sleeping?
3.) When the servants noticed it and told the farmer who did he say did it?
4.) What did the servants ask to do?
5.) What did the farmer say to do instead?
6.) Who was the farmer in this parable?
7.) What was the field in the parable?
8.) What was the good seed?
9.) What were the weeds?
10.) Who was the enemy?
11.) What is the harvest?
12.) Who are the harvesters?
13.) What will happen to the weeds (evil people)?
14.) Who will Jesus send out to gather everyone up?
15.) What will happen to the righteous people?
   Lesson #156: The Daughter of Jairus (Luke 8:40-56)
1.) Who came to talk to Jesus?
2.) What was he asking for?
3.) While they were on their way who touched Jesus and why?
4.) What happened to her?
5.) What did Jesus ask?
6.) What did Peter say to Jesus?
7.) What did Jesus say about his power?
8.) What did the woman finally say?
9.) What did Jesus say healed her?
10.) What did the messenger from Jairus' house say?
11.) What did Jesus tell Jairus?
12.) Who did Jesus take with him into the house to see the daughter?
13.) When Jesus told them she was not dead but just sleeping what did the people do?
14.) What did Jesus do next that amazed everyone?
   Lesson #157: Feeding the 5,000 (John 6:1-14; Matt 14:13-21; Mark 6:30-44)
1.) Where did Jesus go?
2.) Who followed him?
3.) What did he ask Philip?
4.) What was Philip's response?
5.) What did Peter say?
6.) How many men were there?
7.) How much was left over?
   Lesson #158: Jesus Walks on the Water (Mark 6:45-52 Matt. 14:22-33; John 6:15-21)
1.) What did Jesus tell the disciples to do?
2.) What did He go to do?
3.) How did Jesus get out to the boat?
4.) What did the disciples think He was?
5.) What did Jesus say to them?
6.) What did Peter try to do?
7.) Did Peter walk on the water?
8.) For how long?
9.) When Jesus got into the boat what happened to the wind?
10.) Who did the disciples then say that Jesus was?
   Lesson #159: The Transfiguration (Matt. 17:1-13)
1.) What three disciples did Jesus take with Him up the mountain?
2.) What happened to Jesus' appearance?
3.) Who also appeared?
4.) What did Peter want to do?
5.) Who interrupted Peter and what did HE say?
6.) How did the disciples react?
7.) What did Jesus tell them not to do?
8.) What did they ask Jesus?
9.) Who was the Elijah that Jesus was talking about?
   Lesson #160: Temple Tax (Matt. 17:24-27)
1.) What did the tax collectors ask Peter?
2.) What was Peter's answer?
3.) What did Jesus ask Peter?
4.) How did Peter answer?
5.) What was Jesus's point?
6.) Where did Jesus tell Peter to get the money for the tax?
   Lesson #161: Jesus and the Children (Mk 10:13-16; Mt 18:1-6; 19:13-15)
1.) What were people bringing to Jesus?
2.) What did the disciples try to do?
3.) What did Jesus say about the children?
4.) How are we to accept the kingdom of God?
5.) What did Jesus warn about leading children into sin?
   Lesson #162: Parable of the Unmerciful Servant (Matt. 18:21-35)
1.) What did Peter ask Jesus?
2.) What was Jesus's answer?
3.) How much did the first man owe the king?
4.) What was to happen to him?
5.) What did the king do to his debt?
6.) What did that servant do to someone else who owed him?
7.) What happened to the first servant when the king found out?
8.) What is the lesson to us?
   Lesson #163: Go and Sin No More (John 8:1-11)
1.) Where was Jesus?
2.) Who did the teachers bring to Jesus?
3.) What did they tell Jesus about the Law of Moses?
4.) What was Jesus doing?
5.) How did He finally answer them?
6.) What did the people start to do?
7.) What did Jesus ask the woman?
8.) What did Jesus instruct her to do?
   Lesson #164: Light of the World (John 8:12; Matt 5:14-16)
1.) What is Jesus compared to?
2.) What was the first thing that God and the Word created on the first day?
3.) How should we shine our light?
4.) What should we not do with our light?
5.) Why is it good for people to see our light?
6.) Are we producing light or reflecting light?
   Lesson #165: Jesus Heals the Blind Man (John 9)
1.) What did the disciples ask about the blind man?
2.) Why was the man blind?
3.) How did Jesus heal him?
4.) When his neighbors saw him what did they investigate?
5.) What day of the week was it when Jesus healed the blind man?
6.) What were the Pharisees disagreeing with?
7.) What did the blind man say Jesus was?
8.) Who did the Pharisees bring in to question?
9.) How did his parents answer?
10.) What question did the man ask that made the Pharisees really mad?
11.) What argument did the man make?
12.) What did Jesus ask him when he found him?
13.) What did the man confess?
   Lesson #166: Jesus Raises Lazarus (John 11:1-45)
1.) Who was sick and what were his sisters' names?
2.) Who did Mary and Martha send for?
3.) After several days where did Jesus want to go?
4.) What did Jesus say He was going to do?
5.) What good statement did Thomas tell the disciples.?
6.) How long had Lazarus been dead when He got there?
7.) Which sister came out to meet Jesus?
8.) What did Jesus say He was?
9.) What did Martha confess?
10.) When Jesus saw all the people weeping for Lazarus, what did He do also?
11.) What did Jesus command they do to the stone?
12.) What did Martha warn Jesus?
13.) What miracle did Jesus perform next?
   Lesson #167: The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)
1.) What did the law expert ask Jesus?
2.) When Jesus asked him what is written in the law, how did the man answer?
3.) What follow up question did the man ask?
4.) In the parable where was the man traveling?
5.) What happened to the man?
6.) Who came by first and what did he do?
7.) Who came by second and what did he do?
8.) Who came by last and what did he do?
9.) Which of the three was being a good neighbor?
   Lesson #168: Jesus Visits Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42)
1.) To whose house did Jesus go?
2.) What was Martha complaining about?
3.) What did Mary choose that was better?
   Lesson #169: Sermon on the Mount (Matt 6: 1-24)
1.) Are we supposed to show off the good things we do?
2.) How are we supposed to pray?
3.) What things does Jesus pray for in His example prayer?
4.) How are we supposed to forgive people?
5.) Where can we store treasure so it will last forever?
6.) What is the lamp of the body?
7.) What thing gets in the way of serving God a lot of the times?
   Lesson #170: Storing Things Up and Worrying (Luke 12:16-34)
1.) What kind of a crop did the rich man yield?
2.) What did he decide to do?
3.) What did God say to him?
4.) What kind of riches should we be storing up?
5.) What does God do for the ravens?
6.) Are we more important to God than animals?
7.) What should we do with our worries?
8.) What should we seek first if we want to receive all other things?
9.) Our heart (focus) will be the same place as what?
   Lesson #171: Parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15:1-10)
1.) Who was listening to Jesus?
2.) What were they complaining about?
3.) How many sheep did the man in the parable own?
4.) If one is lost what does the man do?
5.) What does he do if he finds the sheep?
6.) What did the lost sheep represent?
7.) What did the woman have?
8.) When she lost a coin what did she do?
9.) Who rejoices when a sinning person tries to change his ways and be obedient to God?
   Lesson #172: The Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32)
1.) How many sons did the man in the parable have?
2.) What did the younger son ask for?
3.) What did the father do?
4.) What did the youngest son do with what was given him?
5.) What happened in the land?
6.) What job did he get?
7.) What did he want to eat?
8.) What did he decide to do?
9.) What all did the father do when he saw the son return home?
10.) Where had the older son been?
11.) How did the older son feel?
12.) What did the father say to his oldest son?
   Lesson #173: Jesus Heals Ten Lepers (Luke 17:11-19)
1.) Where was Jesus traveling?
2.) Who did he meet and what was there problem?
3.) What did they ask Jesus?
4.) What did Jesus tell them to do?
5.) What happened to them on their way?
6.) How many came back to thank Jesus?
7.) What was interesting about him?
8.) What did Jesus ask?
9.) What did Jesus say made the leper clean?
   Lesson #174: The Rich Young Ruler (Luke 18:18-27)
1.) What did the young ruler ask Jesus?
2.) Is Jesus good?
3.) How many of the commandments did Jesus list?
4.) Had the ruler obeyed the commandments?
5.) What did Jesus ask him to do?
6.) Did this make him happy that Jesus asked him to be a disciple?
7.) How hard it for people that are consumed with wealth to enter heaven?
8.) What did the people then ask?
9.) Who is anything possible?
   Lesson #175: Parable of Vineyard Workers (Matt. 20:1-16)
1.) How much did the land owner agree to pay hired workers?
2.) At what times did the landowner hire even more people?
3.) When evening came what did the landowner tell the foreman to do?
4.) What did the first people hired grumble about?
5.) How did the landowner respond?
6.) Can we ever do enough to deserve the generosity of God's salvation?
   Lesson #176: Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10)
1.) What town did Jesus enter into?
2.) What was the name of the wealthy chief tax collector?
3.) How come he couldn't see Jesus?
4.) What did he do so he could see Jesus?
5.) When Jesus saw him what did He tell him.
6.) What did the people complain about?
7.) What did Zacchaeus say he would do?
8.) What did Jesus say in response?
   Lesson #177: Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52; Luke 18:35-43)
1.) What city was Jesus and his disciples in?
2.) Who did they see, what was he doing and what was wrong with him?
3.) When he knew it was Jesus what did he begin calling out?
4.) What did the people do? and did this stop the man?
5.) What did Jesus ask the man?
6.) What happened next?
7.) Where did Bartimaeus go?
   Lesson #178: A Story About Investing (Luke 19:11-27)
1.) What did the king do before he left?
2.) What did the people say about Him being king?
3.) How had the first servant done with his mina?
4.) What was his reward?
5.) How did the second servant do?
6.) What was his reward?
7.) What did the last servant do with his mina?
8.) The king asked him why he didn't at least do what?
9.) What did they do with the mina of the wicked servant?
10.) What did the people complain about?
11.) How did the king answer?
12.) What was the punishment of those who didn't want Him to be king?
   Lesson #179: Mary Anoints Jesus' Feet (John 12:1-11)
1.) What feast was coming in 6 days.
2.) Where did Jesus go? 3.) Who was serving the dinner?
4.) What did Mary do?
5.) What did Judas Iscariot say about this?
6.) Did Judas care about the poor?
7.) What did Jesus say she was using the perfume for?
8.) What did Jesus say will always be around for us to help?
9.) Who did the large crowd of Jews come to see?
10.) Who all did the Jews plan to kill?
   Lesson #180: Jesus Enters Jerusalem (Matt. 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:29-41)
1.) What did Jesus tell two of his disciples to do?
2.) What were they to say if someone asked them about it?
3.) What did they put on the colt?
4.) What did the people put on the road?
5.) Who all cried out to Jesus as He was entering Jerusalem?
6.) What did Jesus say when the Pharisees told Him to rebuke those praising Him.

   Lesson #181: The Parable of the Two Sons (Matt. 21:28-32)
1.) What did the father ask the two sons to do?
2.) What were each of their responses?
3.) Which one did what his father wanted?
4.) What did Jesus compare this to?
5.) Who accepted John and who didn't?
   Lesson #182: Parable of the 10 maidens (Matt. 25:1-13)
1.) In this parable there are 10 what?
2.) Who did they go out to meet?
3.) Why were 5 foolish and 5 wise?
4.) How soon did the bridegroom come?
5.) Who does the bridegroom represent in this parable?
6.) What time did the bridegroom arrive?
7.) What did the foolish 5 ask the wise 5?
8.) How did the wise respond?
9.) Who went in to the banquet before the door was shut?
10.) Did the foolish 5 get in?
11.) How is this parable a warning to us?
   Lesson #183: The Last Supper (Luke 22:7-20)
1.) What Jewish holiday was it?
2.) What did Jesus tell Peter and John to do?
3.) What did they ask Him about this?
4.) What did Jesus tell them they would see?
5.) Did all of these things come true?
6.) What did Jesus tell his disciples as they were eating?
7.) What did Jesus tell them to do with the fruit of the vine?
8.) What did He do to the bread and what did He say it was and why we are to do it?
9.) What did He say the cup is?
   Lesson #184: The Master Becomes a Servant (John 13:1-17)
1.) What did Jesus know about himself?
2.) What had the devil done?
3.) What did Jesus do?
4.) What did Peter ask Jesus?
5.) What did Jesus say?
6.) Did Peter want Jesus to wash his feet?
7.) How did Jesus respond?
8.) How did Peter then respond?
9.) Who did Jesus mean when He said they weren't all clean?
10.) What example did Jesus set?
   Lesson #185: Jesus' Betrayer (John 13:18-30; Matt. 26:21-25)
1.) What did Jesus tell his disciples about one of them?
2.) Who did Peter tell to ask Jesus?
3.) What did Jesus do to show who the betrayer would be?
4.) What did Jesus tell Judas?
5.) What did people think Jesus meant and why?

   Lesson #186: Garden of Gethsemane (Luke 22:39-46; Matt. 26:36-46; Mark 14:32-42)
1.) Where did Jesus take his disciples?
2.) Which three did He take further into the garden?
3.) How did Jesus feel?
4.) What did Jesus pray to have happen?
5.) What did the disciples do while Jesus prayed?
6.) How many times did this happen?

   Lesson #187: Judas Betrays Jesus (Matt. 26:47-56; 27:1-10; Luke 22:47-53; Mark 14:43-50)
1.) Who showed up in the garden and who did he have with him?
2.) What was the signal that Judas would betray Jesus with?
3.) What did the mob do when Judas kissed him?
4.) What did Peter do?
5.) What was the high priest's servant's name?
6.) What did Jesus say to Peter about this and what did Jesus do for the man?
7.) What did Jesus say to the mob?
8.) Did Judas feel bad about what he had done?
9.) How much money had he betrayed Jesus for?
10.) What did he do with the money?
11.) What did Judas do to himself?
12.) What was done with the money?
   Lesson #188: Peter's Denial (Luke 22:54-62; John 18:15-18, 25-27; John 13:36-38)
1.) Who was the first person to talk to Peter and what did she say?
2.) How did he reply?
3.) How many more times did Peter deny Jesus?
4.) What animal made a sound?
5.) Who looked at Peter?
6.) What did Peter remember?
7.) What did Peter do?
   Lesson #189: Trial of Jesus (Luke 22:66-23:25)
1.) What did Jesus tell the Jews would soon happen to Himself?
2.) Did Jesus admit He was the Son of God?
3.) Who did they take Jesus to?
4.) What two main accusations did the Jews make against Jesus?
5.) What did Pilate ask Jesus?
6.) Did Jesus deny it?
7.) Who did Pilate send Jesus to see?
8.) What did Herod want to see?
9.) How did Jesus answer Herod's questions?
10.) What did Herod and the soldiers do to Jesus?
11.) Who did Pilate ask the Jews to choose between to release?
12.) What did the Jews want the Romans to do to Jesus?
   Lesson #190: Jesus is Crucified (Matt. 27:27-56; Mark 15:17-41; Luke 23:26-49)
1.) What did Pilate's soldiers do to Jesus?
2.) Who did they make carry Jesus's cross?
3.) What time did they crucify Jesus?
4.) What was the name of the place where they killed Jesus?
5.) What did they do with his clothes?
6.) What was on the sign above His head?
7.) Who was crucified on either side of Jesus?
8.) What did one thief say to the other thief?
9.) What did Jesus tell that man what would happen that day?
10.) What were some things that the people yelled at Jesus?
11.) What did Jesus ask God to do to these people?
12.) What time did it get very dark on the earth?
13.) What time did He die?
14.) What happened when He died?
15.) What did the centurion say when he saw all these things?

   Lesson #191: The Resurrection (Matt. 27:57-28:10; Mark 15:42-16:13)
1.) Who asked for the body of Jesus?
2.) What did he do with Him?
3.) What did the Jews ask Pilate to do?
4.) What did Pilate tell them to do?
5.) On what day did Jesus rise from the dead?
6.) Who went to the tomb?
7.) What happened to the tomb?
8.) What did the angel look like?
9.) What did the angel say to the women?
10.) Where did the angel say Jesus would meet them?
11.) When the women left who showed up?

   Lesson #192: The Road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35)
1.) Where were two of the disciples?
2.) Who showed up and walked with them?
3.) Did they recognize Him?
4.) What was one of the names of the disciples?
5.) What did he ask Jesus?
6.) What had the disciples hoped?
7.) How many days since Jesus had died?
8.) What did Jesus explain to them?
9.) What did Jesus do when they finally recognized Him?
10.) What happened when they recognized Him?
11.) Where did they go back to?

   Lesson #193: Thomas Doubts (John 20:19-31; Matt 28:16-20; Mark 16:14-18)
1.) Who did Jesus show Himself to?
2.) What did He show them on His body?
3.) What did He give them?
4.) Who was not with them at the time?
5.) What did Thomas say he needed to do to believe?
6.) How much longer until they saw Jesus again?
7.) What did Jesus tell Thomas to do?
8.) What did Thomas exclaim?
9.) What did Jesus tell Thomas?
10.) What did Jesus send his disciples out to do?
   Lesson #194: Jesus Helps Catch Fish (John 21:1-14)
1.) Several of the disciples decided to go with Peter to do what?
2.) Did they catch anything?
3.) Who did they see in the morning but did not recognize?
4.) What did Jesus tell them to do?
5.) Did they catch any fish then?
6.) When Peter realized it was Jesus what did He do?
7.) When they got to shore what did they see?
8.) How many fish had they caught?
9.) How many times had Jesus appeared to the disciples?
   Lesson #195: The Ascension (Luke 24:44-53; Acts 1:6-11)
1.) Who is speaking to the people?
2.) Jesus opened what so they could understand Scripture?
3.) It is written the Messiah will suffer and be raised on what day?
4.) What will be preached to all nations?
5.) Which city will be preached to first?
6.) Why should they stay in Jerusalem and for how long?
7.) What vicinity did Jesus lead the people?
8.) While Jesus blessed the people where was He taken?
9.) After Jesus ascended where did the people return with great joy?
10.) Where did Jesus' followers continually do at the temple?
   Lesson #196: Matthias is Chosen (Acts 1:12-26)
1.) Where did the apostles return to?
2.) When they arrived to Jerusalem where did they go?
3.) Which disciples were present?
4.) Who from Jesus' family was in the upper room?
5.) What did they do constantly?
6.) Approximately how many were there?
7.) Who stood up to speak?
8.) What happened to Judas?
9.) What Old Testament book did Peter quote from?
10.) It was necessary to replace Judas. What were the qualifications for this man?
11.) What two men were nominated?
12.) How was the one selected?
13.) When they cast lots which man did it fall to?
   Lesson #197: Day of Pentecost (Acts 2)
1.) What feast was it and what does it mean?
2.) What happened?
3.) What could the apostles do?
4.) What were the people amazed about?
5.) Where were some of the places the people were from?
6.) How did some people make fun?
7.) Who got up to speak?
8.) What two prophets did Peter quote?
9.) Who did Peter preach about?
10.) What two things did Peter tell them to do?
11.) What gift would they receive?
12.) How many were baptized?
13.) What do we call the kingdom that began meeting and supporting each other.?
   Lesson #198: Healing of Lame Man (Acts 3)
1.) What time and where were Peter and John going?
2.) What was the name of the gate and who did they see there?
3.) What did the man ask for?
4.) How did Peter respond?
5.) What happened to the man?
6.) Who did Peter give the credit to for healing the man?
7.) Who had Moses prophesied about?

   Lesson #199: Peter & John Arrested (Acts 4)
1.) What happened to Peter and John?
2.) Those baptized grew to what number?
3.) What rulers were present and what did they ask?
4.) Who did Peter say gave them the authority?
5.) Salvation is found in only what name?
6.) What were they amazed about?
7.) What did they command Peter and John to NOT do?
8.) How did Peter and John respond?
9.) What did they do with Peter and John?
10.) How old was the lame man?
11.) What did they pray for?
12.) Was their prayer answered?
13.) Were there any needy people in the church? Why not?
14.) What was another name for Joseph?
15.) What does his name mean?
16.) What tribe was he from?
17.) What did he do to help the church?
   Lesson #200: Ananias & Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11)
1.) Who are we introduced to?
2.) What did they do?
3.) What was their sin?
4.) What happened to Ananias?
5.) How did this make the church feel?
6.) How much later did his wife come in?
7.) What did Peter ask her?
8.) Did she tell the truth?
9.) What happened to her as well?
   Lesson #201: Apostles Heal Many (Acts 5:12-42)
1.) What were the apostles doing?
2.) Where did the church used to meet?
3.) Why did people bring the sick into the streets?
4.) What did the ruling elders do because of their jealousy?
5.) What did an angel do and then say?
6.) What was the name of the ruling council?
7.) What did the officers report about what they found at the jail?
8.) When they found the apostles what did they say to them?
9.) What did they want to do to them?
10.) Who talked them out of it?
11.) What examples did he use?
12.) What did they do and say to the apostles?
13.) How did the apostles feel about what happened to them?
14.) What did they continue to do?
   Lesson #202: Stephen (Acts 6; 7:54-8:1)
1.) What problem arose in the church?
2.) What did the apostles decide to do about it?
3.) How many men did they choose and what were their names?
4.) What did the apostles do to install these men for their work?
5.) Did the church grow? Even who accepted?
6.) What was the description of Stephen?
7.) Who began arguing with Stephen?
8.) When they weren't gifted enough to argue against him what did they lie about?
9.) What did Stephen's face look like?
10.) What history did Stephen recount, starting with who and ending with who?
11.) How did this make the Sanhedrin feel?
12.) What did Stephen see and then say?
13.) What did they do to Stephen?
14.) Who was standing nearby that kept watch over the mob's coats?
15.) Did Saul approve of the death of Stephen?
16.) What began happening to the church?
   Lesson #203: Philip & the Ethiopian (Acts 8:26-40)
1.) Where did the angel tell Philip to go?
2.) Who did Philip meet on the road?
3.) Where was the Ethiopian reading from?
4.) Where did the Spirit tell Philip to go?
5.) What did Philip ask the Ethiopian?
6.) Did the Ethopian invite Philip to sit with him in his chariot?
7.) Who did Isaiah prophecy about?
8.) What animal did he compare Jesus to?
9.) What good news did Philip tell the Ethopian?
10.) As they traveled the road what did they see?
11.) When the Ethopian ordered the chariot to be stopped what did he ask Philip?
12.) When they went to the water who was baptized
13.) When they came out of the water what happened to Philip?
14.) What did the Ethiopian do after he was baptized?
15.) Philip traveled about and did what in each town?
   Lesson #204: Saul's Conversion (Acts 8:1-3; 9:1-19)
1.) What was happening to the church in Jerusalem?
2.) Who was scattered throughout Judea and Samaria?
3.) Who was buried?
4.) Who went house to house persecuting God's people?
5.) Where did Saul take the men and women?
6.) Who did Saul go to see and what did he ask for?
7.) What suddenly happened to Saul on the way to Damascus?
8.) When Saul fell to the ground who spoke to him and what did He ask Saul?
9.) Where did Jesus tell Saul to go?
10.) What happened with the men who were traveling with Saul?
11.) After Saul got up could he see?
12.) How did Saul get to Damascus?
13.) How long was Saul blind and not eat or drink?
14.) What was the disciple's name who had a vision?
15.) What did the Lord tell Ananias to do?
   Lesson #205: Saul teaching (Acts 9:20-31; 22:17-21)
1.) At Joppa there was a certian disciple named what?
2.) What is the Greek name for Tabitha?
3.) What good works was Tabitha doing?
4.) Why was Tabitha placed in the upper room?
5.) Who did the disciples call for?
6.) What town was Peter in?
7.) When Peter arrived to the upper room what were the people doing? and why?
8.) What did the people show Peter?
9.) After Peter sent the people out of the room what did he do?
10.) What did Peter instruct to Tabitha?
11.) What did Peter present to the widows?
12.) As a result people believed in who?
13.) Who did Peter stay with in Joppa?
   Lesson #206: Peter Raises Tabitha (Acts 9:36-43)
1.) At Joppa there was a certian disciple named what?
2.) What is the Greek name for Tabitha?
3.) What good works was Tabitha doing?
4.) Why was Tabitha placed in the upper room?
5.) Who did the disciples call for?
6.) What town was Peter in?
7.) When Peter arrived to the upper room what were the people doing? and why?
8.) What did the people show Peter?
9.) After Peter sent the people out of the room what did he do?
10.) What did Peter instruct to Tabitha?
11.) What did Peter present to the widows?
12.) As a result people believed in who?
13.) Who did Peter stay with in Joppa?
   Lesson #207: Peter & Cornelius's Visions (Acts 10:1-20)
1.) Who are we introduced to in this story?
2.) What is a centurion?
3.) Was he a gentile or Jew?
4.) What time was it when he had a vision?
5.) What was the vision?
6.) Who was he supposed to call for?
7.) Where was Peter staying?
8.) What did Peter do at noon?
9.) What did Peter see in his vision?
10.) How many times did this happen?
11.) What did the voice tell him?
12.) What did the Spirit tell Peter?

   Lesson #208: The Visions Fulfilled (Acts 10:21-48)
1.) What did Peter ask the men?
2.) How did the men respond?
3.) Where did they go?
4.) What did Cornelius do when he saw Peter?
5.) What did Peter say about this?
6.) What did Peter tell the gathering?
7.) After Cornelius told Peter about his vision, what did Peter realize?
8.) Who did Peter preach about to the people?
9.) What happened while Peter was still speaking?
10.) What were the Jews astonished about?
11.) What did Peter order the Gentiles to do?
   Lesson #209: Peter is Released From Prison (Acts 12:1-19)
1.) Who did Herod kill?
2.) Because it pleased some people, who else did he capture?
3.) What feast was happening?
4.) How many guards were watching Peter?
5.) What was the church doing for Peter?
6.) Who showed up in the middle of the night and what happened?
7.) Where did Peter go once he was freed?
8.) Who answered the door?
9.) Did she let him in?
10.) Did the people believe her?
11.) When they finally let him in, what did Peter tell them to do?
12.) What did Herod do to the guards after he found that Peter had escaped?
   Lesson #210: Paul at Iconium (Acts 14:1-20)
1.) Where were Paul and Barnabus and what were they doing?
2.) What did some of the Jews do?
3.) What was the plan of some of these bad people?
4.) When Paul & Barnabus discovered this where did they go?
5.) What was wrong with the man they met in Lystra?
6.) When Paul looked at him what did he know about him?
7.) What did Paul tell him to do?
8.) Who did the Lycaonians think Paul & Barnabus were?
9.) What did the people try to do for them?
10.) What did Paul & Barnabus tell them to do?
11.) When some bad people showed up, what did they do to Paul instead?
12.) The next day they left for where?
   Lesson #211: Timothy Joins Paul and Silas (Acts 16:1-5; II Tim 1:5; 3:14-16)
1.) When they came back to Lystra, who did they meet?
2.) What was unusual about Timothy's family?
3.) What were the names of his mother and grandmother?
4.) What did Paul want to do?
5.) What did Paul have done to Timothy to satisfy the Jews?
6.) What was happening to the churches during this time?
   Lesson #212: Macedonian Call (Acts 16:6-40)
1.) What did the Holy Spirit keep them from doing, twice?
2.) What city did they arrive in?
3.) What vision did Paul have?
4.) What Roman colony did they arrive in?
5.) Where did they go on the Sabbath and who did they talk to?
6.) What was the name, occupation and hometown of one of the women?
7.) Once she and her family believed what did they do?
8.) Who did they meet next and what was she doing for many days?
9.) What did Paul do after he was annoyed?
10.) When the slave owners saw this what did they accuse Paul & Silas of?
11.) What did they do to them?
12.) What were Paul & Silas doing at midnight?
13.) What suddenly happened?
14.) What was the jailer almost ready to do to himself?
15.) What important question did the jailer ask?
16.) What was the response?
17.) After they Word was preached to the jailer and his family what did they do?
18.) What did the jailer do for Paul & Silas?
19.) When they were told they were released, how did Paul respond?
20.) What did the officials do?
21.) Where did they go?
   Lesson #213: To the Unknown god (Acts 17:16-34)
1.) What city was Paul in?
2.) What did he notice about the city?
3.) What did the people think Paul was talking about?
4.) What was the name of the place where they met?
5.) How did the people always spend their time?
6.) What did Paul say that he found?
7.) What did Paul try to explain about God?
8.) How did Paul describe human beings?
9.) What did Paul talk about that made them sneer?
10.) Who believed Paul's message?
   Lesson #214: The Riot at Ephesus (Acts 19:11-41)
1.) What was God doing through Paul?
2.) What miracles were happening?
3.) What were some Jews trying to do?
4.) What did the 7 sons of Sceva try to do?
5.) How did the demons answer?
6.) What happened to the men?
7.) How did this affect the Jews and Greeks?
8.) Many of the sorcerers did what?
9.) How much were all the scrolls worth?
10.) Where was Paul going to return to and where did he want to go?
11.) Who and where did Paul send his two helpers?
12.) Who was the silversmith in Ephesus that started complaining?
13.) Why and what was he complaining about?
14.) What was the name of the goddess they worshipped in Ephesus?
15.) What traveling companions of Paul did the people grab onto?
16.) Who got pushed in front of the crowd to make a defense?
17.) What did the crowd yell for two hours?
18.) What did the city clerk warn the people about?
   Lesson #215: Eutychus Raised from the Dead (Acts 20:7-12)
1.) What day of the week was it and what did the Christians do?
2.) How late did Paul speak?
3.) Who was seated in the window and what happened to him?
4.) How far did he fall?
5.) What did Paul do for him?
6.) How much longer did Paul speak?
   Lesson #216: Paul is Arrested in the Temple (Acts 21:26- 22:29)
1.) What did Paul go to the temple in Jerusalem for?
2.) When the 7 days were almost over, what did some Jews from Asia do?
3.) What did they accuse him of?
4.) Who had they seen with Paul?
5.) Who heard about the uproar?
6.) What did the commander do to Paul?
7.) What did the soldiers have to do to Paul?
8.) What was the crowd yelling?
9.) Who did the commander ask Paul if he was?
10.) Who did Paul say he was?
11.) What language did Paul speak to the people in?
12.) Who had Paul been trained by?
13.) What did Paul mention about his history?
14.) Who did Paul claim he had seen?
15.) What had Ananias told him to do?
16.) What had Paul done when Stephen was killed?
17.) What did Paul say that made the people want to kill him?
18.) What did the commander direct the soldiers to do?
19.) Why didn't they flog him?
20.) Why was Paul a Roman citizen?
21.) Why was the commander a Roman citizen?
22.) Who did he command Paul to speak to?
   Lesson #217: Paul is Sent to Felix (Acts 23:12-35)
1.) What did some Jews conspire?
2.) How many men were there?
3.) Who overheard the plot?
4.) Who did he tell?
5.) Who did Paul tell the boy to tell?
6.) What did the commander order two centurions to do?
7.) How many soldiers, horsemen and spearmen were to go? 8.) What time did they leave?
9.) Where was Paul sent?
10.) What was the name of the commander?
11.) What did the commander say in the letter?
12.) Where was Paul kep under guard?
   Lesson #218: Paul's Trial Before Festus (Acts 24:27- Acts 25:12)
1.) How many years was Paul under guard with Felix?
2.) Who replaced Felix?
3.) What did Festus immediately do when he arrived?
4.) What did the Jews ask Festus to do?
5.) What did Festus tell the Jews to do?
6.) When Festus brought Paul before the Jews, could the Jews prove their case?
7.) What did Festus ask Paul if he was willing to do?
8.) Who did Paul appeal to?
   Lesson #219: Paul Goes Before Agrippa (Acts 25:13- Acts 26:32)
1.) Who came to Caesarea?
2.) After Festus explained everything what did Agrippa ask?
3.) What did Festus say he needed help with?
4.) What did Paul say he was?
5.) What did Paul say he and the Pharisees believed in?
6.) What bad things did Paul confess to?
7.) What story did Paul again tell Agrippa?
8.) Who did Paul say he was sent to?
9.) What had Moses and the prophets prophesied about?
10.) What did Festus say about Paul?
11.) What did Paul ask Agrippa?
12.) What did Agrippa tell Paul?
13.) What was Paul's hope for everyone listening?
14.) What was Agrippa's verdict?
   Lesson #220: Voyage to Rome (Acts 27:1-12)
1.) It was decided that Paul would sail where?
2.) Who was Paul handed over to?
3.) Who was with Paul?
4.) What sea were they sailing in?
5.) What did Paul warn them about?
6.) Where did the majority decide to try to make it to?
   Lesson #221: Shipwreck at Malta (Acts 27:13-28:16)
1.) What island were the sailing along?
2.) What storm showed up?
3.) What did they do with the lifeboat?
4.) What did they run under the ship?
5.) What did they start to do with the cargo?
6.) What did Paul get up and say?
7.) What had the angel told Paul?
8.) What night was it when they thought they were approaching land?
9.) On the first measurement how deep was the water?
10.) On the second measurement how deep was the water?
11.) How many anchors did they drop?
12.) What did some sailors try to do?
13.) What did Paul tell them?
14.) What did they do to the lifeboat?
15.) What did Paul urge them to do?
16.) How many people were on board?
17.) What did they do to the anchors?
18.) What happened to the ship?
19.) What were the soldiers going to do?
20.) How did the people get to land?
21.) What was the name of the island?
22.) What did they build?
23.) What happened to Paul?
24.) What did the islanders think about Paul when they saw this?
25.) What did they think about him after he had no ill effects?
26.) Who was the chief official of the island?
27.) What was wrong with Publius's father?
28.) What did Paul do for him?
29.) What did all of the sick people do?
30.) How long did they stay on Malta?
31.) When Paul reached Rome where did he stay?
   Lesson #222: Paul's Ministry in Rome (Acts 28:17-31)
1.) What did Paul explain to the Roman Jews?
2.) How long did Paul stay in Rome?
3.) What did Paul continually do?
   Lesson #223: Running the Race (I Cor 9:24-27)
1.) How should living our life be like running a race?
2.) What prize are we striving for?
3.) How should we not run?
4.) What should we do to our bodies?
5.) Treasure hunt: Find other verses that refer to the race!
   Lesson #224: The Gift of Love (I Cor 13:1-13)
1.) What is the most important gift?
2.) If you speak in tongues but don't have love what do you sound like?
3.) What is love like and not like?
4.) What does it not keep track of?
5.) What things were going away?
6.) What was the completeness that was coming?
7.) When you grow up you have no more need for what?
8.) What three gifts still remain and which is the greatest?
   Lesson #225: The Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:13-26)
1.) How are we treat one another?
2.) The entire law is wrapped up in what command?
3.) What is the warning?
4.) What should we walk with?
5.) What is in conflict within our bodies?
6.) What are some of the acts of the flesh?
7.) If we act with the flesh we can't go where?
8.) How many fruits of the Spirit are there?
9.) What are they?
10.) If we believe in Jesus what do we try to do and not do?
   Lesson #226: Children Obey Your Parents (Ephesians 6:1-9)
1.) What should children do?
2.) Which commandment is very important?
3.) It was the only commandment that came with a what?
4.) What are fathers responsible for?
5.) How are slaves
workmen to act in the workplace?
6.) Who are we ALL slaves to?
7.) Who are always supposed to serve?
8.) What will God do for us if we are good?
9.) How are you to treat those who are under you? why?
   Lesson #227: The Whole Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20)
1.) How are we supposed to be in the Lord?
2.) What are we supposed to wear to protect against the devil?
3.) Is this a physical or spiritual battle?
4.) Are we supposed to lie down or stand?
5.) What is the belt?
6.) What is the breastplate?
7.) What are the shoes?
8.) What is the shield?
9.) What can the shield do?
10.) What is the helmet?
11.) What is the sword?
12.) What should we continually do?
13.) What should we pray that we should fearlessly do?
   Lesson #228: The Day of the Lord (I Thess. 4:13 - 5:11)
1.) If someone in church dies why are we both sad and happy?
2.) What do we believe about Jesus and what He will do?
3.) If we are still alive when Jesus comes who will we see raise first?
4.) What three things will we hear on Judgement Day?
5.) Will the Lord come all the way down to the Earth?
6.) When is Judgement Day?
7.) How will it come?
8.) Will people be surprised?
9.) Should we be surprised?
10.) Should we be asleep or watchful?
11.) Do we belong to the night or day? darkness or light?
12.) What is the breastplate in this passage?
13.) What is the helmet?
14.) God wants us to have what?
15.) Through whom do we have salvation?
16.) What should we do for one another?
   Lesson #229: Pray for All Men (I Tim. 2:1-8)
1.) What should we do for all men?
2.) Who should we pray for in our government?
3.) What kind of lives should we pray for?
4.) What does God want for us?
5.) How many gods and how many mediators are there?
6.) Who is our mediator?
7.) What did our mediator do for us?
8.) Who was Paul sent to?
9.) What should men do everywhere?
   Lesson #230: Paul Writes to Philemon (Philemon 1)
1.) Who did Paul write this letter to?
2.) What was meeting in their home?
3.) What had Paul heard about Philemon?
4.) Where was Paul at this time?
5.) Who was Onesimus?
6.) What had he apparently done?
7.) What had Onesimus done for Paul while he was a prisoner?
8.) What was Paul encouraging Philemon to do concerning Onesimus?
9.) Philemon should consider Onesimus as a what?
10.) What did Paul tell Philemon to prepare?
11.) Who also sent their greetings?
   Lesson #231: Our Great High Priest (Hebrews 4:14 - 5:10)
1.) Who is our great High Priest?
2.) How can Jesus understand our temptations?
3.) Did Jesus sin?
4.) How should we approach God's throne?
5.) What were high priests supposed to do?
6.) How should a High Priest deal with the people?
7.) A regular High Priest has to offer sacrifices for who?
8.) How did someone become High Priest?
9.) How did Jesus become our High Priest?
10.) What order of priesthood was Jesus?
11.) While Jesus was on earth what did He offer up to God?
12.) What did Jesus demonstrate when He suffered?
13.) What did He become the source of for all of us?
   Lesson #232: Faith Without Works is Dead (James 2:14-26)
1.) Can you have faith but not do any good things?
2.) If a member of the church doesn't have any clothes or food what should we do?
3.) If we have faith but don't do good things what is wrong with our faith?
4.) It is good to believe in God but who else does that?
5.) What example is given that faith goes along with obedience?
6.) What was Abraham called because he was obedient?
7.) A person is considered righteous by what?
8.) Why was Rahab righteous?
9.) If the spirit leaves the body, what happens to the body?
10.) If no good deeds are done what happens to someone's faith?