Children's Curriculum
   Lesson #155: Parable of Wheat & Tares (Matt 13:24-30; 13:36-43)
1.) What is the kingdom of heaven like?
2.) What did the enemy do while the farmer was sleeping?
3.) When the servants noticed it and told the farmer who did he say did it?
4.) What did the servants ask to do?
5.) What did the farmer say to do instead?
6.) Who was the farmer in this parable?
7.) What was the field in the parable?
8.) What was the good seed?
9.) What were the weeds?
10.) Who was the enemy?
11.) What is the harvest?
12.) Who are the harvesters?
13.) What will happen to the weeds (evil people)?
14.) Who will Jesus send out to gather everyone up?
15.) What will happen to the righteous people?