5091 E. University, Pleasant Hill, IA, 50327, (515) 265-5714

Pleasant Hill Church of Christ
  Iowa Traveling Bible Study (ITBS)

     The ITBS was started in August of 2006 as a way to get our Iowa young people together to experience Christian fellowship and also become more knowledgeable in the Word of God. We try to meet on the last Saturday of the month in the homes of Christians who have hospitably volunteered to be our hosts. We are indebted to them for their good works. Follow our group on Facebook.

Date Topic Hosts
January 27th, 2024 2 Timothy 3:16-17 Nancy Clark
February 24th, 2024 TBD Randy & Theresa Ingle
March 30th, 2024 TBD Ayden & Madison Twaddell
April 27th, 2024 TBD Ethan & Megan Schreck
May 18th, 2024 TBD Destry & Charity Klein
June 22nd, 2024 TBD Miles & Kelsey Wood
July 27th, 2024 TBD Zach & Jenna Wheeler
August 24th, 2024 TBD TBD
September 28th, 2024 TBD Brittany & Justin Dowdy
October 26th, 2024 TBD Alan & Shonya Klein
November 23rd, 2024 TBD Ryan & Jamie Ingle
December 21st, 2024 TBD Marc & Ginger Hermon
Date Topic Hosts
December 26th, 2023 YOUTH RALLY Gregory Blvd.
November 18th, 2023 Salt & Light (Alan Klein) Miles and Kelsey Wood
October 28th, 2023 Joseph Jeopardy 2 (Marc Hermon) Ryane Needham & Fred Brady
September 30th, 2023 Joseph Jeopardy 1 (Alan Klein) Marc & Ginger Hermon
August 26th, 2023 Don`t Miss The Boat (Marc Hermon) Marc & Ginger Hermon
July 29th, 2023 Cancelled Cancelled
June 18th, 2023 Count It All Joy (Alan Klein) Marc & Ginger Hermon
April 29th, 2023 God Made Me (Marc Hermon) Julene Pappan
March 25th, 2023 Fill `Er Up! Matt. 12:34-35 (Alan Klein) Miles & Kelsey Wood
February 25th, 2023 John 19-21 Bible Study & Final Exam (Marc Hermon) Charity & Destry Klein
January 28th, 2023 John 16-18 (Alan Klein) Alan & Shonya Klein
Date Topic Hosts
December 17th, 2022 John 11-15 (Marc Hermon) Miles & Kelsey Wood
November 19th, 2022 John 6-10 (Alan Klein) Alan & Shonya Klein
October 22nd, 2022 John 1-5 (Marc Hermon) Marc & Ginger Hermon
September 24th, 2022 Being Doers of the Word James 1:21-27 (Alan Klein) Camp Hermon
August 27th, 2022 Creation (Marc Hermon) Marc & Ginger Hermon
July 30th, 2022 CANCELLED Dan & Amy Pritchard
June 25th, 2022 What is Truth? (Marc Hermon) Ayden & Madison Twaddell
May 21st, 2022 Beatitudes Part 2 (Alan Klein) Destry & Charity Klein
April 30th, 2022 Beatitudes Part 1 (Alan Klein) Kelsey & Miles Wood
March 26th, 2022 2nd Missionary Journey Traveled to 12 homes
February 26th, 2022 1st Missionary Journey Traveled to 14 homes
January 29th, 2022 Building the Spiritual House (Marc Hermon) Alan & Shonya Klein
Date Topic Hosts
December 28th, 2021 Youth Rally Gregory Blvd.
November 13th, 2021 Understanding the Gospel (Alan Klein) Ayden & Maddy Twaddell
October 23rd, 2021 The Fruits of the Spirit (Marc Hermon) Justin & Brittany Dowdy
September 25th, 2021 Lord, Teach Me To Pray (Alan Klein) Marc & Ginger Hermon
August 28th, 2021 Christ is Our Standard! (Marc Hermon) Ryan & Jamie Ingle
July 31st, 2021 Choose You This Day Whom You Will Serve (Alan Klein) Dan & Amy Pritchard
June 26th, 2021 Being Wise in Our Own Eyes (Marc Hermon) Randy & Theresa Ingle
May 29th, 2021 Living for Christ While Single (Alan Klein) Destry & Charity Klein
April 24th, 2021 Service and Sacrifice (Marc Hermon) Charles and Angie Ingle
March 27th, 2021 Biblical Obedience (Alan Klein) Marc & Ginger Hermon
February 27th, 2021 Sit, Stand, Walk (Marc Hermon) Alan & Shonya Klein
Date Topic Hosts
October 31st, 2020 Putting Off & Putting On - Col. 3 (Alan Klein) Alex & Ryane Needham
September 6th, 2020 The Great I Am! (Marc Hermon) Ryan & Jamie Ingle
July 25th, 2020 Overcoming Temptation While Running The Race (Alan Klein) Dan & Amy Pritchard
February 29th, 2020 Be Strong and Courageous (Marc Hermon) Alan & Shonya Klein
January 25th, 2020 Saying NO to the world and YES to the WORD! (Alan Klein) Marc & Ginger Hermon
Date Topic Hosts
December 10th, 2016 Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage Kayley Zimmerman
November 12th, 2016 Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage Tanner George
October 14th, 2016 Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage Charity Ingle
October 8th, 2016 Baptism Marc & Ginger Hermon
September 10th, 2016 Work of an evangelist Maddy Hermon
August 25th, 2016 Work of an evangelist Brianna Klein
July 28th, 2016 World Religions, Bible Canonization, Denominations, Challenges to Faith Smart Road Church of Christ Mtg
June 11th, 2016 Vandalia Spring Mtg 6/11 & 6/12 Vandalia Spring Meeting
May 7th, 2016 Life After High School Wade & Janeane Stanley
April 9th, 2016 Mental Health Issues for Teenagers (Charles Ingle) Charles & Angie Ingle
March 12th, 2016 Church Leadership: Role of Deacons Dave & Joyce Ingle
February 13th, 2016 Church Leadership: Role of Deacons Zach & Jenna Wheeler
January 16th, 2016 Absolute Truth vs. Relative Truth Martensdale- Weekend Mtg. w/John Lee
Date Topic Hosts
December 12th, 2015 Church Leadership Alan & Shonya Klein
November 14th, 2015 An honorable way to date Marc & Ginger Hermon
March 7th, 2015 Holy Spirit Martensdale
Date Topic Hosts
May 3rd, 2014 1 Peter 5 Marc and Ginger Hermon
April 5th, 2014 1 Peter 4 Ryan and Jamie Ingle
March 8th, 2014 1 Peter 3 Martensdale
February 1st, 2014 1 Peter 2 Mike and Shirley Warner
January 4th, 2014 1 Peter 1 Kelly and Allison George
Date Topic Hosts
December 7th, 2013 Trivia Marc and Ginger Hermon
November 2nd, 2013 Matthew 23 (Doug Twadell) Charles and Angie Ingle
October 5th, 2013 Romans 15 & 16 Mike and Shirley Warner
September 7th, 2013 Romans 14 Ryan and Jamie Ingle
August 17th, 2013 Romans 13 Alan and Shonya Klein
July 13th, 2013 Romans 12 Dave and Joyce Ingle
June 1st, 2013 Romans 11 Chariton Campout
May 4th, 2013 Romans 10 Drew & Courtney Teghtmeyer
April 6th, 2013 Romans 9 Doug Bown
March 2nd, 2013 Romans 8:18-39 Martensdale with Wade Stanley
February 2nd, 2013 Romans 8:1-17 Kelly and Allison George
January 5th, 2013 Romans 7 Alan and Shonya Klein
Date Topic Hosts
December 1st, 2012 Romans 6 Dave and Christy Henderson
November 3rd, 2012 Romans 5 Mike and Cindy Brady
October 6th, 2012 Romans 3,4 Clarinda Campout
September 8th, 2012 Romans 2 Marc and Ginger Hermon
August 11th, 2012 Romans 1 Paul and Michele Zinnel
July 14th, 2012 Romans 1 (Wade Stanley) Alan and Theresa Bown
June 2nd, 2012 Common Verses Nels and Marje Turnquist
May 5th, 2012 Galatians 5-6 Rodney and Alena Ingle
April 14th, 2012 Galatians 3-4 Ryan and Jamie Ingle
March 3rd, 2012 Marriage (Rick Sparks) Alan and Theresa Bown
February 4th, 2012 Cancelled Dave, Joyce and Nora Lee Ingle
January 7th, 2012 Galatians 1-2 Mike and Shirley Warner
Date Topic Hosts
December 3rd, 2011 2 Thessalonians Dave and Christy Henderson
November 5th, 2011 1 Thessalonians Nels and Marje Turnquist
October 1st, 2011 Intro to the Pauline Letters Marty and Lisa Williamson
September 17th, 2011 Bible Proofs (Mike Warner) Clarinda Campout
August 20th, 2011 Final Exam on Acts Marc and Ginger Hermon
July 16th, 2011 Acts 28 Junior Barlow
June 4th, 2011 Acts 25-27 Chariton Campout
May 7th, 2011 Acts 24 Nora Lee Ingle
April 2nd, 2011 Acts 23 Ryan and Jamie Ingle
March 5th, 2011 Acts 22 Dan and Amy Pritchard
February 5th, 2011 Acts 21 Kelly and Allison George
January 8th, 2011 Acts 20 Bob and Marge Flack (at building)
Date Topic Hosts
December 4th, 2010 Acts 19 Doug Bown
November 6th, 2010 Acts 18 Audrey Brady
October 2nd, 2010 Acts 17 Mike and Joy Cummings
September 11th, 2010 Acts 16 Chariton Campout
August 21st, 2010 Acts 15 Paul and Michele Zinnel
July 17th, 2010 Acts 11-14 Clarinda Campout
June 5th, 2010 Acts 9-10 Bruce and Suzanne Harvey
May 1st, 2010 Acts 7-8 Troy and Danielle Brand
April 10th, 2010 Acts 5-6 Fred and Marlene Bown
March 6th, 2010 Bible Study Rules (Steve Wright) Nels and Marje Turnquist
February 6th, 2010 Acts 3-4 Kelly and Allison George
January 3rd, 2010 Acts 1-2 Dean Avenue Congregation
Date Topic Hosts
December 5th, 2009 Mutual Edification Sharon Stevens
November 7th, 2009 Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage Rodney and Alena Ingle
October 10th, 2009 The Woman's Role Nora Lee Ingle
September 12th, 2009 Church Government Bob and Marge Flack
August 8th, 2009 Miraculous Gifts Mike and Tracy Penick
July 11th, 2009 Once Saved Always Saved? Alan and Theresa Bown
June 6th, 2009 Homosexuality? Dan and Amy Pritchard
May 2nd, 2009 Why not Instrumental Music? Mike and Joy Cummings
April 4th, 2009 What is Scriptural Baptism? Christy Phillips
March 8th, 2009 Why Weekly Lord's Supper? Brian and Tammy Schreck
February 7th, 2009 Why are you Undenominational? Duane and Mary Proudfit
January 10th, 2009 Cancelled Dave and Joyce Ingle
Date Topic Hosts
December 6th, 2008 Final Exam on Study Marc and Ginger Hermon
November 15th, 2008 Jesus Began To Do and Teach Jason and Theresa Brady
October 4th, 2008 Rightly Dividing the Word Tim and Ann Casey
September 6th, 2008 To Obey is Better than Sacrifice Mike and Shirley Warner
August 16th, 2008 Naaman Gives in to God Paul and Michele Zinnel
July 12th, 2008 Noah and his Salvation Nora Lee Ingle
June 6th, 2008 Two Brothers at Worship Dave and Joyce Ingle
May 3rd, 2008 Sin Separates Man from God Margaret Franklin
April 5th, 2008 God's Creation-Miracle and Process Troy and Danielle Brand
March 8th, 2008 God's Faithfulness (Steve Wright) Alan and Theresa Bown
February 2nd, 2008 Daniel Final Exam Tim and Ann Casey
January 8th, 2008 Daniel 12 Betty Curtis
Date Topic Hosts
December 1st, 2007 Cancelled Cancelled
November 3rd, 2007 Holy Spirit (Tom Woody) Sharon Stevens
October 6th, 2007 Temptation (Doug Twaddell) Tom and Fred Brady
September 8th, 2007 Daniel 11 Randy and Theresa Ingle
August 11th, 2007 Daniel 10 Paul and Michele Zinnel
July 14th, 2007 Daniel 9 Nels and Marje Turnquist
June 2nd, 2007 Daniel 7-8 Larry and Bev Brady
May 5th, 2007 Daniel 7 Marc and Ginger Hermon
April 14th, 2007 Genesis 1 Mike and Shirley Warner
March 3rd, 2007 Daniel 1-6 Test Bob and Marge Flack
February 3rd, 2007 Daniel 6 Alan and Theresa Bown
January 6th, 2007 Daniel 5 Mike and Cindy Brady
Date Topic Hosts
December 7th, 2006 Daniel 4 Dean and Beverly Hayes
November 3rd, 2006 Fruits (Tom Woody) Duane and Mary Proudfit
October 3rd, 2006 Daniel 3 Dave and Joyce Ingle
August 13th, 2006 Daniel 1-2 Marc and Ginger Hermon