February Worship Schedule
 Sunday 9:30-11:30 Feb 4th Feb 11th Feb 18th Feb 25th
 Welcome Mike W Mike W Mike W Mike W
 Opening Prayer Miles W Brian M Ayden T Doug B
 Song Leader Ayden T Stephen T Doug B Niko F
 NT Reading Dan P Gabby H Shea H Miles W
 Lord's Table Kelly G Mike W Marty W Dave I
 Helpers Doug B   Mike B
Ryan Z   Niko F
Shea H   Kinnick I
Dave I   Randy I
Jason B   Gabby H
Max F   Nick H
Ryan I   Kelly G
Nick H   Brian M
 Sermon Rick Sparks Jason B Alex N Dan P
 Announcements Mike W Mike W Mike W Mike W
 Closing Prayer Marc H Dave I Randy I Jason B
Sunday Morning Classes and
Wednesday Night Review
Lesson: 114
Esther Becomes Queen
Esther 1-2:18
Lesson: 115
Mordecai and Haman
Esther 2:19-3:15
Lesson: 116
Esther Pleads for Her People
Esther 4-5:8
Lesson: 117
Haman Hanged
Esther 5:9-6:14
 Extra Info Sermon:
Church Gov't
Wed: Pizza Party Rick announce candidates
 Wednesday 6:30-7:30 Feb 7th Feb 14th Feb 21st Feb 28th
 Song Leader/Invitation Brian M Welcome: Marc Hermon
Prayer: Marty Williamson
Song: Gabby Hermon
Speaker: Tyrell Klein
NT Read: Sam Pritchard
Speaker: Gabby Hermon
OT Read: Kinnick Ingle
Speaker: Shea Hermon
Speaker: Easton Klein
Inv Song
Closing: Mike Warner
Prayer: Alan Klein
Ayden T Doug B
 OT Reading Dave I Marty W None
 Speaker Stephen T Miles W SONG NIGHT
Wednesday Night
Class Downstairs
Lesson: 170
Storing Things Up and Worrying
Luke 12:16-34
(No Classes) Lesson: 171
Parable of the Lost Sheep
Luke 15:1-10
(No Classes)